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Before the final gunfight, Boss and Charley are in the general store. Boss asks to buy some candy, and the shopkeeper offers him several varieties, including "Ju-Ju Bees." This candy was first made in 1920 by the Henry Heide Candy Company.
In two scenes (1st, when Charley & Boss first go along the main street; 2nd, when they leave at the end of the film) a pair of distinctive horses are seen harnessed (1st) to a wagon parked in the street, then (2nd) as the front pair of two pairs on their wagon. These horses (bay/chestnut with light mane, tail and feet) are Haflingers: this type, originating in Austria, did not appear in America until 1958.
The loose horses in the Remuda are wearing modern English leather halters with brass fittings when they are driven into camp.
The building under construction on main street is being built using modern framing techniques and is built from modern, dimensional lumber. Buildings were mostly "post & beam" type back then and "rough cut" lumber was used for building construction well into the 20th century.
Charley tells Boss regarding a picture, "I hear they're worth a thousand words". This adage was not published until 1921, while the tombstone on Mose's grave was dated 1882.

Character error 

Boss and Charley refer to the dog Tig as "she" in early scenes, but Charley calls Tig "he" when burying the dog with Mose.
There are numerous spelling errors on the note Boss and Charlie leave on the door for Baxter, though possibly deliberate to show their lack of a formal education.


In a scene where Boss and Charley are on the range in front of a river with a high bank on the other side in the background, first there are cattle on the bank behind them, then the cattle aren't there, then they are there, etc.
When Charlie drops the plank onto the sidewalk step to cross the flooded street it lands on the far right side of the step. When Boss crosses over and steps onto the step, the plank is on the far left side of the step.
In the restaurant scene where the Marshall confronts Boss and Charlie, Charlie's sidearm is covered then uncovered at different times by his coat as the camera jumps back and forth.
When drinking tea with Sue the tea cups are exchanged for mugs. Seconds later, the tea cups are back and mugs gone.
After Boss and Charley have the confrontation with Sheriff Poole in the café' they return to Doc Barlow's house to check on Button. When Sue opens the front door and lets them in a clock shows the time as 9:35. They spend at least an hour or more at the house but as they are leaving another clock in the background shows the time as 9:27. A loss of eight minutes.
When Boss and Charley ride into the town for the first time, the front view shows another carriage directly behind them. In the next shot from the rear, the carriage disappears.
In the last standoff between the town and Denton Baxter's men, Baxter's revolver is not loaded, and then it is. However, just before the last shoot out, it is not loaded again.
When Boss and Charlie take over the jail house, they close the window shade. Later, once they've fallen asleep, the window shade is open.
After the initial gunfight when Boss and Percy are trying to stop Charley from shooting the injured bad guy, Percy is holding his rifle with one hand. When he steps beside Boss to stop Charley, and the camera angle changes, he is holding it in both hands.
The position of Sue's hand when she touches Button's shoulder changes.
(at around 10 mins) There are many cattle on the hill in the background which disappear in the next shot (at around 14 mins)

Factual errors 

Charlie fires 16-17 rapid fires shots from one single-action, six-shot revolver - without reloading. In fact, during the first volley, he fires four random shots and then actually "fans" the revolver and fires ten additional shots into a bad-guy gunslinger in less than seven seconds, without changing weapons or re-loading. And then fires a few more rounds at still standing gun-men.

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