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Bird has created the unprecedented film that is not just a grand feature-length cartoon but a grand feature, period, a piece of animation that's involving across a spectrum of comedy, action, even drama.
Entertainment Weekly
Dazzlingly beautiful, funny, and meaningful.
Wall Street Journal
A work of huge, if unobtrusive, ambition -- a vision of modern life, appropriate for sophisticated adults as well as for kids, that is both satirical and, of all things, inspirational. It's a great film about the possibility of greatness.
Philadelphia Inquirer
A movie with the sweet soul of "Toy Story" and the boisterous spirit of "Spy Kids."
The Hollywood Reporter
Pixar again hitches top-notch storytelling to the very best in CG animation.
Miami Herald
A visually thrilling experience.
New York Post
A spectacularly rendered tale of a family of superheroes, takes the art form to a whole new level.
True-blue Incredibles is a super tribute to the power of family and the might of imagination.
Bird has crafted a film -- one of the year's best -- that doesn't ring cartoonish, it rings true.
New York Daily News
Clever, buoyant and surprisingly human.
San Francisco Chronicle
The visual and emotional hues are darker [than previous Pixar films], and the focus rests more on middle age than coming of age. The adventures of a family of superheroes are likely to thrill and amuse children, but the film's more grown-up themes might go over their heads.
One of the year's most clever and visually arresting computer-animated films, enlivened by a well-developed and credible cast of characters who just happen to be superheroes.

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