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New York Daily News
Director Uwe Boll wholeheartedly embraces the film's concept, and with some fancy editing and a pulsing soundtrack, the effect really is like watching a video game.
Dull and unimaginative.
House of the Dead, sadly, is so bad it's bad.
Chicago Tribune
Unimaginatively recycles all the teens-in-the-woods gorefest conventions.
The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
Somewhere between cartoonishly bad for comic effect and bad because the filmmakers didn't really give a damn, The House of the Dead is, at least, unpretentiously dumb.
The Hollywood Reporter
Laughable performances.
Here's a would-be horror film that contains not one ounce of professional pride in its making, not one shred of technical competence. This is one of the worst films of recent times.
New York Post
Based on a video game, far exceeds expectations -- in negative ways that inspire thoughts of less than zero stars.
Entertainment Weekly
To properly convey the jaw-dropping shoddiness of this videogame-based ''horror'' ''movie,'' one must approach what scientists call Absolute Stupid, a state previously thought to exist only under highly controlled laboratory conditions or at the highest levels of government.
It's cheese of the purest stripe, bafflingly bad to the point of being oddly charming in its brain dead naïveté.

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