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Season 1

Zulu's Second Chance
Big crocodile mama and barkeeper, Zaza, is being held captive by poachers on a ship. The good natured flamingo, Loubabi, sees that Zaza's only chance to survive is if someone can help her. Loulabi persuades Hurakan's ally, the dumb crocodile Zulu to come to her rescue. Zulu was Zaza's boyfriend once and believes that now he's got a chance to win her back. After many silly tactics and much ado, Zulu is finally able to free a very happy Zaza.
The Rocket Base
An evil scientist plans to use the island of Irie as a secret rocket station for a manned mission to Mars. In need of a test "person", Bob and friends are imprisoned. They must all quickly work together to save each other. Using the volcanic action on the island and a sudden eruption, Bob's friends are able to trick the scientist and his helper, accidentally sending the evil doers far out into space.
Marry me, Mara Mei
The innocent Mara Mei is kidnapped by Hurakan, the evil Witch Doctor. He insists on her hand in marriage, as well as, being appointed The Chief of the Wampas. Moano, one of the Wampa kids, enlists the help of all his friends to come up with a daring rescue mission.....and of course this must be celebrated in the typical Irie way... with music!
The Treasure of the Wirwindi
Bob finds an old map which reveals the exact whereabouts of a treasure that belonged to the ancient Wirwindi tribe. When Hurakan and Zulu find out about the exsistence of the map, they follow the friends into an underground cave and capture them. Managing an elaborate escape, they return, though unfortunately empty-handed, the treasure alas, cannot be brought back.
Pollution Solution
While Bob is trying yet another trick to get back to New York, he runs across evidence that the island is being used for a chemical dumping ground. With the help of the beautiful butterfly, Pai-papi, together they discover that the culprits are under Hurakan's protection. The evil-doers are paying off Hurakan with their harmful chemicals, which Hurakan uses in casting his spells. Our animal friends take the situation into their own hands and scare off the bad polluters, traping them into thinking that the island is totally haunted.
The Inky Gang
The evil Witch Doctor, Hurakan, persuades three squid to dye the island blue. Hurakan wants to trick the inhabitants into believing that he alone can save the island, hoping that he will be elected Chief of the Wampas. Our friends turn to the giant Octupus Kala-Moo for help, and together they once again foil Hurakan's fiendish plans.
Disaster is in the air when the flamingo couple stop their bickering and insist on agreeing with eachother. The strain of agreeing is just too much for them, ending in a huge argument. However, when Moano is trapped in a forest fire, they are finally able to learn the lesson of forgiveness and understanding, showing their true colors they bury the hatchet and make up.
The Crab Has Turned
Montego has a surfing accident and loses his memory. Unfortunately, Hurakan finds him and convinces him that he and Zulu are his good friends. Hurakan is also able to convince him that Bob and the gang are his real enemies. Only at the last minute, when they are all about to be boiled together in Hurakan's cooking pot, do they come up with the truth and escape, foiling Hurakan yet once again.
Bob's Birthday
Bob finds a glossy magazine featuring New York City on its cover. Feeling extremely homesick, he asks the turtle Nel how long he has been on the island and thereby discovers that it's actually his birthday. The gang decides to throw him a New York style birthday party. The party is such a great success that Bob forgets he ever wanted to leave the island and his new found friends.
Where is Kaziko?
Guided by Kaziko, the Wampa Chief, Bob tries meditating to find his way back home. During the session however, the Wampa Chief vanishes. Thinking Kaziko's vanishing was his doing, Bob gets extremely upset. Once again Hurakan is behind it all. By making Kaziko invisible, Hurakan is plotting to become the new Wampa Chief. Thank goodness our friends know how to go about spoiling his plans!
The River That Vanished
Hurakan is always trying to impress the Wampas with his abilities as a great Magician. For proof, Hurakan diverts a river what makes the Wampas think it's actually vanished. Just as Hurakan is in the middle of conjuring up the "vanished" river; our friends get wise to him and beat him at his own trick - accidentally, washing Hurakan and Zulu right into the ocean in the process.
Tree's a Crowd
The island is being targeted by a group of loggers who want to fell all their trees. The gang must save their beautiful island from disaster. Coming up with a plan, they convince the loggers that bloody-dog and his marauding pirates are back from the grave! Very quickly the loggers decide that the trees aren't worth the trouble and get out of Irie as fast as their feet can carry them.
Whale of a Time
While Bob is on the beach experimenting with a new way to attract aircraft into rescuing him, he notices that a whale has gotten itself "stuck". What is he to do about this poor beached whale? Quickly he gets his friends involved, but all their attempts are thwarted by Hurakan. He is plotting to sell the whale for it's blubber. Our friends can't let this happen, their joint efforts and antics keep Hurakan away long enough for them to save the whale and send him back out to his home in the sea.
Bob on TV
When TV Producers show an interest in making an Irie island portrait, Bob's gang of friends are overjoyed. That is, until they find out that the real mission behind their interest is to turn the island into a holiday resort. The Wampas are to be confined on the grounds and all the animals are to be trapped in a zoo. While the camera is rolling, they all come up with a great idea! A perfect jungle show with cannibals and all scare the reporters off the island, on the double!
Black Gold on Irie
Bob is absolutely amazed that the Wampas have discovered oil but are not interested in exploiting it. He has a problem deciding if it is worth becoming rich at the risk of endangering their island paradise and betraying his beloved friends. Bob's also under alot of pressure to conceal the existence of the oil from evil Hurakan. Once again Bob must come up with an ingenious plan !
Egg on Hurakan's Face
A mama turtle chooses the island of Irie to lay her precious baby egg. Hurakan however, believes that turtle eggs hold the secret of wisdom and sends Zulu to steal it. The gang wants to help the turtle and appoints themselves the egg's guardian until it hatches. To protect the egg they replace it with a rotten one, Hurakan and Zulu eat it and get what they deserve, bad tummy aches.
The Ghost of Bloody Dog
Hurakan disguises himself as the ghost of the Bloody dog. He first plans to scare the Wampas with his silly acting and then pretend to save them. But in the meantime our friends are looking for the rightful grave of the Bloody dog. Amazingly, the real ghost shows up and gives everyone a "live" performance - and this time it's Hurakan's turn to be scared stiff.
Bob in Love
Hurakan disguises himself as the ghost of the Bloody dog. He first plans to scare the Wampas with his silly acting and then pretend to save them. But in the meantime our friends are looking for the rightful grave of the Bloody dog. Amazingly, the real ghost shows up and gives everyone a "live" performance - and this time it's Hurakan's turn to be scared stiff.
Something Fishy
When yet another of Bob's attempts to escape fails, he is saved by a mermaid, falling madly in love with her. Hurakan however is brewing up another fiendish plan, to capture and kidnap the lovely mermaid. After Bob is able to save her, she too develops feelings for Bob. Having to choose between the mermaid and her world or returning to his friends, is a hard decision but Bob finally realizes where he trully belongs - on Irie Island.
You Dirty Dog
Bob is overjoyed when another dog, Butch, is stranded on the island too! But he soon realizes that he has spoken too soon. Butch is really a mean guy, sweet to Bob's friends but nasty as can be to Bob. Bob tries to convince his friends that Butch is cooking up something evil with Hurakan but nobody believes him. Is Bob just jealous or is there really something going on that they should know about? And will they figure it out in time?
Sick as a Wampa
Using his voodoo magic, Hurakan suceeds in making all the Wampas sick. His plan is to take over the village by offering everyone the antidote, demanding that he be declared Chief in return for the cure. Princess Mara Mei however, won't be tricked, stealing his voodoo dolls she foils his evil plans, saves her people and makes him look the fool he trully is.
Gloomy Balloony
Bob crashes with a balloon right into the Irie volcano, strangely enough the home of the Volcagnomes, a tribe of small people. He discovers that they have developed a high-tech system which gives them the power to observe everyone and direct the fate of the island. Back on the beach, Bob's friends just won't believe him and think it's all a big joke. Watching them from afar, the Volcanognomes are satisfied that their secret indeed will be kept forever.
Which Wizard
The Wampas are stricken with a mysterious disease. Bob and the gang have to find a way to cure them and ofcourse suspect Hurakan. Hurakan however, is busy preparing an election against his old rival Kaziko. But if it isn't Hurakan, who could it be, and what role does this old Witch Doctor play that was banished years ago and is back seeking revenge?
Shark Alarm
While Bob befriends three sharks, Zulu decides to use the chance to disguise himself as a shark as well and kidnap Mara-Mai. The gang of course suspects Bob's new shark friends as the culprits. Bob now has to prove their innocence. He finally is able to find Mara-Mai imprisoned in Hurakan's cave but Hurakan isn't about to let him go. Hurakan has better plans and that is to throw Bob into his cooking pot - only Bob's new friends can save him.
Bob Genie'ous
Bob is overjoyed when he finds a bottle floating in the sea and upon opening it, a genie appears. The genie however, isn't the greatest of magicians and has alot left to learn. Hurakan tries to convince the genie that he can teach him all the magic he wants to know, but in reality he only wants to use him in an evil plan to destroy the gang. Bob and the gang survive Hurakan's fiendish plot - but only by a hair.
The Enchanted Forest
Bobs finds himself in an enchanted forest where the trees talk. it's a forest inhabited by elves and ruled by a cruel Goblin named, Ritzwald. Bob has a great time playing in the forest until Ritzwald decides to take him prisoner. It's not that easy to rescue Bob this time but his friends can't leave him hanging. Finally, after making it to the center of the forest, they start an elf -uprising, free Bob in the process and get out of there quicker than you can say Irie !
Message in a Bottle
Curious Bob opens a bottle floating in the sea and a ghost jumps out. This ghost takes over the bodies of Bob and his friends one by one, creating terrible havoc as he goes. It's only when Nel manages to catch the ghost in his shell, that the gang is able to put the ghost back into his bottle and to throw it back into the sea where it came from. Good riddance!
End of the Rainbow
Bob recounts the famous "pot of gold at the end of every rainbow" fable to Nel and Montego. But Hurakan actually finds the pot, it's guarded by a tiny man named Pigment. He warns Hurakan that if he steals the pot, all the colours in the rainbow will disappear and there can never be another rainbow again. When Hurakan takes the pot anyway, it's up to the gang to return it to its rightful owner.
Termite Terror
A ship of Pirate termites is marooned on Irie Beach. Bob finds out that the termites plan to destroy the island's forest. When Bob tries to convince his friends about their scheme no one believes him. Only after many of the palm trees are found hollowed out, does the gang realize that Bob was right, but they can't find him to tell him they're sorry. The termites have actually captured Bob and tied him up. It's up to his friends to help him. Together they trap the termites in a barrel of tonic, wild and raucous the mites are sent back out to sea.
Bob on the Couch
When Dr. Psychosis lands on the island and cures Bob's homesickness, the gang is impressed and goes to visit him for their own problems. They discover almost too late that the mad doctor is only manipulating them for his own benefit. Bob gives Dr. Psychosis a taste of his own medicine, with the help of the doctor's assistant, Bob hypnotizes him and helps out his friends saving the day !
Hoggle the Hermit
Zaza is ill and the gang is desperate to find a cure for her ailment. They hear of a hermit crab named Hoggle who might know how to cure her. But only Hurakan knows the way to Hoggle's cave, and the gang is forced to enlist his help. Hurakan agrees to help them on one condition, they must bring back one of the crab's invisibility potions to him. The gang sets off on what seems to be an impossible mission...
Poet in a Pot
When Hurakan finds out that Mara-Mai's heart can be won through poetry, he takes Nel hostage and forces him to write her love poems. Mara-Mei is so enthused about this mysterious secret admirer that she asks for a date so that she can get to know him. Hurakan is supposed to read "his" poetry to her. Nel however, is able to disclose Hurakan's deceit which makes Mara-Mei very, very mad.
Oh Brother!
Whilst exercising in his newly built island gym, Bob is approached by Honcho, the crab, who tells him a tale of his long lost brother. Bob and the gang think Montego could be this long lost brother. When the two crabs meet, Montego thinks Honcho is an imposter and isn't interested... until Honcho risks his life to save him.
Boris' Yacht
Bob spots a large sailing boat off Irie Beach. The penguin Skipper, like Bob is also trying to get back to his homeland. Bob convinces the Skipper that he and his friends will help sail the crewless boat on the condition that he can keep the boat afterwards. They drop the penguin off and the friends set sail in the direction of N.Y.C. Caught in a terrific storm their friendship is tested to the limit, but it's no use, they've been going in circles. Land - ho ! ...Irie Island is home.
The Journey to the Center of Irie
During another escape attempt, Bob falls into a mysterious cave that leads to the center of the island. Hurakan follows him in search of the powerful "Earth Magnet" . When they find it and move it from its center, everything suddenly gets totally lopsided...
Good Bob, Bad Bob
Bob accidentally swallows Hurakan's latest potion and turns into "bad Bob" overnight. The next morning Bob can't remember anything but Nel and Zaza soon become turned off by his "new" behaviour. Finding out that Bob is acting under Hurakan's bad influence, they threaten Hurakan until he breaks the spell and give them back the real Bob that they know and love.
Ho, Ho, Ho!
St. Nick suddenly lands on Irie Beach, he asks the friends if they can help him distribute all his presents because he and his two reindeers have fallen sick. Bob takes over for St. Nick, with Loubabi and Magda as his two reindeer. Their mission is a success and they return to Irie Beach as heroes, receiving some well deserved presents from a very happy St. Nick.
Robinson Bob
Bob, the N.Y.C. dog with a strong liking for rap music falls from the Statue of Liberty directly onto a ship. Exposed as a stowaway he has to do the dirty jobs on board until the ship strands off the coast of Irie Island. He has loads of fun on the idyllic island until he learns that there's no way of ever returning to N.Y.
Trouble in Sunken City
Bob builds an elaborate radio set in his attempt to escape the island and picks up a coded message from a submarine. After deciphering the message, they discover that an evil archaeologist is planning to break the sunken city up into pieces and sell it to the highest- bidder. The gang convinces the tired old guardian of the city, Kala-Moo that he still has the potential to be a hero and that he must help them before its too late.
Twister Over Irie
When a twister storms over the island; Bob happens to hear a voice coming from inside. Secured with a rope, the gang lands in the twister's center and meets an old skipper who's been trapped for longer than he can remember. Hurakan is watching from afar and uses the chance to get rid of them forever - he hopes!
Pai-Papi and the Wing Master
Pai-papi along with all the other butterflies on the island have been captured by a ruthless scientist. He is diabolically planning the perfect pair of wings - for humans. Hurakan kidnaps the scientist to get his hands on a pair of these wings. Now the gang really has to think fast, because they've got two connivers to outwit....
Chicken Alert!
Totally hysterical and almost in tears, Hurakan confides in the gang that he has lost his pet chicken and begs them to help him. Soft at heart, they immediately start in on the search. Hurakan however has made up the whole story just to divert their attention. He needs time to find the sacred Wampa book which will garantee his endless power over the tribe.
Help, I'm a Poodle!
When Bob gets in the way of the evil witch, Ursula, his darkest nightmare comes true: he is turned into a white poodle! Only through his friend's help can he ever hope of being returned to his former self. The gang must solve two difficult and trying tasks and only then will the evil witch give Bob back his diginity. Bob once again is reminded of what friendship is all about.
Bob and the Giant Tree
Bob discovers three seeds in a treasure box in the forest. After planting the seeds a giant tree sprouts up. Climbing up and up into its midst, they find a kingdom of giants. Enter, Ludo, the some what slow but wonderfully good natured Prince. Ludo needs help to outwit his evil brother and the gang knows they have to help him in his struggle for the throne.
Nel's Hot Date
Nel feels lonesome and therefore thinks about marriage. The gang open a marriage office in Zaza's bar and select three dates for their friend. Each date however turns out to be a total disaster. Nel is completely frazzled and in the end perfectly happy to return to his simple bachelor life.
The Dragon Slayer
Dragon slayer, Fungle, accidentally lands on the island together with a ferocious dragon who decides to kidnap Mara-Mei. Fungle gets knocked-out cold, and so it is up to our gang to create enough diversions, keeping the dragon's attention long enough for Fungle to regain consciousness and finally defeat him, rescuing Mara-Mei.
Moano is Chosen
Kaziko has to appoint a new chosen one as his successor. It's Moano he choses who is to be introduced to the ancient magical arts and prepared for this high office. However Moano must first pass a difficult test while Hurakan is plotting to sabotage him at every turn. Thank goodness Moano has a gang of true friends...
Another Planet
As a part of Bob's plan to finally get free of the island, he decides to build a lighthouse. However, it's not a ship that is signaled but a UFO, searching for its mother ship. Two new members join the gang on the island, really getting into the irie life style. The aliens learn to dance and even help Mara-Mei with a special acne formula. Thanks to the Wampas, the two "guys" are finally able to find their mother ship and make for home.
The Secret of the Sacred Stone
When Bob accidentally breaks off a piece of the sacred stone, Kaziko tells him about an ancient legend. Supposedly he who finds the oval stone which replaces the missing part will receive infinite wisdom. Bob searches for the missing piece and eventually finds it in the sunken city. But sneaky Hurakan is interested in the stone as well, and not about to let Bob have it ! Bob has to think of something fast !
To Bet or Not to Bet
Bob places a bet with Montego: this time his escape attempt will succeed! It doesn't work out and Bob loses his wonderful guitar. Soon Bob becomes a "professional" gambler, gambling away belongings that don't even belong to him. Though Montego ends up winning everything, he is ostracized by the rest of the gang. Betting is no fun and no one can take it anymore, especially Bob and Montego, so they decide to set things right !
A Dog in Time-Fog
Bob gets lost in a thick fog and finds himself in the sunken city of the Wirwindi . Has he traveled back through time? The Wirwindi celebrate, Bob the Rapper, like a God and even build a statue in his honour. When Bob finally gets back to his friends, they think it's a great story but don't believe a word he says.
A Falling Star
Bob finds a sparkling starfish on the floor of the ocean. Our friends find out that the starfish is a fallen star which splashed into the sea when it was just a baby. The star protects them, developing a special energy it didn't know existed. Strange things happen and a mighty train takes our star back to its home - high in the sky.

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