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Pretty Original
I still have some of the episodes I taped off my now obsolete GE video. Anyway, this was a good and original cartoon, occasionally pairing Conan with a few allies here and there. The story was corny and childish but I was a child when I watched it so it was perfect and I would still appreciate it now.
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michael27 July 2008
This cartoon is a true epic. A rollicking adventure tale set in the fantasy world of Hyboria, it portrays a more kid friendly version of my favorite barbarian, but never fails to entertain. The animation is high quality, and the voice acting is top notch. The episodes are very cleverly written, and and offer up something different with each adventure. There is a huge amount of variety to the characters, and the fact that all of the heroes come from different cultures is pretty cool. Scott Mcneil does an excellent job as the evil wizard Wrath-Amon. This was my favorite cartoon as a child and I strongly recommend it to the young and the young at heart.
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Watch it - If you can find it...
crazedmaster19 August 2006
I remember how great this show was when I first watched it as a kid. I recently purchased a DVD set of the entire series. After a decade, this show is just good as I remember it. Although aimed for children, there are some adult-oriented themes, something that went over my head as a kid. The series is great, with a remarkable amount of continuity from episode to episode (for a cartoon). The series was released on DVD, consisting of 16 volumes!! And it is only available in PAL DVD format. However, if you are interested in purchasing the series, keep your eye on Ebay, as it comes up for sale from time to time. When I have to money, I will likely purchase the high Quality DVDs for my future children to watch...

Truly a great cartoon
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Two words: This was a radical show!!!
Zuhalter22 November 2004
This show made me late for school in the early 90's, as it was on right around the 7:00 hour when I had to go. I'd usually wait until the last possible moment, in front of a bowl of Cap'n Crunch, before running off to catch my bus.

I have vague recollections of the show itself. I remember that Conan used to pair up with one of his "friends" (I seem to remember one of them being a hawk person of some kind) to go battle evil. Each friend had a unique ability and well as a hazy relationship with the protagonist. There was also an arch-villain who meant Conan and his friends ill will. I don't remember who, or what he/she/they were, but I'm sure they were fierce.

That's about all I can remember...but if you ever get a chance to see an episode, just keep in mind how awesome the show is, and you will find peace.
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Two Thumbs WAY UP!!!
connordowling22 August 2009
This was the best cartoon I have ever seen. It is an intricate part of my childhood. I also used to watch it right before school every morning. It is an excellent continuing story of Conan in a quest to save his family from the spell of living stone. His main antagonist is Wrathamon the head serpent man who is trying to bring back the evil snake deity Set. The key to the destruction and success of the serpent men is this metal that fell from the heavens called star metal. It can banish the serpent men to the abyss and return their master Set. It is a good length of 64 episodes. The characters are well developed and well interleaved into the story line. And the coolest plus of the Series Conan learns to be a NINJA!!!
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Squawk! Big dumb barbarian!
conianzxr23 October 2006
This was a fantastic animated child-friendly version of Conan the Cimmerian.

Conan embarks on a quest to save his parents, who had been turned into stone by servants of the evil snake-god Sett. He picks up allies on the way, indeed a hawk man, a wizard, a jungle guy and some foxy chick with throwing stars.

Also with Conan, is his comedy sidekick Needle, a small cowardly Phoenix who is the only funny cartoon sidekick ever. Sod Snarf from thunder-cats, or that lil red floating thing on dungeons and dragons, Needle has a genuine charm and his manic screeching hardly ever crossed the line from comedic to annoying.

Conan battles the evil Roth-Amon on an almost weekly basis, culminating in an epic battle against Sett himself. This show made my childhood complete!
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The show in a nutshell
skyanimal25 August 2005
Warning: Spoilers
The series revolved around Conan and a mysterious "star metal." A meteor shower in episode one resulted in the discovery of this mystical metal that was as good as steel and had an unique color. But other then that, it was nothing spectacular. Conan's father, a blacksmith, forged a magnificent sword and placed it in a sort of tomb, with a heavy stone slab covering it. He told Conan that he would not get the sword till he was old (and strong) enough to remove the stone slab.

Years passed and Conan became strong, and a fighter. Men answering to an evil wizard general appeared, looking for star metal. They killed Conan's father and took whatever star metal they could find. Conan retrieved the sword and set out to seek vengeance.

Now, as he journeyed, Conan encountered others who possessed star metal and through their own tales, ended up joining him in his cause to fight the serpent men. (Close proximity to the metal revealed their true faces.) Most notable was a female circus performer with shuriken and a African prince who could summon and control animals, he had a whip. His other constant companion was a young phoenix bird, that could become an emblem on Conan's shield and sleep. Other friends included a viking with an axe and a wizard with a magical staff. (I can't recall any others but think their might have been one more, but the wizard was a scarce character, likely due to how powerful he was.) The primary drive of the serpent men was to collect all the star metal they could find (Conan's father had made a lot of weapons and items) and use that to make the apexes of pyramids. This was to create a portal to another dimension ruled by the snake god. The star metal, though, not only revealed the true face of the serpent men, but when struck, sent the serpent men back to their dimension. Their wizard-general who led them could survive a strike, but if hit enough, also would disappear.

BIG SPOILER The serpentmen eventually did succeed in making enough pyramid apexes and opened a portal for their snake god to journey through. Conan fought the god (can't recall if on earth or in the other dimension) and narrowly won.
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One of the best cartoons of the early 90's
Selebii6 May 2003
This was by far a great cartoon. It got so deep into the characters and there was never a dull episode. I hope they put this on DVD someday and by Crom let it be soon! It's seldom found on tv anymore and should be the one of the first cartoons put on DVD. From the first episode where the star metal fell to the last episode and it's climactic ending, this was a masterpiece.
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Conan: The Adventurer
Terryfan26 February 2015
The 1990s has a collection of original animation works and Conan The Adventurer is one of them.

I remember seeing this show on Fox Kids just before going to school.

Conan The Mightiest Warrior Ever, along with hi s friends Needle, Jezmine, Snagg, Zula and Greyworf as they do battle with the wizard Wrath-Amon.

It's plot feature Conan has he tries to undo the spell of living stone cast upon his family because of Wrath-Amon.

It's a shame the show wasn't given a longer run but with the run it got it was a interesting series looking back on it.

It feature very good characters, Excellent hand drawn animation, superb music.

Also the theme and intro is one of the best ones I ever seen and gets you pump to watch the show.

The show had some good strong character development with a original plot that you don't see too much anymore. It also helps that the show feature some talented voice acting as their performance helps makes you want to learn more about these characters.

Conan The Adventurer is a very good show and should be watch by anyone with a passion for animation
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Fictional Story but realistic problem solving
jcchee7 October 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I like the plot of this story in the sense that no episode is wasted. most of the guests characters who Conan helped during the previous episodes showed up again in the final episodes who, in turn return the favor and help our at that exact instant that he is about to get beaten. Perfect example of "what goes around, comes around" The main antagonist "Set" is defeated not just by Conan, but by all his friends whom he helped along the way. This makes the climax even more fantastic as the amount of help needed to subdue this villain only emphasizers how overwhelming the enemy is. I'm really happy that I watched this show when I was younger. And I hope I can get a copy of this series for my children!
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Better then the live action series
Beast22 January 2004
I only got to see this show a couple of times, but i could tell from the first one I saw that it was better and more accurate than that awful live action series of the same name.

They actually drew from Howard's world of Hyborea for the supporting character instead of the bunch of "Hercules" rejects they had on the later show.

Just keep in mind it was a kids show (but one that was at least sympathetic to Howard's work) and you'll enjoy it. Assuming it ever turns up again.
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