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The best season ever!

Author: saad_sa11 from Prague, Czech Republic
13 June 2003

This is the most influential season ever! The action is very daring and pulse-pounding! The animation is truly supreme and the whole layout of the plot is thickening and deep. They are trying to continue the experience of a human turning into a digimon from season 3 when the could bio-merge. What I like is the link of a human's feelings into a digmon's. The characters are perfect and the comedy is hilarious. Let me just say this, action in this season definitely has risen to a new level. Duskmon is an awesome digimon who is corrupted and has a dark past so closely connected to Koji. Very heart-warming and very touching. Especially the episodes from "Home Alone, Takuya Returns" and onward. My best cartoon ever! Digimon rocks!!!!!!!!!!!

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A wonderful series (contains spoilers)

Author: quatre_001
1 June 2004

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I liked Digimon Frontier as much as, if not more than, the original. I liked the fact that the children turn into digimon, as that means that they aren't standing off to the side while others do the fighting for them, although I do miss the partners from the previous seasons (Wormmon will always hold a special place in my heart). That fact was what set it apart from the others and made it seem as if it wasn't just a cheap copy.

I also liked the Legendary Warriors themselves. My personal favorites are the twins, Kouji Minamoto and Kouichi Kimura. All of them, though, were very well developed as characters. I know what each person will do in a given situation, with the exception of Kouichi, as he did not have much time to develop after his change of heart. They all had motivation to fight even after Ophanimon told them they could leave. They all aren't perfect. Tomoki (Tommy) is still a whiner, Junpei (JP) is still a bit of a coward, Takuya remains a hothead, Izumi (Zoe)can be a bit outspoken at times (although sometimes it's a GOOD thing), Kouji needs to think about others, and Kouichi needs to stop blaming himself for things.

The fact that Kouji had a twin shocked me when I first heard about it, and the fact that the twin was Duskmon really threw me for a loop. That was a great bit of writing. I loved that, because it threw a bit more drama in. Not only did we have Cherubimon destroying the world, but we had Kouji's brother trying to destroy HIM. It was quite an unforeseen plot twist, which added a bit of spice to the patented Digimon-plot. (For those who don't know, here is the patented Digimon-plot in a nutshell: Evil digimon trying to take over the digital world gets his butt handed to him. Bigger evil digimon show up, but they also get defeated, but not before affecting the return of the biggest bad guy in the two (or 6, depending on how you think about it) worlds. Biggest bad guy gets beaten, all the worlds are happy.)

All in all, I think that Digimon Frontier is quite worthy of being the fourth season, and this, coming from me, is no small praise. I thoroughly enjoyed this season and wish that it would have some sort of continuation.

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Season Four of the series..

Author: Alexander_Chance_Browning_II ( from Lake Mills, Iowa
3 May 2002

This series has recently began to air in Japan. I, myself, have watched most of it. The main people are (Last Name, First Name) Kanbara Takuya, Minamoto Kouji, Orimoto Izumi, Shibayama Junpei, and Himi Tomoki. This time, they themselves turn into Digimon.

This is a pretty good series, and I really like it. I hope it doesn't get ignored beings there has been so many different seasons of Digimon, people think it's old, I hope people like it, because I, myself, enjoyed it very much.

If you're in the Americas, watch for it this fall. I really suggest you watch it when it comes to the U.S., because any TRUE Digimon fan would...

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Digimon Frontier

Author: morganstephens512 from United States
18 February 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***


Review: When I first checked this season out I didn't care about it mostly. That was because at the time I heard that season four was the prequel to one and two and I wanted to see if that theory held up. Little did I know that this season had so much more to offer.

In the first half I found the concepts to be great. Let me tell you something first. Most people dislike this season for its ideas that sort of take from seasons one and two and more original stuff. Two things to change some perspective. First, when you are making a prequel, sequel or something new to a series you need to have old stuff and new stuff. Second it was a prequel so it is kind of smart to have some people represent the older group

Takuya: Tai, Koji: Matt, Tommy: T.K., but his evolutions like Joe, J.P.: Joe, but his evolutions like Izzy, Zoe: Sora and Mimi, Koji's twin brother in second half: Ken

I don't have much to complain about. I like the story and follow it fine. The characters are all very interesting and develop nicely even the villains. The only problem is they overused Koji and too much development if anything

Tommy as a 10 year old kid didn't bother me at all. The reason this is because if you compare Young Gennai to Tommy in appearance, they look a like. This this was prequel, so there is a possibility that this is Gennai's origin story. Its like Anakin in episode 1, but the role of how they are when they are when younger and older is reversed. A powerful idea on the creators ideas. The idea of a brother that is impacting what he is doing but has no screen time is interesting, and how Tommy learns the meaning of his last words.

When Neemon showed up I feared the worst because some called them the worst comic relief since Jar Jar. After a couple of episodes though Neemon didn't bother me at all. In fact I found them to be funny.

Some say comic relief shouldn't be in Digimon. Let me correct you on that. Remember Gomamon in season one?

Some people complain about why so many digimon in season 1 and 2 are in it and why the technology is so much older. Some digimon in season 2 such as Armadillomon are abundant in season 4 but near dead in season 4 and considered ancient. To change that thought set, think of how much time much have passed between the seasons. It is very realistic that many types get killed off over time.

Some other people talk about why the digital world looks near destroyed in season 4 but like a good as new place in 1. Remember near the end of season 1 when Gennai told the group that the final test they have face nearly destroyed the digital world but five saved it? That was Lucemon's goal in the end and there were five kids in season 4. Meaning that the digital world could have collapsed in between the two and if Tommy is young Gennai, it would make sense why he would know this.

About half way through the season we meet Duskmon the seasons secondary villain, who is Koji's twin brother who was forced evil by the main villain Cherubimon. Anybody who was paying attention to what Bokomon said to the group, Cherubimon has been fighting a war to control the digital world. So it would make sense that they have a few servants. He didn't choose it it was forced and he found a way out and you find out his spirit was there not his real life self. His real life self dies at the end of the season which just breaks Koji. The only season to have a human die in it.

May I also mention that the season unlike everything prior or since has one story arc. Not multiple. The only thing it has multiple of is the villains which all serve purpose and have development.

The second half of the season only gets better. The story picks up even better. All the characters good and bad have purpose that is needed. The characters only develop even more so than the first half. But then comes the last few episodes with a climax and resolution that is considered to be the high light of the season by everybody. And one of the best climaxes/resolutions in all of digimon history. The only dispute is with season 3. Which I won't give away

This season has the second best evolution concept in the entire saga (behind Bio-Merge in season 3) called Spirit Evolution. There are three factors why this idea is so great. First is the music. The only form of digivolution to have its own soundtrack and it's old style. It shows by how well it works. Second is the humans reactions. With no words you know how they feel turning into the digimon. Third is the human contributions. For once and only this once we don't have the humans have digimon do all the work. It is them and the group all works together. Just watch this on Youtube to see what I mean.

Overall season four is a great entry in the digimon series as a whole. It has beautiful animation, the best (at least second) writing of the series, well done and cared for characters, a well made story line that works together, and it doesn't deserve the complaints it gets. The closest season to this and it is close is season 3. I would highly suggest people to check this season out any day.

I would give this season a 15 if I could.

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Far from terrible, but fails to duplicate the appeal of its predecessors

Author: jephtha
19 January 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

"Every franchise has a black sheep". Retaining the director of Digimon Tamers and dispensing with the idea of digimon partners, opting instead to have the kids themselves do the fighting, I imagine there was a mix of skepticism and intrigue surrounding this one. What is certain is that the reaction was lukewarm, though that consensus has steadily become more positive. Though not without merit, the fourth installment in this franchise is too derivative of the first and second seasons and fails to replicate the sense of fun and drama that made its predecessors so enjoyable.

It really is remarkable that after two seasons that had so much invested in their narratives, the franchise would revert to the video game-like approach that once hampered it. Again, we are all familiar with the story so I am not going to waste time summarizing it. The first problem is that many of the elements of the first series are recycled, right down to the predominant journey-type structure and the group being separated multiple times, the primary difference being that the entire series takes place in the digital world, which, frankly, is a primitive and unwise change; it denies the sense of scope and completeness the others had due to the changing of the setting from time to time. The final villain is, once again, an ancient enemy that was sealed away long ago and there is yet another case of an opponent becoming a surprise ally. In other words, the overall problem is the comparative lack of originality. I commended the first three entries for different reasons: the first set the groundwork, the second set itself apart, and the third adopted more of a sci-fi approach. Here, it is just a bunch of kids trying to beat a bunch of monsters in a parallel dimension…again; it simply fails to introduce anything new and substantial to the table. With its stronger atmosphere and intriguing revelations, the middle segment that concerns Duskmon and Chrubimon is the principle saving grace, and would have been an acceptable conclusion. Alas, the show persisted with a final arc that amounted to an excuse for more action.

While my opinion of the characters in Frontier has not drastically changed, I have come to understand a few appreciable things that inspire a mix of intrigue and regret. Much of the focus is on Takuya and Koji, who only come across as uninspired imitations of their season 1 counterparts. Interestingly, it is from the three lesser kids that Frontier displays the most originality. As mentioned, all of their significant moments and learning are condensed within the middle act with J.P. serving as the standout, revealed to have insecurity about superficially winning others over with cheap parlor tricks to make himself feel liked. It's a well portrayed internal struggle and easily one of the series' high points. There was also much untapped potential with Zoe feeling like an outsider and Tommy's encounters with bullying. Unfortunately, these more interesting character points are never fully capitalized on (Tommy's in particular receives a belated and perfunctory conclusion), mostly yielding to the overly familiar antics of Takuya and Koji. This is especially true during the final arc, where most of the group serves little purpose beyond walking video-game power ups, only exacerbating the blow that that final segment deals to this series.

The villains do not fare much better. In Frontier, there are 8 of them, although only two make any good impression: Cherubimon and Mercurimon. I find them interesting because they are conniving and devious, whereas the rest are brainless or incompetent, or both. The earliest ones do not accomplish anything and rarely press the heroes into a situation where they have to use some ingenuity to pull through. The main exception that comes to mind is the fight against Sakakkumon. The later ones function as nothing more than the obligatory cogs in a machine; they are simply an excuse to have a skirmish, treat your wounds at the end of the day and move on. They have a purpose, but not a very interesting one. Cherubimon and Mercurimon have distinct personalities and goals that are seen by the audience, and in contrast the rest of the lot comes across as non-menacing drones, especially the royal knights. I found it a great lost opportunity, to allow for a virtual absence of true relationships amongst the villains because Frontier had the advantage of having them work together early on, yet not much came from it. The only two with any notable relationship are Mercurimon and Ranamon.

As for the animation, it is actually one of Frontier's stronger points. The backdrops are noticeably more saturated in color than in the first two seasons, though sometimes this makes them look more flat than detailed, not unlike the original Pokemon series. This is thankfully avoided during the shadowy middle act. The character models themselves are kind of mixed. Those for the humans do not constitute an improvement, but the Digimon forms are surprisingly detailed, probably because the concept required it. However, it's evident that much of the effort was devoted to the main characters, as the animation and artwork for minor monsters looks comparatively awkward. The action sequences are what benefit most, possessing some of the same kineticism from the second and third seasons. I won't comment too much on the writing, but will say that nothing too thematically innovative is introduced with the possible exception of the political strife that preceded Cherubimon's corruption, although this is an idea without significant follow-through.

Yet, even with all its shortcomings, this is still Digimon, and retains that laid back feel that would disappear with the arrival of the fifth season. Nevertheless, this season just does not compare to its predecessors and is far from being the apex of the franchise. It is definitely NOT terrible, nor should it be automatically regarded as such because of that comparison, but it is still the least of the Digimon seasons.

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Not living up to the spirit

Author: greendragon642000 from Trinidad and Tobago
13 July 2008

I watched this series from day 1 and never missed an episode and I find myself rather disappointed with the approach they took with this series. The preceded series introduced cards which sort of made it weird but now the kids transforming is just I dare say it blasphemy in the Digimon universe. Basically what Im trying to say it doesn't make sense and it broke all the rules the first 2 seasons set and done it very poorly. In the transformations there are no levels like Rookie, Champion, Ultimate or the very favourite Mega but what makes it worse is now when they beat people up they scan people like grocery tags. they even scan the terrain. last I checked the Digital world doesn't get destroyed by a bar code scanner. All in all like I said I was sorely disappointed by this series

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Best season thus far

Author: Onya
8 March 2003

I gotta say, I don't really understand all of the criticism of this season. Personally, I feel it is far superior to the first three. I love the amount of symbolism and mythological references in it. Plus, it's actually refreshing to move away from the "Digimon Partner" pattern, and have the Chosen Children evolve. This really puts the emphasis on the children's characters, as it truly becomes their quest.

The characters this season are just so much fun. My favourite is Kouji; I definitely think he has the most depth. But the others are great too - Takuya and his energetic ways, Izumi and her "Sexy Dynamite", and Junpei and his cuteness. I'm not a huge fan of Tomoki, but he doesn't subtract from the enjoyment.

The Digimon design (i.e. Spirit Digimon) are also very cool. I especially enjoy Shutumon and Wolfmon.

If you've only seen the dub, definitely try and get your hand on the original Japanese version. While adequate, the dub just doesn't do this season justice.

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It was great!

Author: butterflydream175 from Australia
25 May 2006

I actually found it really great, even though it was different, there were lots of great things about it...

EG: like they were the ones having to make the important decisions, which meant they had to work together more, I actually thought it's one of the best seasons!!!

Also, it is really exciting as well, some parts I couldn't stop watching, i really do hope they make it like that again cos it was awesome.

I'm not sure if that goes with other people, but it was just a really really great season!

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Reply to above comment...

Author: Sam Fleming (shurikensilver) from Manchester, England
22 August 2003

This series is unique in many ways. You say a "TRUE" Digimon fan would watch this show in America, no? A TRUE Digimon fan would spit on those shoddy American dubs. That is not an opinion, but a fact.

Although the show lost many ratings in Japan, many people are still disappointed to see Digimon be (hopefully temporarily) put to rest. The series is well worth watching in it's original, proper form as this database-profile is dedicated to - as it was supposed to be viewed.

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