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Philadelphia Inquirer
Quiet, quirky gem.
The movie contains many of the usual ingredients of teenage suburban angst tragicomedies, but writer-director Mike Mills, who began with a novel by Walter Kirn, uses actors who can riff.
Pucci is an actor to watch: He rides this spellbinder without softening the truths that plague the thumbsucker in all of us.
New York Daily News
It's Pucci - who's already won a couple of acting prizes on the festival circuit, including Sundance - who steals the film with a wonderful performance blending the awkward innocence, vulnerability and pain of being a teen.
Chicago Tribune
It's not a great movie, or one that should preoccupy you much afterwards, but it's certainly a good one. It's a fine debut for first-timer Mills.
Miami Herald
A perfectly cast Keanu Reeves pokes deadpan fun at himself in the role of Justin's New Age dentist, who hypnotizes the kid and encourages him to find his inner ''power animal.'' And Vince Vaughn, in a rare straight turn, is excellent as Justin's high school teacher.
Thumbsucker is true to its nature, and that makes Justin's eventual transformation all the more rewarding.
The Hollywood Reporter
Thumbsucker is a head-scratcher. It's well directed and acted. Yet the story has little emotional pull.
The movie and its theme of self-acceptance has an honesty, undercut by occasional preciousness, that makes it worth seeing.
Entertainment Weekly
Pucci proves to be one of the most charismatic male ingenues since Johnny Depp.
Often amusing but lacks the necessary bite.

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