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24 Mar. 2007
Membership Drive
Mikey tries to be a superhero and join a superhuman league, but finds it more difficult than he'd thought.
24 Mar. 2007
Graduation Day: Class of 2105
The Turtles graduate to the next ninja rank.
31 Mar. 2007
Timing Is Everything
Sh'Okanabo builds a copy of Cody's time window.
7 Apr. 2007
Enter the Jammerhead
Jammerhead escapes from jail and goes after the turtles.
14 Apr. 2007
Milk Run
Torbin Zixx returns. Good or Bad, what's he up to?
21 Apr. 2007
Fall of Darius Dun
When Cody uncovers Darius Dun's secret weapons manufacturing program, he and his uncle have a final showdown over who will ultimately control the vast O'Neiltech empire.
28 Apr. 2007
Turtle X-Tinction
Turtle X is on the rampage throughout New Manhattan - but Cody insists he has nothing to do with it. It turns out the fugitive Darius Dun planted a "Trojan Horse" virus in Cody's exo-armor and is now controlling Turtle X to enact his revenge on his nephew and the Turtles. The guys have to work together to take down the deadly Turtle X - a prospect made all the more difficult when Cody gets trapped inside!
8 Sep. 2007
Race for Glory
The Turtles enter a tricked-out Hovershell in a cross-country road race that pits the latest high tech experimental vehicles against one another. But the fun and games quickly turn serious when Triple Threat decides to crash the race and steal all the cars.
15 Sep. 2007
Head of State
When President Bishop is attacked by mysterious underground monsters, he enlists the help of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Our fearless green guardians must rescue Bishop before he loses his head (literally!) to a sinister figure from the Turtles' past... Baxter Stockman!
13 Oct. 2007
The Cosmic Completist
Raphael has contempt for Michelangelo's geeky toy collection, but when the leader of the Inawashi Gunjin comes to the Turtles for help with a malevolent alien, Raphael must think like a geek to beat Aramzedo, the ultimate collector.
27 Oct. 2007
Zixxth Sense
Torbin Zixx convinces the Turtles to help him recover an experimental matter transmitter that he was forced to give to Boss Zukko to pay off an old debt. The fate of the world may rest on the success of their mission. But can they trust Zixx?

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