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This film has been officially banned in Egypt for "sacrilegious content".
In one scene Morgan Freeman and Jim Carrey are seen mopping the floor. After they finish Morgan Freeman says 'alrighty then' in a similar manner to the catchphrase made famous by Carrey in Ace Ventura: Pet Detective
Jim Carrey often insisted on doing upwards of 30 takes of some scenes.
Instead of having the unused 555 prefix, a phone number used by Morgan Freeman's character was an actual phone number in many US area codes, causing owners of that phone number to be bombarded with calls. For the video release this number was changed to 555-0123. The phone number used by Bruce-God later in the film, was used by a radio station in Colorado and a woman in Florida, both of whom were deluged with calls wanting to talk with God. The producers then bought these two numbers and stopped the problems.
The movie is set in Buffalo, New York because Jim Carrey grew up in Toronto just north of Buffalo and watched WKBW-TV Channel 7 Eyewitness News as a kid. In those days, Eyewitness News was anchored by Irv Weinstein who was famous for his staccato delivery and use of alliterative phrases like "Pistol Packing Punks" and "Buffalo Blaze Busters". Irv Weinstein was the first news anchor to use the Phrase "It's 11 o'clock, do you know where your children are?"
The address for God's company is 77256 23rd street. 77256 is the numbers you'd get if you dial 'PSALM' on a phone pad. So, the address is the 23rd Psalm.
The monkey used in the alley scene is the same monkey that played Marcel in Friends.
Jim Carrey actually owns a Saleen S7 similar to the one he drives in the movie.
At one point, Jennifer Aniston was shooting this movie, Friends (1994), and Along Came Polly (2004) at the same time.
Even though the storyline is set in Buffalo, New York, the town square is shot in the Universal Back-lot. The set used is the same iconic set used in the Back to the Future (1985) trilogy where the Hill Valley Clock-tower still sits. In the riot scene, a full shot of the clock tower can clearly be seen.
A crane was blown over by strong winds during shooting. It was reported at the time that Jennifer Aniston, who was standing with her back to the crane, didn't see it toppling towards her but Jim Carrey pushed her out of the way in time to avert a serious accident. Jim Carrey subsequently played down the extent of the peril, and said that the stories were exaggerated. Jennifer Aniston has since denied that she was even there.
At one point in this film Jim Carrey makes a dead on impression of Clint Eastwood as his famous character 'Dirty' Harry Callahan. Jim Carrey played Johnny Squares in The Dead Pool, which was the last installment of the Dirty Harry movies.
When Bruce looks at Grace's prayers some of them can be seen on screen in two shots - all of her prayers and filtered to include only Bruce's. In the first shot, only one of the 21 visible prayers are close to being for Grace's own benefit: "Please Help The Day Care Kids Listen Better". The visible prayers in the first shot are:
  • Please Watch Over My Sister

  • Please Help Day Care Center

  • Please Keep Debbie's Kids Safe

  • Please Give My Day Care Parents Wisdom

  • Please Be With Mom During This Time

  • Please Keep Our Country Safe

  • Please Help Bruce To Be Happy

  • Please Watch Over My Day Care Kids

  • Please Guide Our President's Decisions

  • Please Give Debbie The Energy She Needs

  • Please Help Mom Stay Healthy

  • Please Help Blood Drive Reach Their Goal

  • Please Help Bruce Make Good Decisions

  • Please Help The Day Care Kids Listen Better

  • Please Help Debbie Be Happy

  • Please Help My Relationship With Bruce

  • Please Watch Over Mom

  • Please Help Debbie And Bruce Get Along

  • Please Watch Over Martin From Day Care

  • Please Help Mom Be Happy

  • Please Help Bruce To Have Confidence

Among the many religious and Biblical allusions in the film are the following: - When exiting God's "office", Bruce walks right over the puddle that drenched his leg on the way in. - At the diner, while parting his tomato soup a la the Red Sea, the background music is the theme from The Ten Commandments (1956). - His prayer e-mail service is called "Yahweh.com", a reference to God's Biblical name. - At the party celebrating the anchor position, Bruce turns water into wine and poses next to a statue of a golden calf. - When Bruce is about to get his job back, he tells Jack that he (Bruce) needed some time to reassess his goals and find his true self. Jack astonished asks him, "You did that in a day?" Then Bruce says, "Imagine what I would do in seven!". Obviously, that is the reference to Genesis.
At the party where Bruce is celebrating his new anchor position, he can be seen to momentarily lean on a golden calf. This is a direct reference to the story of moses and the exodus where the disbelieving Israelites incurred the wrath of God by forging a golden calf and worshipping the same as a pagan God whilst moses received the Ten Commandments. This is obviously due to Bruce misusing his new found powers and showing no respect for others.
When Jim Carrey turns on the TV in the beginning of Bruce Almighty (2003) the man who appears on the screen is John Murphy, the real-life sports director for WKBW-TV in Buffalo.
Director Tom Shadyac and actor Jim Carrey's third collaboration. The first two were Ace Ventura: Pet Detective (1994) and Liar Liar (1997).
Grace says that she donates because she has a rare blood type (AB+), which is indeed rare. However, any person who is (AB+) can receive blood transfusions from any blood type but can only donate to someone of the same blood type. Therefore, they are not preferred blood donors but are very valuable plasma donors instead.
Morgan Freeman portrays God in this film. In real life, he is an agnostic
Eva Mendes was originally cast as Susan Ortega but had to be replaced, due to scheduling conflicts.
Jack Nicholson turned down the role of God, which Morgan Freeman then accepted. Nicholson and Freeman later costarred in The Bucket List (2007).
The movie is based on the 1991 book "Almighty Me" by Robert Bausch. The rights to the book were sold to Hollywood Films, a division of Disney Studios. The book and its author are uncredited in the film.
Several scenes were written, and can be read in the script (available online), but didn not make the final film. Some made the deleted scenes on the DVD, but some did not. These include: Bruce answering prayers individually, including giving a nerdy boy strength, helping some prisoners escape, and giving a man a bigger penis. (On the DVD); a longer "Little Less Conversation" montage, featuring Bruce finding Bigfoot (on the DVD), him struggling to take a bath due to automatically walking on the water's surface, and him making zoo pandas mate by making them insatiably horny (not on the DVD); the mansion where Bruce throws the party is revealed to have been the new home Bruce has bought (on the DVD); right before his first live broadcast, Bruce uses his powers to "pleasure" Susan Ortega (not on the DVD); Grace's boobs grow twice more (not on the DVD); Grace's boobs go back to normal after she prays for them to (Not on the DVD).
On May 27, 2010, the section of the Universal back-lot that burned down near where parts of Bruce Almighty (2003) was filmed, finally re-opened with the sets completely dressed as they were.
Jim Carrey makes a Clint Eastwood impression in this film. Earlier in his career Carrey started in Eastwoods fifth Dirty Harry movie The Dead Pool. Carrey also did Eastwood impressions earlier in his stand up career. One such includes The Mask (1994) where he attacks a group of thieves at a nightclub with fake guns.
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Mark O'Keefe and Steve Koren's original screenplay was a spec script which was instantly snapped up by Universal.
In the movie, Bruce compares himself to an ant while God is "a kid with a magnifying glass." Jim Carrey makes an almost exact statement in the movie I Love You Phillip Morris (2010), where he plays a gay con artist based on actual events.
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The name of the weather man (Dallas Coleman) and the name of the sportscaster (Fred Donohue) are both combinations of famous Los Angeles area newscasters, weather men Dallas Raines and Fritz Coleman and sportscasters Fred Roggin and Todd Donoho.
This movie marks the third Tom Shadyac film with a reference to Jimmy Hoffa. The first was by Raynor Scheine in Ace Ventura: Pet Detective (1994) and the second was by Dave Chappelle in The Nutty Professor (1996).
The supercar driven by Bruce Nolan later in the film is a Saleen S7. This car is often confused with the Mclaren F1.
As a tip-of-the-hat to Jim Carrey, Morgan Freeman quotes one of his characters, when they finish mopping the floor by saying, "Allllllrighty then!"
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Jack Nicholson was offered the role of God. He coincidentally played the Devil in The Witches of Eastwick (1987).
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