Colin Murray on Clare Balding: 'The second I said it I knew it was too much'

The TalkSport host speaks for the first time about his regrets over the comments he made on 5Live's Fighting Talk

Appropriately for the man who used to present BBC Radio 5 Live show Fighting Talk, Colin Murray is in combative mood. Since transferred to 5 Live's commercial rival TalkSport, where he presents a three-hour weekday show, Murray says his new employer is a place where he can "be myself without every so often spasmodically having to deal with the shit of the outraged few".

This is a barely-veiled reference to his final episode of Fighting Talk, on 1 June this year, when the panel show was accused of "homophobic bullying" after a contestant was invited to advance reasons why if given "20 minutes with her, I'm pretty sure I could turn around Clare Balding".

It was intended as satire, a "mockery of idiot views" as Murray put it, in a round called Defend The Indefensible.
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The Hairy Bikers should go on a permanent Bakeation

Like many presenters the Hairy Bikers have struggled to find their perfect format – but with their tour of Europe, the pair have found the TV show they were born to make

The Hairy Bikers' Bakeation rolls to a close in Spain tonight and, if you've seen any of the series so far, you'll know exactly what to expect. Si (King) and Dave (Myers) will trundle around the country on their motorbikes, stopping intermittently to bake a cake or meet a noted professional or just hang out with old friends. Along the way they'll massacre the local language, croon some silly songs and nod contentedly for a combined total of about 25 minutes of the hour-long show.

That's roughly been the shape of every episode this series, but the repetition hasn't really mattered. Bakeation has been a travelogue first and foremost, a genre which the Hairy Bikers were born to excel at – they're funny,
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Have you been watching … Bang Goes the Theory?

Its hosts may be young, but Bang Goes the Theory is one of the BBC's best populist science programmes for adults ever

Just as it's still slightly fashionable for adults to admit to watching Newsround because its simplicity gives them them a better grounding in current affairs, I have my own confession to make: I have recently become a Bang Goes the Theory devotee.

This is for much the same reason as the Newsround viewers – it's easy for me to get lost with more advanced science shows. I can usually manage about 10 minutes of an average Horizon episode before my brain starts to cry, and only about two minutes of a Brian Cox show before I lose track and start wondering if they really had to fly him all the way to Nairobi just so that he could draw a triangle in the sand with a stick. But I don't have that problem with Bang.
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