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A harmless and amusing summer comedy.
The Daddy Day Care business model appears to be the 1983 Michael Keaton vehicle ''Mr. Mom,'' put on an unstoppable sugar high.
Wall Street Journal
His (Eddie Murphy's) performance in Daddy Day Care isn't bad. He's restrained, and even tender in some of the scenes he plays with the kids. But restraint is the last thing we want from a comic of his caliber. It's no fun at all.
Philadelphia Inquirer
Most parents will find the movie has the familiar feeling of one of those kid birthday parties where the little ones are on chocolate highs and the adults run out of scheduled activities after 20 minutes.
Chicago Tribune
A likable little movie without much to offer but cute tots, recycled gags and a talented cast amiably wasting their time and ours.
Murphy gives one of his more-restrained performances, which suits the mood of carefully contained mayhem established by Steve Carr, the director.
New York Post
Only really little tykes will find the surplus of pratfalls and poo and fart jokes a hoot.
New York Daily News
Though topnotch actors often can elevate mediocre material, they need a topnotch director to help them do it. Steve Carr ("Dr. Dolittle 2") is not that director.
Entertainment Weekly
A parent-and-kid-oriented comedy about the adventures of men doing the hard work of mommies, which couldn't be more timely -- or less delightful.
Murphy looks comatose delivering the played-out poopy jokes.
You know something is wrong when a preschooler's unwitting ad-libs are funnier than anything seasoned comedy writers can come up with. Kids say the darnedest things. Too bad the grown-ups don't.
I laughed a couple of times, but mostly I was bored out of my mind and not a little depressed.

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