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Lil' Ze is taken into custody by the police, Rocket runs after the police truck. The Police truck passes by a late - model Chevrolet S10, black, circa 2001. The movie is set in the seventies.

Character error 

When the Tender Trio are running away into the woods after they crashed into a neighbor's house, Shaggy says that Goose messed up his ankle but it's actually Clipper. Goose's ankle is fine.
In the scene where the tender trio are robbing the gas man and giving out the free gas, when the police arrive and the gang are running off, in the back ground there is a woman in a yellow dress carrying a big gas canister, yet in the next shot she is seen running in the same spot without the gas.
Whenever Tio Sam is in the apartment to sell Ze Pequeno the weapons, he inquires whether or not Ze has seen a mini Ruger, which is the same caliber of an M-16, inaccessible in Brazil. Ze shows no interest or knowledge of the Ruger, though he is shown holding up one just like it whenever Buscape is taking photos of the gang.


When Li'l Zé makes Knockout Ned undress, Knockout Ned's shirt is already unbuttoned. But in the next shot we see him unbuttoning it.
When Bené throws Neguinho out (after he, Neguinho, has killed his girl friend) the amount of blood on Bené's T-shirt changes
The length of the joint Lil Dice is smoking when he is hanging out with the Tender Trio changes size between shots.
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Revealing mistakes 

When Knockout Ned is yelling over the dead boy, the body is breathing.


The goof items below may give away important plot points.

Factual errors 

During the hotel robbery, Lil Dice is given a six shot revolver. He is not given any additional bullets. He fires more than six shots during his hotel rampage.

Factual errors 

Buscapé is using a 135mm lens when he stands above a dead Lil Zé and takes his picture, but the picture that's developed is much too wide to be shot with a 135mm telephoto lens. We know it's a 135mm because, even though it does not appear in the subtitles, Buscape's boss identifies the lens in Portuguese.

Revealing mistakes 

When Rocket walks off after having taken a picture of the Dead Lil Ze, Lil Zé's arm twitches.

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