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I enjoyed this movie on its own dumb level.
Entertainment Weekly
This insanely busy, exceedingly long, and sometimes endearingly preposterous rendering has simply gotten the directions reversed in its insistence on sticking only to where men-who-make-adventure-flicks have gone before.
Breck Eisner, son of former Disney mogul Michael and something of a protégé of Steven Spielberg, for whom he directed an episode of the miniseries "Taken," guides Sahara's big action set pieces with assurance, but would have been better served by a tighter script.
McConaughey, despite alarmingly orange makeup, does justice to the role, a hard-drinking, shipwreck- hunting senator's son with a 007 way with the ladies.
The film clocks in at under two hours, but the last 20 minutes feel like 40.
Philadelphia Inquirer
Spectacularly silly and perversely entertaining.
New York Daily News
Eisner is not remotely up to the challenge. Spending millions on action scenes does not mean you get them right.
Chicago Tribune
Action films can't be this consistently absurd, can't paint their heroes into such dangerous corners, from which only cocktails of luck and divine intervention can save them, over and over. It's a bad-faith bargain with the audience and bad storytelling.
Miami Herald
It's not that Sahara is offensively bad: It's just that the picture, loud and busy as it is, never really finds its own identity.
New York Post
If the filmmakers had spent $14.98 of that $100 mil on a DVD of "The Mummy," they might have learned a few things: You need a head villain who is surpassingly evil, you need some jokes that get laughs - and a few sword-fighting skeletons wouldn't hurt.
The Hollywood Reporter
Any movie starring Penelope Cruz or William H. Macy can't be all bad. And Sahara, which stars both Penelope Cruz and William H. Macy, proves the point: It isn't all bad.
An adventure in mediocrity that brings together some of the worst current techniques and trends.

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