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Season 2

8 Nov. 2003
Turtles in Space: Part 1 - The Fugitoid
Our four heroes find themselves beamed halfway across the universe to the planet D'Hoonnib and right into the middle of a police action!
15 Nov. 2003
Turtles in Space: Part 2 - The Trouble with Triceratons
On the planet D'Hoonnib, the Turtles team up with the Fugitoid, a.k.a. Professor Honeycutt, a scientist trapped in a robot's body, who is being pursued by the rogue military forces of General Blanque.
22 Nov. 2003
Turtles in Space: Part 3 - The Big House
The Turtles are captured by the Triceratons and thrown into a Tri prison, their lives to be used as a bargaining chip to convince the Fugitoid to build his Teleportal device.
29 Nov. 2003
Turtles in Space: Part 4 - The Arena
Welcome to the Tri-sports Arena filled to capacity with cheering Triceraton crowds thirsty to watch grueling combat. Where gladiators go in but never come out.
6 Dec. 2003
Turtles in Space: Part 5 - Triceraton Wars
The turtles are faced with their biggest challenge yet, getting home!
17 Jan. 2004
Secret Origins: Part 1
Back from their adventures in space, the Turtles find themselves in the headquarters of the same aliens who teleported them across the universe!
24 Jan. 2004
Secret Origins: Part 2
The turtles and Splinter have taken a little trip down the Utroms' memory lane via a high-tech virtual reality device experiencing first hand the Utroms' crash landing on Earth and their life in feudal Japan.
31 Jan. 2004
Secret Origins: Part 3
The Turtles and Splinter escape the Utroms' high-tech virtual reality device, only to find the Shredder and all his forces waiting for them.
7 Feb. 2004
The Ultimate Ninja
There's a bad dude in town, and he's looking to pick a fight with Leonardo. This Ultimate Ninja has come halfway across the inter-dimensional universe to fight the Shredder, defeat him and gain glory.
14 Feb. 2004
The TMNT return to Casey's Grandma's house for some rest and refreshing the mind. They soon began to think back on what they've been through with the Shredder.
21 Feb. 2004
Modern Love - The Return of Nano
The Turtles are in big trouble from a microscopic enemy when the bizarre Nano-monster returns for a rematch!
28 Feb. 2004
What a Croc
The Turtles discover that they're not alone in the sewer. The green ooze which mutated them years ago also claimed another victim... Leather Head!
6 Mar. 2004
Return to the Underground
The Turtles return to the ancient underground city they discovered in "Notes From the Underground", only to find the city abandoned, its crystal moon power source missing, and its human population reverted to monsters.
13 Mar. 2004
City at War: Part 1
It's a 3 way war between the Purple Dragons, The Foot Clan, and the New York Mob. And Leonardo believes that he and his brothers were the cause of all this.
20 Mar. 2004
City at War: Part 2
The Turtles find themselves in the middle of an escalating gang war between the remains of the Foot, the Purple Dragons and the mob. Can the Turtles survive the deadly onslaught?
27 Mar. 2004
City at War: Part 3
The turtles have their hands full fighting the mob, the Purple Dragons and what's left of the Foot. Now, they've joined forces with Karai, who used to be the Shredder's right hand "man." Can they trust her?
3 Apr. 2004
Now that they've got a ShellSub, the Hudson River becomes the Turtle's underwater wonderland... NOT!The junk in the riverbed is even more dangerous than the city above when the Turtles run into their old nemesis the GarbageMan.
10 Apr. 2004
The Golden Puck
Casey loves the new sport of Super Slam Hockey.When the legendary Golden Puck, a piece of hockey history dating back to 17th Century Holland, is stolen.Casey's beyond indignant.
17 Apr. 2004
Rouge in the House: Part 1
The Turtles encounter an injured dinosaur alien, who helps them against a new assault from the Shredder.
24 Apr. 2004
Rogue in the House: Part 2
The Shredder is back ... rested up ... recuperated and repaired, and he has a new plan for global domination. The only thing he wants to do first is exterminate the turtles.
1 May 2004
April's Artifact
An artifact was found in April's restored Antique Shop. It's a strange puzzle box that's connected to April's the disappearance of her Uncle Auggie.
8 May 2004
Return of the Justice Force
The Justice Force, a group of old school super heroes.
15 May 2004
Big Brawl: Part 1
As he does every three years, Splinter mysteriously goes off leaving his four boys at home. Where he's going, he won't say. Unbeknownst to Splinter, the four boys are curious and follow.
18 Sep. 2004
Big Brawl: Part 2
Finding themselves in an inter-dimensional tournament, our four teenage mutant ninja turtles discover a past about Splinter they never knew
25 Sep. 2004
Big Brawl: Part 3
As the BattleNexus Tournament continues, Leonardo has been poisoned and lies unconscious fighting for his life. Splinter is wrongly imprisoned for an attempt on the Daimyo's life.
2 Oct. 2004
Big Brawl: Part 4
It's down and dirty time. Splinter is imprisoned. Leo is dying of poison. Don and Usagi are fighting for their lives and the life of the Daimyo against a horde of assassins.

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