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You would be amazed at what you could do with a condom. 'Grab a teet. Grab a teet!'
richard.fuller12 August 2002
Three London lads are off to sow those wild oats, but find themselves overwhelmed by the weaker sex. Told in flashback full of nostalgia, Dave, Ronno and Charlie are outmatched and outwitted left and right, by their own actions as well as not-easily intimidated females.

This program was hilarious from the get-go, with a 4 pound a week rented caravan, a forgotten tin opener, a fold out bed that wouldn't work, a dropped cigarette, morning whizzes ("tie a knot in it, then"), even the flatulent humour made me grin.

While Dave and Ronno seek to impress two girls camping nearby, Charlie has fallen for the farmer's neice. Dave shows he is truly a man of steel in the Wile E. Coyote fashion as he meets every defeat and humiliation with the English stiff upper lip. Greg Faulkner perfectly catches each act of ridicule in a Mr. Bean fashion, and still insists the girls desire him. He and Ronno even manage to get even at least once. The resemblance between Faulkner and David Jason, who wrote the story and plays the older version of Dave, is perfectly matched as well. Jim Sturgess as Charlie looks more like Josh Hartnett, but manages to do humor without looking foolish, something Hartnett can't swing without tarnishing his only appeal; his pretty boy image.

Max Wrottesley, as Ronno, serves only as Dave's sidekick, but Ronno ends up paired with the scene stealing Mazz Murray, one of three fun girls on the razzle in Blackpool. Murray seems to be a cross between Su Pollard of 'Hi De Hi' and 'Dr. Beeching' and the sister Rose on 'Keeping Up Appearances'. After this encounter do we learn of the fantastic way condoms can be used. 'Grab a teet, Charlie.'

The usage of songs in this program was also well done, with the guys singing 'Run, Rabbit, Run' when they are trying to purchase condoms (they call them 'johnnies', this scene was also hilarious), 'Magic Moment' when they are riding on the bikes (sounds like Perry Como singing) and especially 'Kiss Me, Honey, Honey, Kiss Me' with Murray and her two friends. I have never heard any of these songs before, but they unbelievably set the mood for each scene.

My aunt and uncle had this program on tape when I went on vacation to Paris, and upon my return I watched it over and over before I returned to America. Happy Days was never like this one. Fonzie wouldn't have a clue what to make of these guys. It was an incredible winner.
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