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Chicago Sun-Times
An imperfect but deeply involving and beautifully made Western.
Wall Street Journal
A fine, heartfelt film, sometimes harrowing in its violence but blessedly free of pretension or bombast, even though it aspires to -- and achieves -- the stature of a classic Western.
Entertainment Weekly
There's nothing corny, however, about the climactic shoot-out, which Costner has staged superbly as an extended logistical mini-war that surges and rifle-cracks with bloody abandon through what feels like every building in town. Call it dances with guns.
New York Daily News
A flawed but highly entertaining B Western blown up to John Ford scale.
New York Post
Open Range could easily have lost 20 minutes in the editing room, but its very casual pacing and beautiful vistas - gorgeously photographed in British Columbia by James Munro - are a soothing alternative in a season of movies seemingly aimed at sufferers of attention deficit disorder.
A patient, suspenseful exercise in genre craftsmanship
The Hollywood Reporter
In spite of its portentousness, the film does engage one.
Compared with other films Costner has directed, Range isn't a folly like "The Postman," nor is it quite as over-elaborated as "Dances With Wolves."
Philadelphia Inquirer
The screenplay of Open Range, credited to one Craig Storper, is an awesome compendium of cowboy-movie cliches. It borders on parody, and often crosses the border, rustling up a drove of oater aphorisms.
Open Range copies the rain and flood of the Clint Eastwood classic but can't match it for dark-night-of-the-soul brilliance.
San Francisco Chronicle
Open Range veers wildly. It's a movie of beauty and sensitivity, and tedium and absurdity.

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