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A jolly movie and I smiled pretty much all the way through, but it doesn't shift into high with a solid thunk the way "Bridget Jones' Diary" did.
Entertainment Weekly
A triumph of performance, production, and adaptation over the empty-calorie dither of its source material.
The Bridget Jones characters are worth revisiting. It's just too bad the story that connects them in The Edge of Reason is less fresh and clever than its predecessor.
Chicago Tribune
The trouble with Bridget redux is also simple: Thai jail.
New York Post
Doesn't have nearly enough Hugh Grant and is a little short on laughs, but it gets by on Renée Zellweger's charms.
Wall Street Journal
In case you were holding your breath, Renée Zellweger's Bridget Jones is still sweetly earnest, chronically overweight and swinging once again from lovestruck to lovelorn.
Philadelphia Inquirer
Cute, cloying and catastrophically predictable.
The Hollywood Reporter
Begins by repeating many gags from the previous film. Only now they feel lame and routine.
New York Daily News
Takes the worst and most annoying elements of the first film and treats them like grand assets.
Is it the clumsy script or the switch in directors -- Beeban Kidron in for Sharon Maguire -- that has sucked out the charm of the original and replaced it with crude pratfalls and enough shag gags to stuff the next three Austin Powers movies?
San Francisco Chronicle
A great role becomes an unenviable chore, in which a superb comic actress finds herself trying to sell a series of unfunny comic situations by mugging and pushing with all her might. It's an unflattering spectacle for all concerned.

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