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  • With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility, those are the words Peter Parker aka Spider-Man will never forget as he battles crime. Based off the movie, Spider-Man does his usual hero work fighting super-villains like Scorpion, the Vulture and the nutty and powerful Scorpion. His biggest challenge is the Green Goblin aka the insane Norman Osborn; who threatens to destroy everything good in Spider-Man's life....or join him.

  • In this game loosely based on the film, Spider-Man is on a mission to fight evil in the forms of the villains Shocker, Vulture, Scorpion, and the Green Goblin.


The synopsis below may give away important plot points.


  • Nerdy high school student Peter Parker (Tobey Maguire) becomes the amazing superhero Spider-Man after being bitten by a radioactive spider during a class field trip. His life instantly becomes different. In order to impress his redhead crush Mary Jane Watson (Catherine O'Connor), Peter enters a wrestling match competition with Bone Saw McGraw (Jay Gordon) to win $3000 dollars. However, when the fight promoter cheats Peter, he allows a robber to escape with the money. But when Peter's uncle, Uncle Ben Parker, is murdered by the robber, he seeks vengeance with his spider powers to hunt the criminal down.

    Once Peter locates the murdrerer's hideout, he invades the lair and eventually duels him in a storage room at the top floor of the warehouse. Upon the shocking realization that the murderer is the same man who robbed the promoter, Peter feels ashamed of himself. After the murderer accidentally slips out the window and plummets to his death, Peter goes by his Uncle Ben's words, "With great power comes great responsibility" and becomes the masked superhero Spider-Man.

    Now Peter lives in Manhattan and works at the Daily Bugle taking pictures of his alternative persona. During a picture roundup, Spider-Man is suddenly attacked by flying Hunter Killer Robots. The robots were secretly sent by workers at Oscorp Industries, Norman Osborn (Willem Dafoe) and Dr. Stromm (nm0527107), who needed a sample of Spider-Man's DNA. While Spider-Man easily defeats the Killer Robots, the mystery remains unsolved for now as a jewelry store alarm goes off. As he swings down to the scene of the crime, a green flying figure bursts through the windows and out into the New York Sky with precious gems.

    This is followed by the appearance of another criminal, The Shocker (Michael Beattie) who has a posse of henchmen with him. The supervillain flees in a getaway van, but after Spider-Man stops the vehicle, the Shocker blasts a hole into the Grand Central Terminal and along with his men, round up hostages. Following the villains, Spider-Man arrives at the scene and aids to a security guard in defeating the henchmen. After helping defeat the thugs, the Shocker and Spider-Man have a brief confrontation which leads further beneath Manhattan and into the sewers.

    Declaring to his thugs that Spider-Man must be stopped, the Shocker delves deep beneath the tunnels in the sewage labyrinth. This is nothing Spider-Man can't handle as he makes his way through the sewers and finally into the subway tunnels where he faces and defeats The Shocker. Before taking Shocker to the authorities, Spider-Man interrogates him to learn that his flying accomplice who made off with the jewels is known as The Vulture (Dwight Schultz) and he resides at an old clocktower.

    Swinging over to the clocktower, Spider-Man cautiously ascends up the staircase. Halfway through, the Vulture becomes aware of his intrusion and sends an array of firearms and bombs down upon Spidey. Luckily, Spider-Man reaches the top in time and the Vulture is forced to flee and fly across Manhattan while Spider-Man chases him. Their dangerous chase during a brewing thunderstorm ends at the Chrysler Building where Vulture finally decides to stop fleeing and duel Spider-Man. Victory goes to Spider-Man who sends a tied up Vulture to a nearby cop along with the missing jewels.

    Meanwhile at Oscorp, Dr. Stromm detects movements of a similar being of greater strength than Spider-Man's. The being is identified as Scorpion (Michael McColl), who is looked upon as a mere experimental test gone deranged from the numerous trials. Deeming Scorpion as a suitable replacement for the similar type of DNA that was not retrieved from Spider-Man, Dr. Stromm sends out the mechanical spider slayers to capture Scorpion. Scorpion flees through the sewers and eventually winds up at the abandoned Grand Central Terminal which had been partially destroyed from the Shocker massacre.

    Peter Parker, who happens to be at the terminal for pictures, runs into Scorpion and instantly changes into his spider suit to aid the arthropod-like foe from the spider slayers. After a raging melee, Spider-Man believes Scorpion is an alley until he ultimately instigates a fight. The two battle and Spider-Man ends up knocking Scorpion out. However, while examining one of the broken spider slayers, Scorpion gets up undetected to Spider-Man and escapes.

    Meanwhile, Norman Osborn is on the verge of losing his company's name when the board members declare to fire him. In a last ditch effort, he tests his own strength enhancers on himself. Dr. Stromm watches in terror as Norman blacks out and while reviving him, Osborn awakes and kills Dr. Stromm. He then dons the suit and becomes the Green Goblin.

    Later that day at an Oscorp Unity Day Festival, Peter takes pictures while his friend Harry Osborn (Josh Keaton) dates Mary Jane. Snapping a pick of Osborn flirting with Mary Jane, Peter shakes his head in dismay. His thoughts are interrupted by explosions from above and the Green Goblin appears on his glider disrupting the festival. Mary Jane is flung from the balcony atop the main building and lands on a large panda air balloon. Peter suits into his spider suit and as Spider-Man, quickly saves Mary Jane and places her atop a building. As she kisses the hero for gratitude, a nearby spider slayer snaps a pick.

    In the meantime, the green menace flies on his glider and it isn't before long that Spider-Man chases him through the Manhattan skies. After a lengthy chase of repetitive battling, the Green Goblin stops by three highrises and confronts Spider-Man. As the battle rages on, Goblin tries to persuade Spider-Man to join him. Obviously refusing the request, the Goblin takes enough blows and coaxes Spider-Man to either chase him or locate the bombs he planted across the city and defuse them.

    Now in a race against time, Spider-Man zips across the skyscrapers and using his spider senses, locates and defuses all of the green menace's bombs. Returning to his investigation of finding the Green Goblin, Spider-Man eventually runs into the menace once again. This time, the Goblin has an arsenal of razor bats (50 to be exact) and targets all of them at Spidey. For Spider-Man, it is a no breezer, but just another obstacle for the Green Goblin to escape.

    However, Spider-Man grabs one of the razor bats and brings it to his apartment for insepction. After realizing it is under the name of Oscorp Industries, he swings over to the main building and breaks in. He uses stealth to sneak across the dark hallways but in order for him to go deeper into the laboratory, he must collect a set of codes from computers. Using his web techinques, Spider-Man manages to get all the required codes and then sneaks into the lab.

    Upon entry, he hears a brewing argument between two Oscorp scientists. One scientist is reluctant about the Oscorp Chemical Weapons division experiments while the other is persistent to let the experiments go on. When the reluctant scientist is left, Spider-Man jumps in and agrees to shut down the chemical injection experiments- thus also preventing Goblin from getting anymore of his high powered weapons. Spider-Man is capable of sneaking into the labs and shutting down the chemical machine. Unfortunately, Oscorp has hidden a greater weapon. It is a giant Super Mech Killer Robot hidden within a large containment chamber. Doing whatever a spider can, Spider-Man manages to shut the mech off only to have the alarms burst and the killer robot guards come out.

    Desperately swinging and fleeing from Oscorp in any way possible, the entire building is flooded with robots intent on killing Spider-Man. Making it out in the knick of time, Spider-Man believes he has stopped the Goblin for good. Things differ however as an angry Norman Osborn in his office receives the pictures of Mary Jane kissing Spider-Man. Using MJ as a weakness to Spidey, Green Goblin locates her apartment and kidnaps her.

    Realizing she is in danger, Spider-Man rushes to the scene, only seconds late to see the Goblin flying away with her. Chasing his formidable foe throughout the night skyline, Goblin's chase ends at the Brooklyn Bridge where he drops Mary Jane off at the western tower and tosses bombs into it where it becomes ablaze. Rescuing MJ, Spider-Man drops her off by the authorities and returns to the bridge to fight the Green Goblin.

    The two have an epic duel and by the end, Goblin removes his mask to reveal the face of Norman Osborn. Utterly taken by surprise, Spider-Man wonders why Norman, his friend's wealthy father, of all people would do such a thing. Before any straight answer is given, the goblin glider shoots towards Spider-Man in a last ditch effort to kill him. Spidey however uses his keen spider relfexes and backflips, just missing the glider, which continues on its streak through the air and impaling Norman in the gut.

    Norman's dying words are "Tell Harry...I'm sorry." As Spider-Man woefully turns away, Mary Jane comes up and states that she has a feeling of his identity. Without reluctance, she kisses him and the game ends.

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