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Entertainment Weekly
The rare movie that turns cruelty into art.
Blistering and brilliant work.
Chicago Tribune
A fierce, brilliant film that breaks (and then mends) your heart.
A pungent, powerful film that points an accusing finger not at religious beliefs but at flawed human institutions. It also targets social and cultural mores that are almost medieval in their patriarchal bias against girls and women.
Wall Street Journal
See The Magdalene Sisters for its own sake; the performances alone are inspirational. But see it too as an example of how powerful a feature film still can be in the hands of an impassioned filmmaker.
It is an unsettling tale told simply and chillingly by director Peter Mullan, with stand-out performances, an evocative soundtrack and spare, haunting visuals.
New York Daily News
The whole system was sadistic and indefensible, and the church, looking the other way as long as profits rolled in from the laundries, deserves the scorn that Mullan and his fine cast heap on it.
Chicago Sun-Times
A harrowing look at institutional cruelty, perpetrated by the Catholic Church in Ireland, and justified by a perverted hysteria about sex.
Mullan errs by making all the sisters dragon ladies. Still, the film gets to you; it's a powerhouse.
A powerful document of cruelty and sadism.
Philadelphia Inquirer
A film of haunting eloquence and justifiable fury.

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