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Good Short film
softsable7922 June 2009
This short film stars William Saddler and Jessica Tuck. William Saddler is one of Hollywood's most sought after character actors. I've been a fan of Jessica Tuck since she was on One Life To Live and later on Judging Amy. I didn't know what to expect from this film because I've never seen a short film before. This film is a great thriller and totally takes you by surprise. Both actors are great! Expect the unexpected!This film is not for children or anyone who has endured any form of physical violence. The cast and crew of this film illustrate that good things come in small packages! I wish this film were available for download. I would love to put this film in my iPod or my desktop. Check it out you won't be disappointed!
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Really good but not for the faint of heart!
MartinHafer25 January 2009
This short film stars William Sadler (who you've probably seen in 1001 shows over the years) and Jessica Tuck. As for the director, Tracey D'Arcy, this is her first directorial job and you'd never know it, as the film is very polished and professional throughout.

I have a strong, strong warning for anyone who might see this. If you don't like disturbing or violent films, don't see this. If you have been severely abused in the past, think twice about seeing this film. It's very intense and NOT for the faint of heart!!

The film begins with a lady shackled into bed. The man who comes to the bedroom acts very concerned about her, but you really aren't sure what happened. Is she being held prisoner, is she mentally ill, or is there just a lot more to the story? Well, suffice to say that what you do find out if pretty bad. I don't want to say more because it would spoil the films

The bottom line is that it's very well made and is sort of like a violent "Twilight Zone" episode.
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