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They are very detailed
LilLea1621 September 2002
I think "For The People" is the best show on Lifetime since "Any Day Now" first aired. Lea Thompson (Camille Paris) and Debbi Morgan (Lora Gibson) give a great performance as a District Attorney and her Chief Deputy. As Camille struggles with her sister's disappearance and her nephew's attitude, she also works a full time job of protecting the law, which doesn't give her much time for romance. Her ex-husband, Michael Olivas (A Martinez) proves to be her best relationship, even after divorce. On the other hand, Lora is dealing with keeping a family together and running the 3,500 attorneys under her. She makes the decisions, such as the appointment of Anita Lopez (Cecilia Suarez), but also has to deal with those who don't see eye-to-eye with her. Camille and Lora's views crash, but they strives for a common goal: justice. Sounds like a great show, huh? That is because it is!
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Interesting points
Actress4Fun28 December 2002
I feel that "For The People" goes into depth with the issues...well, as far as a television show can go. "Law & Order" is fine, but this show gets more into the emotions that go into defending the law. Camille doesn't agree with the death penalty, but she has to do what's right for the people (hints the name of the show).

Personally, I feel it's great for high schoolers planning to become lawyers. I plan on becoming a lawyer if I don't make a career out of acting and singing. I think that this show is a good way for me to learn about how certain cases can be handled. People could say that the way this "office" operates is not how a real law office would work, but that's not necessarily true. One of my best friends' dad is a lawyer, and the office is exactly the same way.

I guess all I'm trying to say is that everyone has an opinion, and that's a good thing, but watch the show for yourself, then make your opinion on it.
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"For the Creatively Impaired"
johngaines318 November 2002
This show is Horrible! I'm really losing interest in the Lifetime Channel and their choices in programming. They seem to choose actresses that are "somewhat known but nobody really cares". This may sound harsh, but I've lost enough television watching time on Lea Thompson, Janine Turner, Nancy McKeon and the likes. I'd rather watch someone I've never heard of, but that can actually act! A few years ago I thought this channel had promise, now it's turning into "Television For No One".
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Awful speech-making, predictable drama
trpdean27 October 2002
Warning: Spoilers
Boy, Law and Order this isn't.

I'm sorry to disagree with the other commentator - and even more sorry to say I thought a show with Lea Thompson is -- awful. I've always liked Lea Thompson.

However, this program is terrible. Long sanctimonious speech follows long sanctimonious speech, the plot is obvious, the humor is painfully stupid, the acting is cartoon-ish. The acting consists of supposedly meaningful solemn looks cast by the actors throughout the "serious" plot - and inane grins during the "humorous" subplot.

The issues touched on are merely - touched on. The issues also seem carefully taped together from the long-shredded headlines of earlier decades. The courtroom scenes are ludicrous - long speeches are made by witnesses, completely unrelated to any pending question. Juries are seen but there is really no suspense at all.

This show is a mess. Following the program, two of the actors urge women to become lawyers. Why? Most I know are seeking to leave the profession - do they urge viewers to join the CIA at the end of The Agency? This program is unfortunately at a junior high school level - there's a lack of substance in the writing from first to last moment.

Don't see it.
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