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quirky Australian
kraymond-524 October 2007
In terms of genre, this is a cross between a road movie (a drive across Australia by 4 men) and a comedy.

But to appreciate this film, you probably need to know a lot about Australia and its culture and a reasonable amount about the rock group AC/DC, especially their early years. So probably the ideal viewer is a middle-aged Australian! I suspect other viewers simply may not understand the jokes nor recognise the many Australian actors and non-actors in cameo roles, that make the film such a delight.

The pilgrimage to the grave of Bon Scott's grave is a real-life phenomena, with thousands of people visiting the grave every year, and apparently this film has contributed to even larger numbers of ACDC fans making the trip, so life does imitate art!
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You know what to expect... To be Thunderstruck
fleur-kelly3 August 2004
Lets face it, this movie was never meant to be "The Godfather: Part 2" or "Lost in Translation". It is totally about how far devoted fans of bands will go for their Idols and their mates. And you know what you are letting yourself in for before you even step up to the Ticket booth and say "2 for the next screening of Thunderstuck please"

Revolving around 4 mates who are keeping a promise to a old friend (Ronnie) who unfortunately was literally struck by thunder when a rogue lighting strike hit him on a golf course. Sonny decides to pull the gang back together and take off with the ashes of Ronnie to the cemetery where Bon Scott grave is so they fulfill their promise to him. Of course They are on the east coast and the cemetery they have to get to is on the west coast, and in the middle is one of the roughest deserts in the world. And of course they have no money for a plane flight over, so what to do?

So Let the Mayhem begin with Sonny "Borrowing" his Dad's most beloved Van for the Trip without telling him first of course. Sonny and Sam Drugging Ben to drag him away from his straight laced supermarket Job. Trying to keep the Cocaine trafficking Lloyd in line who is on the run from the Asian Triad, and being hit on by Petrol station owners. Oh it is never a easy road to keep a promise to your friends cremate ashes which you happened to steal from his Succubus ex-wife. But a Promise is a Promise.
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Awesome Aussie adventure
CapDac12 November 2005
This film was a really interesting spin. Flicking through the channels, I found it, and the very next day I went out and bought the DVD. If you haven't seen it, it's well worth it. See it now

It isn't often that my home country comes out with a movie like this, but it does happen (The Castle, anyone?). It's about five AC/DC fans and their fanaticism, and a promise they make to each other, which they insist on keeping to each other years later

First off, the acting. The spotlight performance was easily Stephen Curry as Ben; he handled being the loser-percussionist-smartass to the furthest extent, and delivers some of the funniest (albeit cynical) lines of the movie. Ryan Johnson's Lloyd is a bit weird, but his actions speak louder than his words (seeing as half of them are swears) and he handles that all right. Damon Gameau as Sonnie seemed a bit flat at times, but in some scenes he overshone even Curry. Admittedly, Sam Worthington's Ronnie and Callan Mulvey's Sam received a bit less development than their friends, but both had their moments. The confrontation of the wheelchair group was entertaining to the last. There were a few interesting cameos along the way; Geoff Gallop, the Western Australia Premier as himself was a bit of a surprise. No one would be at all surprised to know that AC/DC also played themselves in this fan-fest, but a real shocker was the appearance of John Doyle (aka Roy, from Roy and HG) in his brief but hilarious appearance.

The script and directing were very satisfying. This sort of story has admittedly been done before, but the script was full of enough plot twists to keep one interested (who expected Jason Gann and Shaun Angus Hall to appear as a pair of obsessive, utterly misguided ACDC fans?) and Darren Ashton proved himself a very competent director. I look forward to seeing his future work

Most of the flashback scenes can bring tears of your laughter to your eyes; particularly those of Sonnie and Sam's past occupations. They really help the story flowing as they gave the characters more background, but didn't detract from the story by dwelling too much on them.The opening scene of the ACDC Tour Concert in '91 was also interesting, and set the scene really well. It took me a couple of times to watch it before I realised the significance of the hat, but that sort of thing makes you want to watch it again, to see if you missed much else.

In short, a great watch, and well worth picking up. If you are an ACDC fan, this film is a must. If you aren't, it's a should.

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One of the best Aussie films in years!
martin_brunnett15 June 2004
I've seen this wonderful and charming feelgood film at this year's Cannes Film Festival. It was a great pleasure and I went to the screening twice as it was just great fun!

Everybody who came out of the screening was in a good mood and had a smile in his face. That's the magic cinema can be!

This film gets you without a well-known cast. A different kind of road movie with strange and funny characters. You don't have to be an AC/DC fan to like the film. It has a great cast, huge talented director and amazing locations. A real thunderstruck with a superb soundtrack that takes you on a spectacular rock'n roll journey.
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Fabulously Funny Film!
savaandr22 April 2008
Warning: Spoilers
I caught the last half of this movie on TV one day and laughed until my sides hurt. I went straight to the internet and bought the DVD. The storyline starts out strong and immediately starts rolling along to the climatic ending. I didn't find a dull place in this movie. I don't usually care for 'flashbacks', but these were so funny I didn't mind them. The group of guys they have work so well together. The messes they get into are so outrageous, and how they get out of them is even funnier. The storyline is excellent, the actors are great, the laughs are hysterical and it has the most awesome music - AC/DC - how can you go wrong with that combination!
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penfi200120 May 2004
I was lucky enough to get preview tix to see Thunderstruck.

This is for anyone who has ever HEARD of ACDC and might have had a passing interest in their music. Anyone who has ever SEEN a bogan Anyone who has a smidgeon of exposure to the sterotypical Australian lifestyle. Anyone who recalls what the Foodlands logo looks like.

Its look at another aspect of Australian lifestyle and musical influences of the 1980's. I kinda wished the mullets got their own billing because they were something else!!!

Thunderstruck was about good old fashioned Aussie determination and nasty 80's haircuts.

It was also nice to see some Perth talent. Onya Werzel!

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For Those About to Watch... I Salute You
rooprect29 September 2012
OK, I'll say up front that this movie features only 1 AC/DC song (the title track) in the very beginning. At the end there's a good cover of "It's a Long Way to the Top", and somewhere in the middle is a bizarre country version of "TNT". Hardcore fans might recognize a song by Fraternity, Bon Scott's band before he sang for AC/DC.

But this movie isn't really for hardcore AC/DC fans, it's for everyone. Rather than the music of AC/DC, it focuses on the mischief and mayhem caused by 4 loser friends in their late 20s, twelve years after their rock'n'roll dreams burned out.

It's a road movie, meaning there's not much of a plot other than a bunch of guys being on the road most of the time. Strange, almost random scenes happen along the way, and that's what the fun is about.

My favourite parts were: the creepy gas station guy and his "surprise", the crazed wheelchair rugby team, the Korean mafia (stick around after the credits), the argument over what letter should mark the spot (X?), and of course the two terminally stupid "Beavis & Butthead" fans who take the lyrics of "Jailbreak" too literally.

Some might say that this film has deeper themes about loyalty to friends and youth, and about staying true to dreams despite getting older. But nah, I just see it as a wacky road movie.

"Thunderstruck" is pretty tame, not too much swearing and only one sexual situation. There are some references to drug use and 1 gross-out scene involving drugs and a toilet (and other things that go in toilets). But other than that it's mostly family-friendly.

Three years after making "Thunderstruck", director Darren Ashton would make "Razzle Dazzle: A Journey into Dance" which is my all-time fave Aussie comedy and one of the funniest comedies I've ever seen. For Ashton fans: these 2 movies are very different. While "Razzle Dazzle" has a cheeky Christopher-Guest-type of humour, "Thunderstruck" is more physical and in-your-face like maybe "Wedding Crashers".

Other similar Aussie comedies I recommend are Alex Proyas's "Garage Days" about a struggling band trying to get their first big break, and "The Wannabees" about a team of foul-mouthed crooks who somehow become the nation's most popular children's show. See them all and maybe you'l agree, Aussie comedy rocks.
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Rock and Roll Road Trip
Loops211214 April 2012
I dug this out of my husband's DVD collection to watch when I was in on my own one night (he's the AC/DC fan in the house, not me). I wasn't sure what to expect but was pleasantly surprised.

I've always quite liked road-trip movies, especially ones with a bit of comedy and this one didn't disappoint - there were a few laugh out load scenes in there. Loved the hairstyles in the beginning and didn't realise it was Sam Worthington from Avatar fame until I looked up the cast on IMDb afterwards, so that was cool seeing an early film of his without knowing it.

There were some good characters in this film, some genuinely funny moments and some 'lightly' touching moments.

I don't think you have to be an AC/DC fan to enjoy this film.
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Why didn't they play 'thunderstruck at the end?'
delaboy7 January 2005
To understand just where this film goes wrong is too easy. A bashing together of all sorts of skits loosely trying to hold together a story of four guys traveling across the Australian desert. Although overdone, the concept could have fulfilled its potential if actors were given definite characters and if the pace was slowed down a bit. It seems to lull about awhile trying to find its feet before magically coming to the perfect solution in the end. A film that optimizes Australian film making at the present. Whilst films like this are being made- with no real plot, definite characters or originality - the film industry in Australia will always lack the thunder and lightning it needs. Great fun until you realize it isn't.
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I don't know what this movie trying' to be?!?
Sjouke Hoeksema31 January 2006
I like comedy movies I really do! So my friends and I went to hire a movie and we saw this one. And yes the tagline is: A hilarious movie with the music of AC/DC and more... In dutch you know. So we thought cool let's hire this one. When we were home we sad back relax and played the DVD. I have 1 thing to say: Bummer! Just wasted another 90 minutes of my life. The genre of the movie is COMEDY and I don't get it! Because is this movie trying to be a comedy or a drama? Sure there are some funny parts in it but I think this movie is so boring. What Detroit rock city did for the kiss fans, this movie won't do for the AC/DC fans. And what's up with the soundtrack? Almost no songs of AC/DC in it, maybe a few but the most songs are covers:S

So be warned and see for yourself if you want to hire this movie, cause it gave me a bad day!
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