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Good Entertainment

Author: Claudio Carvalho from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
4 July 2005

When a trio of men with telekinetic power leaded by Adrian Geiger (Michael Massee) robs an armored car, the skeptical FBI agents Jordan Ripps (Teri Hatcher) and her partner Frank McIntyre do not believe in the testimony of the witnesses about the powerful skills of the gang. Meanwhile, the former FBI agent Raymond Addison (Louis Gossett Jr.) is chasing Geiger, who was a survival of his special force of powerful men, and blackmails the physics professor Zachary Shefford (Grayson McCouch), using him to find the location where Geiger, his daughter Tristen Geiger (Nicki Aycox) and their community of telekinetic people are placed. The reunion of Geiger and Addison will lead them to a tragic consequence.

"Momentum" is not a bad movie, as indicated in many reviews. Although being a low-budget TV movie, it is Indeed a good entertainment. The story uses elements of "Scanners", "The Fury", "Firestarter" and other sci-fi stories, but I liked it. The beauty of Teri Hatcher is still very impressive, but the weak unknown actor Michael Massee with his expressionless face spoils the important and key character of Adrian Geiger. Having some improvements in the screenplay, better special effects and a better actor in the role of Geiger, "Momentum" might be a great movie. My vote is six.

Title (Brazil): "Momentum – Ameaça Indestrutível" ("Momentum – Indestructible Menace")

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Kinda cheesy and predictable, but not bad for all that.

Author: AcornArmy from Knoxville, TN
17 August 2003

Kinda cheesy and predictable, but not bad for all that. I probably won't watch it again, but it still managed to be mildly entertaining. The movie also appears to be hoping to be used as a pilot episode for a new scifi series, which, as far as I know, isn't going to happen.

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Telekinetics for "The Fugitive" Revival

Author: kapecki from Rochester, NY
1 August 2003

If it weren't for the editing out of curse words and a superimposed blur when one character give another the finger, it would be easy to mistake this low-budget snoozer for a Sci-Fi channel pilot. The plot about the government's attempts to destroy a group of telekinetics it originally trained as military weapons ends ambiguously enough with the hero, himself gifted, in pursuit of a telekinetic survivor bent on revenge. Alas, the movie is talky, boring, predictable and even devoid of interesting special effects. Top-billed Louis Gossett, Jr. has a minor role as the evil government bureaucrat who originated the program and now wants to eliminate all traces. He walks through the part and it is hard to understand why he bothered. Other members of the cast do a decent job with a script that demands little.

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Passable sci-fi actioner

Author: ctomvelu from usa
29 October 2005

MOMENTUM -- not be confused with MEMENTO -- is a throwback to flicks like SCANNERS and BLADE RUNNER, wherein a group of telepathic mutants is on the run from a hostile government. At moments, the film even plays like a bush-league X-MEN, as the leader of a wandering mutant colony threatens to create a slew of sleeper cells, then declare war and eventually take down mankind. This low-budget overseas effort, produced with a small handful of American actors and a boatload of Europeans, is watchable for some great physical stunts and a refreshing lack of CGI, which its budget clearly did not call for. Only the ending is a letdown, suggesting it was made with a sequel or TV series in mind. Teri Hatcher plays an FBI agent caught in the middle of this "war," and a badly aged Lou Gossett is a shadowy government villain. In case we don't "get" that Gossett is too old for the role, several characters are made to comment on this very fact.

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Another Sci-Fi Channel Cookie Cutter Film

Author: jrgreenmd-1 from Foxborough, MA USA
28 July 2003

The films of the Science Fiction Channel ( Sci-Fi Channel ) have become boringly predictable. The seem low on budget, originality, and plot.

In this creation the government is out to get a bunch of telekinetics and recruits a poor soul by devious means to help. There is plenty of over worked recycled twists on evil government organization theme. black coats, shadows, short meaningless lines make these one dimensional cartoons.

Daniel Dae Kim stands out as a good actor in a small role. He brings a bit of the style of his "Angel" character to the role. It is hard to miss the link that his "Crusade" character was a telepath and this is a film on telekinetics. Was this a Sci-Fi casting move to try and draw fans from the other show? Who knows. Thankfully he is a decent actor and a pleasure to watch.

The movie is definitely low budget. It reflects The Sci-Fi Channels current model of Canadian location, few well known characters, few effects, and woefully terrible plot and character development. One would think they believe science fiction fans will view anything labeled "scifi."

If you want a good telekinesis movie, check out "the Fury" ( 1978).

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Nothing Special

Author: gavin6942 from United States
25 March 2014

A man with telekinetic abilities meets a group of people with similar powers.

I stumbled upon this film because I was itching for some Zach Galligan. This, unfortunately, was not the film to fill that need. Galligan is a relatively minor player here, with this being a spotlight film for Teri Hatcher (who apparently could only do B-movies ever since "Lois and Clark" ended and until "Desperate Housewives" started).

Honestly, as far as SyFy Channel films go, this one really is not that bad. Rather than exotic scientific junk made up out of thin air (a common theme since "Eureka" became successful), this relies on a very simple scientific principle: friction. I appreciate that.

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That Bruce Jaffe was great!! See it just for him!!

Author: bjaffe8 from United States
10 March 2006

Director James Seale did a lot with a small budget. Great acting all around. The cast was extraordinary with some really big names like Teri Hatcher, Louis Gossett Jr, and Michael Masse. Even though its a low budget film, good effects and excellent writing make this an enjoyable movie. The movie still plays on Sci-Fi. It was supposed to be made into a series but this has not come into fruition. Catch James Seale's other movies, Scorcher and Asylum on video or HBO. Its good to see a Philly boy in this business who is working and doing well. His newest film ,"Throttle" is an action packed thriller in the vain of "Duel". Keep on the lookout Bruce Jaffe in another James Seale production!!

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Mediocre movie that has its moments

Author: TheLittleSongbird from United Kingdom
22 August 2012

Momentum does have its moments. The film looks decent, with some atmospheric-looking scenery and not-too-choppy editing. Some of the physical stunts are well done. And there are a couple of performances that are not bad. Terri Hatcher still looks beautiful and not only is she charming but she gives her character some steel. Daniel Dae Kim also stands out in a small role, he does have style and charisma. However despite the title, Momentum just doesn't have any momentum. The script is cheesy and too talky, the story is sluggish and predictable with a severe lack of suspense and tension and the characters are underdeveloped clichés. The rest of the acting apart from Hatcher and Kim doesn't leave much of an impression. Louis Gossett Jnr sleepwalks through his role and Michael Massee is a bland and expressionless lead.

All in all, not irredeemable but didn't do much to thrill me. 4/10 Bethany Cox

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