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Chicago Sun-Times
tT never grow up is unspeakably sad, and this is the first Peter Pan where Peter's final flight seems not like a victory but an escape.
Entertainment Weekly
A bright, whirling pinwheel of a movie that tosses around special effects like confetti, but the techno magic is graced with a touch of sensuality.
A dazzling retelling of the J.M. Barrie tale, offers accomplished acting, splendid visuals, and in the role of the boy who won't grow up ... an actual boy.
Philadelphia Inquirer
Though the story dawdles at times, the visuals are splendid.
New York Daily News
Both enchantingly old-fashioned and daringly modern.
Chicago Tribune
It's as if the movie itself has been sprinkled with fairy dust, and good thing, too: The world of Peter Pan is, at heart, so troublesome that it might as well also be enchanting.
Hogan's version brings out the story's somber side, showing how the mischief of unworldly characters like Peter and Tinkerbell can do real damage, and how refusing to grow up is an awful idea if you actually try it.
Peter is as adequate as the Harry Potter movies are, though you never sense in either case that kids are being bitten with the permanent movie-loving bug.
Despite a hint that Peter (Jeremy Sumpter) and Wendy (Rachel Hurd-Wood) might get it on, there's nothing to crow about.
Wall Street Journal
Lavishly produced -- overproduced, actually -- and persistently unexciting.
The Hollywood Reporter
The film suffers from uneven acting, an over-reliance on production values and an uncertainty over how dangerous the children's adventures should be.

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