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I was a huge fan

Author: visiblemike from United States
16 January 2005

This was still the best thing I've seen on TV in years, and ABC was dumb enough to put it against NBC and CBS' Thursday night powerhouses. I doubt anyone associated with the show reads these, but if they do, I loved Push, Nevada... and I haven't seen anything like it since... The casting was superb, the story was intriguing.

The only huge letdown was the way they had to end it when it was canceled.

I hope someone who had anything to do with this takes some pride in these comments

Mike O Brooomfield, CO

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Worth watching!

Author: coreenMK from Orange, CA
18 September 2002

The season premier was catchy. It has a "Twin Peaks" atmosphere, camera moves reminiscent of "The Dead Zone" and I adore the lead, Jim Prufrock. An IRS agent with attitude - that just cracks me up! (Except that every time I hear his name the poem, "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock" pops into my head!)

If the writers can keep up the mystery without their viewers getting confused, this show is sure to be a hit!

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Too sophisticated to be properly appreciated

Author: majbthrd from Atlanta, GA
26 November 2003

No one could ever be deluded into thinking that `Push, Nevada' was going to be a mass-market success. To appreciate the series, a potential viewer has to watch every second of every episode; an easily bored viewer wouldn't have had the patience to do this. I suppose ABC's gimmick of embedded clues leading to a $1 million prize was an attempt to garner additional viewer patience, but obviously it didn't work. In contrast, Fox's functionally similar `24' has been able to consistently engage the average viewer to watch every episode, but only by making the conspiracy utterly simplistic and the thrills quick, cheap, and gratuitous. What made `Push, Nevada' great also made it a commercial failure. Only those who enjoyed sifting through the show's clever and quirky minutiae appreciated how truly great the series was.

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I'm going to miss this one...

Author: dbgossamer from Ankeny, Iowa
11 October 2002

Push, Nevada was a show that required a little thought. Therefore, it was doomed to fail from the start. Some may argue that shows like CSI require thinking and they're doing well. Not true. CSI gives you all the answers. Push, Nevada makes you come up with the answers on your own. Unfortunately the American public is too uneducated and ignorant to be able to follow this type of show.

So the jackasses at ABC are just going to chop up the last few episodes so that someone can figure out much quicker how to win the money and then cancel the show after a grand total of 7 episodes. What a waste. I just hope Ben Affleck will be kind enough to release the entire season, untouched, on DVD so that those of us who enjoy intelligent television can buy it and watch the show as it was meant to be seen.

Thanks for the effort, Ben. Your genius wasn't completely overlooked.

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Cheese-laden, but very entertaining

Author: AEX Sara from Maryland, USA
4 October 2002

While I realize that this show is trying to be more than it is, I can't help but be addicted to it. It's definitely missing the mark if it's trying to be Twin Peaks, X-Files, etc., but it's still entertaining! The similarities between Push and Twin Peaks are just too many to be considered a "coincidence." The straight-laced government agent in from out of town, the sultry girl in town, the "inept" town police, the quirkiness of the people of Push, etc. I don't care about winning the million dollars, I just want to know what's going on in the town. And that alone will keep me hooked to this show.

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What a great show

Author: marclupish3304 from Canada
18 September 2002

It has a lot of Twin Peaks/David Lynch feel to it. And I love that about it. The actors are great, the script seems very well written, and for all the greedy money loving people out there (which would be me, if I wan't Canadian) you have a chance to win the million dollar jackpot.

All in all a great new series.

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Author: Wlfnhrslvrgrl ( from San Antonio, Texas
21 September 2002

I taped both the series premier and second episode on Thursday and watched them this morning. I am hooked. I will definitely be watching this show every Thursday. I've always loved a good mystery and this promises to be a good one. I love the lead actor, Derek Cecil. He's good-looking without being too good-looking. It also doesn't hurt that he went to Taft High School, which is near San Antonio, my hometown. The fact that his character is an IRS agent (one of the few people hated more than lawyers) is funny. I had to laugh when at first he would only tell people he worked for the government. You could tell he knew what kind of response he would get if he told people right off that he worked for the IRS. This series promises to be full of mystery, intrigue, and action. Way to go Ben and Sean!

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Author: matlock-6 from Chicago, IL
20 September 2002

I watched episode two just this evening and I was astounded at how brilliant and original this show is. It borrows some of its feel from things like Tales From The Darkside, The X Files and Twin Peaks, with weird opening theme music (similar to that of the movie "Seven").

Making the "hero"/protagonist an IRS agent was utterly brilliant.

I'll be watching this every Thursday night.

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Any source for this show

Author: buddyalkek from San Antonio
4 January 2012

We loved this show. The reason for this late review is I have started using Hulu instead of cable. Only have the minimum cable now. At any rate, Hulu doesn't carry this great show. Please post if you know where it can be received. I would love to see it again. We were so disappointed when it was canceled. The dumbing up of America continues, all you can watch are inane csi type shows or that reality bs. I am not sure why this site requires 10 lines??? I finished what I had to say but it insists I add a total of 10 so I will babble a bit. I watched the original x-files tonight. That was interesting. Did you know smoking man was in the pilot. I thought that was pretty strange as he continued through the whole series. Later, I think I have written enough.

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Please, someone shoot joe public in the head

Author: David from hiding in closet from horrible tv, California
3 October 2002

Here's the deal: Whore yourself out for one hour to Ben Affleck, then another or 2 online, and you WONT win 1 million dollars. And I'm even talking to you sad freaks who see that clue in the corner of the screen 2d1-7!!! IT MUST BE A

FREAKIN clue!!! I have much better things to do with my time: Write a show

better than this and make more than a million. Thanks Ben and Matt! The show

is stylish, moody, and plotty as reading the help wanted ads in the paper. I'd rather watch saturday morning cartoons. BYE!

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