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Wonderful Film
NSADAMS19 September 2005
The filmmaker not only told a good story (which is the most important component to film-making), but he told it using visually pleasing images and fresh metaphors.

I especially enjoyed the dialog between the hit man and Clarissa. It was dark (which worked well with the setting) but very relevant and creative, it almost became poetry.

Sidney's "awakening" was not trite or overdone, but consistent and believable considering the tone and progression of the film. This short film did a wonderful job of telling a complete story. Unlike a lot of short films, this one had a distinct beginning, middle and end rather than being a short part of a longer piece. I look forward to seeing more from this filmmaker.
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sometimes you find redemption in the strangest places...
meshflinders25 October 2005
This is a fantastic first film from newcomer Malik Booth. Just the right blend of darkness and tongue in cheek humor to entertain fabulously. I thought that the overall ark of the hit-man was better then in most feature films dealing with similar subject matter (re: grosse point blank, Ronin) the performances were decent but took a backseat to bold visual storytelling throughout. Booth has a signature style and leaves his mark on every frame.

Clarissa and the hit-man's dialogue always raises questions as to what is really happening, we sense that more is beneath the surface than what were seeing and hearing and that pays off wonderfully in the end. Can't wait to see what he does with his first feature.
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Amazing Short Film...
justus4all19 September 2005
If you see many short films like I have, very few of them are worth even mentioning. sIDney is one of the few. I thought Mr. Booth's direction was assured and compelling, especially the way that he chose to reveal the film's narrative structure. This film also features a great performance by Rena Owen - there are many elements at play here, and they all work very well in this format.

This is also a film that really looks the part. Although I am wary of films (especially shorts) that seem to have a high budget with little purpose, this one looks like all of the product is up on the screen, where it should be. Great moody cinematography and stylized imagery.

I look forward to Mr. Booth's next project (a feature maybe?). Highly recommended.
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