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Bad acting but good fight scenes
jeffk8972 May 2006
I borrowed this film from a buddy of mine and my impression of it is that it lacks a story line, but the fight scenes seem realistic and are entertaining to watch. The action scenes actually looked better than some Hollywood fight films. I think it over used some clichés such as the Danny and Donny (dumb and dumber) characters and the "bad" oriental war lord, who is played by a dude I've never seen before in any film and looks a bit comatose. The reporter wasn't smart and edgy, but bitchy. But the fighting looked good and over all it wasn't a horrible film. It shouldn't have tried to tell a story, it should just have had more action. Bottom line: Low budget and bad actors, but great stunts!
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Horrible worst movie i have ever seen
nomansland9 August 2005
Quite possibly the worst movie i have ever seen. The directing is god awful. The acting is incredibly cheesy, and the script is as cliché as it gets.There are moments where you think that this movie is being directed by a nine year older with a camcorder. But even a 9 year old could do better. The story is about a reporter who wants to investigate a murder during a fight. This leads her to a middle of nowhere town, where she befriends a fish salesman. Thats right a fish man has connections to the underground fight circuits. Now you may be wondering if this film redeems itself in the fight scenes. It's what i was hoping, dead wrong they hardly touch each other, and most of the fight constitutes of them taking their shirts off and flexing while the camera zooms in on some random guy flaunting what seems to be Canadian bills. Laurie Hanley (Chase) is the only one who can almost act the rest just need to be hanged. Nastasha Baron is the worst director on this planet and hopefully will=never direct again.

Avoid this piece of junk at all costs, its so bad its not even funny anymore.!!!!!!!!!!
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how bad can it get?
SICKO_XXX4 April 2003
you thought you saw terrible pictures? try this one it's so bad i didn't thought they would allow people to make these kind of white screen thrash. with this picture is the fast forward button even to slow. do yourself a favour and don't put this in your vcr or dvd player, don't rent it, and don't even think about buying it!!!

forget this movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Potentially very good, nice fight scenes.
sickdog14925 October 2006
I actually enjoyed this movie, for a low budget film the fight scenes were well acted out. This was done also with the inclusion of two Professional Mixed Martial Arts Fighters- Mauro Renallo and Alexi Zarjampour(who dies at the start of the film). I fought the film was very realistic in that the main male character - Suk Nam( Suk Woo Nam )could not defeat the two bodyguards of the Irish boss. I enjoyed the ending of this film, but I shall not say what actually happen's. However my main problem with this film, is moments of rubbish acting, I think if the director was more patient and asked for more out the actors, the film would have been a lot better. Also the lack of a good storyline brings the film down.However it will get a 9 out of 10 because its low budget and how realistic the fight scenes were.
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