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Character error 

In the newspaper clippings denouncing superheroes, under the "Super Menace To Society" column, "innocent bystanders" is printed as "innocent by standards".
In the opening scene, the radio refers to a police chase on San Pablo Ave, but there is no San Pablo Ave anywhere on the "auto drive" navigation map.


The part in Violet's hair switches sides several times. This was deliberately done by the animators to aid the ease of animation, as long hair was something that had not yet been attempted.
The position of the aftershave bottle by Frozone's mirror changes.
When Mr. Incredible fights the first Omnidroid and he is injured on his left shoulder (and his suit is torn), his injury disappears and reappears several times between shots.
Before the wedding scene, Mr Incredible summons his jet car. When he opens the car door, the window is up. In the next shot of him, the window is down.
While they are still in the plane avoiding missiles, Elastigirl takes the plane close to the water and the seas are very rough. After the plane is shot down, the seas are relatively calm.
As Bob gets chewed out in his cubicle by his boss, his pencil holder is centered on his desk. After the boss leaves, it has moved to the edge of his desk, where it falls off and spills pencils all over the floor.
Violet is not wearing the orange headband before the rocket launches but after it appears on her head. There is no way she could have possessed that headband as she was not seen holding it in her hand before the cave scene.
In Mr. Incredible's home office where he has different newspaper articles and magazine covers about him, the Newtropolis Tribune with the headline "Incredible Rescue At Sea" is dated September 14, 2003. This clearly does not fit into the approximate era the movie is set in.
When Syndrome introduces himself to the public, he does so by catching a petrol tanker, which he then flamboyantly tosses behind him and we see a huge explosion. Barely a second later, when the Omnidroid is creeping up on Syndrome, he looks over his shoulder and we briefly see the street behind him, which has no trace of the tanker, or any fiery debris.
As Mirage pushes Syndrome out of the way and is grabbed by Mr. Incredible, she is wearing a headset. After Mr. Incredible grabs her however, her headset disappears.
When the airplane blows up and Dash, Violet and Helen are falling, once Helen makes herself into a parachute, there is no longer rubble from the plane falling around them and nothing above them. After they are in the water, a big chunk of plane falls almost on top of them.
While the Parr family is fighting the Omnidroid, Mr. Incredible tells Elastic Girl to press the first button of the Omnidroid controller. After telling him to wait, she presses the last button instead the first one.
The zipper on the travel bag is on the far end away from Helen on the plane, but she unzips it from the other direction.
When Mr. Incredible first looks at the hole blown in the elevated railroad tracks as the train is coming, the street below is empty. Subsequent shots show several cars parked in the street.
After Helen catches Bob coming home late from the fire and jewelry store incident, there is a figurine laying on the ground next to the blocks beside Helen's chair. The figurine disappears in the next shot.
The color (not just the shadow/shading) of the "big wheel" seat changes throughout the movie.
As the defeated robot topples into the water, the wall of ice is not visible in the wide shot, but appears a second later when the scene is viewed from above.
After landing in the jewelry store, the rescued fire victims are strewn on the floor around the room. In the next few scenes, these people are no longer on the floor, but they reappear there when the cop draws his gun on them.
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After the kitchen argument, when Frozone opens the door, the overhead kitchen light is swinging but the shadows of the family and table are not moving.
In Metroville, when the robot explodes on the water, the upper camera shows Frozone standing behind Helen and on the left side of Mr. Incredible. Then the same scene is shown from the front camera but now Frozone appears at the right side of Mr. Incredible and in front of the whole group.

Factual errors 

In the Scene where Mr. Incredible is exercising by lifting railroad cars, the trucks (wheel sets) on each car stay attached when he lifts the cars off the ground. On real railroad cars, the wheel sets are held in place by gravity, so if he lifts the cars, the wheelsets should stay on the ground.


Helen believes she's alone on the plane, yet she changes into her uniform in the (undoubtedly cramped) lavatory. Why wouldn't she just change in the cabin?

Incorrectly regarded as goofs 

At the end of the dinner fight the ceiling light is stationary, but when Dash opens the door for Lucius the light is swinging and Helen reaches up to stop it. That's because Dash zipped back to his seat after answering the door, and this caused the wind. This is not obvious without close inspection.
The world depicted in the movie has had a very different history than ours. Technology and culture are often much more advanced. Whatever chronology is given regarding music, technology, politics, design, etc., is "true" within the movie.

Revealing mistakes 

In the interviews portion, the first time Elastigirl is on screen, just as her sequence ends, she leans forward, and the curls on the lower end of her hair clip through her shoulders.
In the jewelry store after the fire, Frozone gets a drink of water by pulling the lever downward on the water cooler. While bringing the cup up to drink, the lever is still down, meaning there should be water still coming out of it.
Despite complex aerobatics, the only missile contrails we see from the water are linear ones.


The goof item below may give away important plot points.


Bob drives his new black car to the airport for his second trip to Syndrome's island. Later, Helen drives her new red car to the airport to fly Snug's jet to the island. The family uses one of Syndrome's rockets to return to Municiburg, meaning both cars are still at the airport. Yet when the family returns home after defeating the Omnidroid, Helen's car is back in the driveway.

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