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4 Oct. 2008
Teen Idol/Good Old Sheldon
A group of aliens see a flaming Jenny descending from the sky and decide that she is their Exalted One. / A strange, old man claims to be Sheldon, saying that Jenny accidentally threw him into space with an alien race and he's been gone 75 years.
11 Oct. 2008
Girl of Steal/Mist Opportunities
Jenny steals a music player while in disguise as "Ruby Rocket," and an angry crowd forces Jenny to battle her alter-ego. / Jenny takes a break from superheroing when her friend Misty takes on that role in town.
18 Oct. 2008
The Puppet Bride/Histrionics
In 'Historionics,' Jenny, Brad, Tuck and Sheldon end up on an island where they find Uncle Wizzly, the creator of Wizzly World. Wizzly plans to create a theme park on the island based on famous figures from history. However, Wizzly doesn't seem to realize that his robots would rather harm than entertain. In 'Puppet Bride,' a long-ago creation of Dr. Wakeman's called Little Acorn returns, and wants the Doctor to make him a bride for companionship. His request changes when he sees Jenny, and wants her instead.
25 Oct. 2008
No Harmony with Melody/Tuckered Out
Jenny is suspicious of Brad' new girlfriend, Melody, especially when disasters keep happening wherever Melody goes. / Tuck does a school project about his hero, Jenny, and opts to make a movie about her, but his newfound power quickly goes to his head.
1 Nov. 2008
Stage Fright/Never Say Uncle
Jenny attacks ugly aliens who come to Earth to warn of an invasion by beautiful aliens. Wakeman's earthy sister comes to visit, bringing her leaf-and-mud son, Glen, but spends the whole trip arguing with her sister.
15 Nov. 2008
Voyage to the Planet of the Bikers/Queen Bee
Brit and Tiff help Vexus disguise herself as a teenager at Tremorton High, but Vexus gets carried away in her new kingdom. Letta's Biker Gang rearranges Jenny, turning her into a motorcycle.

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