Looney Tunes: Back in Action (2003) Poster

Alternate Versions

The DVD-ROM contains 10 full deleted scenes, or extended scenes. 1. An alternate opening with Daffy presenting a Batman-like project for himself to star in. 2. Daffy being thrown out of the WB studio lot along with DJ (Brendan Fraser). 3. A brief scene where DJ and Daffy are running through the Vegas streets, and Daffy momentarily gets distracted by some show girls. 4. A scene in the desert where Bugs and Daffy taunt DJ and Kate's (Jenna Elfman) predicament. 5. A much longer fight sequence in Area 52, including a long sequence where Daffy and Marvin the Martian board spaceships and battle each other through the Grand Canyon. 6. The heroes try to pass a Gauntlet of Death. Daffy is not successful. 7. Mr. Chairman (Steve Martin) punishing one of his representatives (Robert Picardo) 8. Daffy being transformed into a fly. 9. DJ tries to save Kate from Bill Goldberg on the Eiffel Tower. 10. Alternate, and slightly less climatic ending where DJ battles Mr. Chairman in the jungle ruins over the Blue Monkey diamond.

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