The Incredibles (2004) Poster

Plot Keywords

superhero secret
lawsuit hero
island insurance
baby suburb
superpower villain
trap witness protection
rescue grudge
secret identity insurance agent
torture lifting a female into the air
running on water subjective camera
character's point of view camera shot famous theme
lifting someone into the air makeshift parachute
uprooting tree urban setting
underwater scene falling into water
fired from the job family relationships
spinning newspaper forcefield
superhuman speed superhero couple
closing credits sequence directed by co star
echo pixar animated film
flashback frozen body
parenthood mission
crime fighter no opening credits
robot as menace heroine
boy teenage girl
presumed dead suicide attempt
elementary school bomb
best man best friend
wish tragic villain
tragic hero stowaway
overweight obsession
murder lying
immaturity ice
husband wife relationship frozen river
frozen person fire
estrangement exploding airplane
airplane shot down stabbed in the shoulder
broken neck el train
burning building violence
tommy gun teenage superhero
superhero team superhero spoof
sidekick shootout
police plane crash
midlife crisis hostage
gun explosion
evil plot danger
critically acclaimed car chase
action hero action heroine
sucked into jet engine skeleton
remote control mirror
machine gun locomotive
lava laser
helicopter handcuffs
electric shock 1960s
1950s obsessed fan
blockbuster wedding
waterfall urban
tunnel transformation
track meet tv news
surveillance suburbia
subterranean fortress strength
speed self destruction
secret life satire
rooftop rocket
recreational vehicle prologue
police chase parachute
monorail missile
medical traction kidnapping
jungle jealousy
invisibility invention
hospital freeway
elasticity cubicle
crush child in peril
cavern bank robbery
babysitter airplane
marriage superheroine
superhero costume super power
newspaper headline mother son relationship
mother daughter relationship mask
manic laughter giant robot
father son relationship father daughter relationship
family dinner falling from height
evil genius employer employee relationship
dysfunctional family cape
brother sister relationship cgi film
computer animation

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