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Entertainment Weekly
By not trying too hard, this remake of a dumb movie has got spring in its step. The bounce is on us.
It gets wackier as it goes, starting with Charlie Sheen cast against type as a guy who's getting no sex and turns down the chance. Bebe Neuwirth has some funny scenes as a lush.
Chicago Tribune
Like the frosty tropical drinks the people keep sipping here, it's refreshing and icy-cool, a sinful pleasure mixed by experts.
Wilson is the main reason to see The Big Bounce, where he's perfect as a reasonably smart guy who often seems to have no idea what he's getting into. The other reasons are a solid supporting cast.
There's some entertainment value, but the production as a whole is unfocused.
The Hollywood Reporter
It's too loose and casual, all too willing to trade the writer's trademark wit and literary mischief for slapstick comedy.
Philadelphia Inquirer
Doesn't take itself seriously, and that's a good thing.
New York Daily News
A sexy crime story. The double-crossing complications don't make much sense, but it's fun to watch Wilson turn the hard-boiled dialogue into a series of ironic one-liners under the hot Oahu sun.
Wall Street Journal
Go in with lowered expectations, and expect to have them dashed.
Except for a rare scene of shaggy charm, nothing works. Nothing.
A dreadful exercise, with a script full of contradictions and empty gestures and a leading lady who's such a novice it hurts to watch her.

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