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Unlike other High School Anime.

Author: emasterslake from United States
11 October 2006

GTO is short for Great Teacher Onisuka. Onisuka is an ex biker who has a long list of police records on himself. He's determine to become a great teacher.

the only reason why is so he can check out all the High School Girls. He's a pervert who like looking up girls skirts when they least expected and likes pornography.

But as he does his job as a teacher, he finds that helping students is a good thing to do as a teacher. He makes the impossible, possible and he doesn't do stuff you'd find in a regular teacher. Onizuku knows he'll become well known as the best teacher of Japan.

It's a cool series. I recommend it to those who want more mature Anime or for Student Teachers who want to find a series they can get advice from.

I also recommend reading the manga series too. Because it's like seeing an extended version of GTO with plot holes not included or changed in the anime.

It's rated 16 and up for Language, Brief Nudity, Drugs, some violence, and mild humor.

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The Greatest Anime!

Author: Deepak Puthraya from India
23 April 2012

Great Teacher Onizuka is by far one of the best anime I have come across. It has every thing that you would look for in a anime- comedy, action, romance and drama. The opening and closing songs of the anime are one of my favorites.

The anime is about a guy called Onizuka who is portrayed as a 'pervert'. He earns his teaching degree, just barely, at a second-rate college. He is hired as a long-shot teacher by a privately operated school, to tame a class that has driven one teacher to a mysterious death, another to nervous breakdown, and one other to joining a cult. He embarks on a mission of self-discovery by breaking through to each student one-by-one, and helping each student to overcome their problems and learn to genuinely enjoy life, using his own brand of philosophy.

When I came across this anime, I decided to watch it for two reasons 1) It wasn't about some ninjas running on water or humans talking to ghosts 2) It was supposed to be perverted :p Every episode, I laughed and laughed till my stomach hurt and my friends wondered if anything was wrong with me! I realized that the anime was not about perverted jokes but about things beyond that. It was about life.

Onizuka takes us on a journey where we learn the importance of life, the important things that we need to have and the way we need to lead our life, in his perverted yet adventurous style! Its a journey that we must admire, a journey that you'll not regret, a journey of laughter is what GTO is all about.

The Greatest teacher- Eikichi Onizuka(22 years old and virgin) is awaiting to give you life lessons, so take the lessons that you'll never forget!


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The GTO Anime is by far better then the manga!

Author: Sabre_Wolf from Faversham, England
20 July 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This was my first taste of Great Teacher Onizuka and I admit when I first heard of it, well I did have reservations until a friend told me of it. So I went to watch the anime and you know what....I didn't regret it at all.

This is the series that genuinely captures the spirit of what the manga was supposed to be about, everything was toned down to actual better effect and also all the over the top humor in the manga was out of place in a serious story.

I really grew to like Onizuka and other characters that were to be introduced because Eikichi is such a great character he can a pervert but he does use help his students, genuinely cares about them and is willing to go out of his way for them. Extreme measures are always a last resort but the guy can get excitable and is capable of admitting his own wrongs.

Also in the anime I felt he was portrayed many times better then the manga. Because in this Onizuka and others were much more human and much was toned down and it didn't exactly follow the manga (which over the top and rubbish to good effect). Also Onizuka in this does not have a invulnerable body he is capable of bleeding and being injured, not to mention he almost dies in one episode.

If you're looking for at least practically invulnerable look at the GTO manga with Onizuka walking away from something that should have killed him or left an invalid.

Because quite frankly the GTO manga is terribly overrated, mind you it did spawn this anime which actually is better because everyone felt closer in this anime and there was a genuine air of friendship. Also unlike the manga it did not have too many characters, too many characters added made the manga confusing as well as trashy.

Also side characters were not underdeveloped in fact it did not neglect good characters like Julia Murai and Tomoko Nomura for instance it gave them more stories and the toning down I thought the toning down of certain things was a good thing.

Also some side characters that appeared in the manga not being in it at all was actually a good thing because either they were poorly introduced, poorly developed, did not have a good storyline and/or served no real purpose. In fact I swear quite a few of them only had the purpose of adding more characters, in fact the anime writers did the right thing and gave existing characters more stories.

As Bruce Lee said it best "Less is More."

Also the anime has none of the galling HYPOCRISY of the manga! In fact the manga Onizuka was a total hypocrite, who did his share of wrongs in the manga and yet never took responsibility for them, some guy with the viewpoint of 'You should take responsibility for your actions', eh?. Fujisawa did an extremely poor job of portraying someone with 'his own conscience' in the manga.

I think of all the GTO stuff I think this is the best telling of the story because they gave existing more characters more story rather then adding pointless arcs and new characters like the manga did.

Also there were no plot holes in this anime at least none I could see but there was plenty in the manga particularly in the final story arc of the manga there were plot holes in prior story arcs but that one had the most.

If you want a GTO TV series stick with the anime and I hope they might decide to remake the GTO Anime that's if they had time for a live one. If they do I hope they do as good job with that one as they did with this anime which actually surpasses its poor and over rated manga which quite sadly did not do its predecessors Shonan Junan Gumi or Bad Company any real justice of any kind.

The Great Teacher Onizuka anime was much more Great Teacher Onizuka then anything else, as it kept the nice healthy mix of comedy and drama. It also had a much more lighter air save in the places where it is a drama.

Onizuka is far more human and funnier, not to mention more convincing as a teacher, then his manga or his 2012 Live Action depiction. The manga Onizuka was just an pathetic, hypocritical, out of control and egotistical maniac with no regard for people's safety or how his actions reflect on other people.

While Dr. Doug Ross from E.R. didn't always think things through on how his actions would reflect on his colleagues, he always got his comeuppance if the situation called for it and always took responsibility. There were times he was frustrated with what was going on. Also Dr. Ross did have genuine good intentions which unfortunately didn't always work out for the best.

The manga Onizuka on the other hand never really took responsibility and was completely irresponsible, no matter what Fujisawa says and tries to spin his actions and behavior (and his own bad story telling and structure) that's a fact.

Fujisawa did a crap job in presenting what he wanted and Onizuka in the manga was no teacher, in fact Onizuka didn't even bother to teach his subject matter in the manga. In fact Onizuka in the manga was barely if at all focused on teaching. Fujisawa contradicted himself constantly throughout the manga.

The second best is the original Live Action Adaptation which starred Takashi Sorimachi and Nanako Matsushima. If you want to find the best GTO go for the anime or the original live action not the awful manga with almost no story structure, poor stories and character development manga or the lame live remake.

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I rarely give 10s for anything, have seen 30+ anime, this one gets 10/10... epic

Author: anonymous reviewer from United Kingdom
24 June 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Before you judge me on this flawless score and think that I have little taste in anime, let me tell you this. I have seen: FMA Brotherhood, Monster, Death Note, Code Geass (both seasons), Clannad, Clannad After Story, Psycho-Pass, Attack on Titan, Hajime no Ippo (all three seasons), Ergo Proxy, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Elfen Lied.... etc you name it. I would give Attack on Titan a 7/10, Death Note around 8/10, Psycho Pass 9/10 and yet I would give this 10/10. Why?

Just look at the character development, the humour, the great journey that unfolds. The opening song is great and catchy. The only let down is the animation quality. The drawings are a bit dated but GTO is a classic and we can forgive this minor flaw given that it is an old anime and one cannot expect the budget of Akira to be spent on every GTO episode.

Just because I gave this 10, doesn't mean its perfect. It just means its amongst the best I have seen. I will give away more 10s if a medium of entertainment deserves it. Perhaps I have a greater inclination towards the slice of life genre and being a little bit biased here.

Regardless, the protagonist of the show is one of the most memorable and fantastic characters to have graced the screen. There is something very likable about him although I can not pinpoint what it is. It is a multitude of things such as his empathy, humour, loyalty, nonchalant attitude etc. MOST of the characters in this anime are unique and have depth which is a rare accomplishment in the anime realm, even highly acclaimed anime fail to do this. Anko, Aizawa, Tomoko, Murai, Kikuchi, Kanzaki etc are all fascinating characters that have great depth and complexity, thereby adding to the awesomeness of the show. Look at how many names I have mentioned and there are more. It is an uncommon feat to have developed this many characters to a good level. Pound for pound in terms of character depth/development, GTO blows shows like Attack on Titan out of the water, this planet and the Solar System. If you have a keen eye and great appreciation for characters, you will know what I mean. On top of that, most of the characters are interlinked and we learn about their difficulties and how they cope and mature.

I am very objective when dissecting an anime or any creative piece of medium/work when finding its flaws. Apart from the GTO's drawings, I could not see any conspicuous flaws that could detract from the quality of the show.

Some of the most interesting characters in anime in general that have caught my eye are L from Death Note, Holo from Spice and Wolf, Son Goku from DB, Takamura from Hajime no Ippo etc. Onizuka easily ascends to the ranks of anime's greatest pantheon. This show is old and still packs a great punch. Such an enjoyable watch. I wish I had such a fun school teacher back in the days.

Do yourself a favour, give this one a go. I cannot guarantee that you will enjoy it as much as myself. However, I can guarantee that the characters are just on point, well developed and a major contributing factor for the success of this vintage anime. I can not eulogise this anime any more. It is a paragon within the slice of life genre. Final Verdict: 10/10.

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For everyone who has ever been a student or a teacher in sometime of their lives.

Author: sinan polat from Turkey
26 May 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

It is like Dead Poets Society meets 青い春.

You need to know/accept three things before you watch the anime though.

1. Onizuka's body is invulnerable. He is basically a T-800 model Terminator.

2. It contains a lot of fan service. High school girl legs, breasts, even panties. And also lots of handsome guys with thick arms and perfect abs etc.

3. A 22 years old bachelor guy can have the humanism and the understanding of human psyche that can only be matched by of Toltstoy's.

I won't say it is the best anime I have ever seen, since I would have to elaborate why it is better than the others but I can say that it is the anime I love the most. It is the most extra-ordinary thing that this kind of material would come from Japan, but it may also be that there was no other way, that it would have only been made by a Japanese, by an extra-ordinary Japanese person, Fujisawa Tohru, 藤沢 とおる先生.

I think it's a contribution to culture/literature in a universal scale.

== spoiler ==

I think Urumi Kanzaki is the young and female version of Hannibal Lecter. As attractive and dangerous as he is.

== spoiler ==

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absolutely astonishing

Author: Shannon oleary
23 March 2017

this is definitely a must watch for any anime fan. this series is full of amazing life lessons and you can learn allot from it. the characters are enjoyable, you see them grow throughout the series into better people. the opening songs are great! this series is a masterpiece, what a shame their wasn't more episodes.if you are also trying to like anime again this series helped me with that problem i was so starstruck after watching this and have re-watched the series 5 times.

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A lovely series with flaws

Author: TheSuperbus8
15 May 2016

This anime series was quite tricky for me to rate. There are many aspects to it that I absolutely loved, and some that were simply not good. Let's begin with the positives:

I think it is fair to say that the series' concept is very original. Onizuka makes an unusual protagonist who is both naïve as well as awesome in his actions. That, together with the relatability (almost all of us were in school once, after all) creates a catchy feeling to the series. Onizuka is a character we didn't know we wanted as a teacher for ourselves.

What I didn't like, though, and what ultimately lead me to my relatively low rating, is the overall structure and progression of the story. There is an underlying, "greater" story, while the episodes for the most part can be watched similarly to a sitcom. This mixture of both concepts works well on other series (see "How I Met Your Mother", for example), however, it does not on GTO. The reason why this is is because it is too long. There are many episodes, while still being enjoyable, feel just like fillers. They don't effect the story at all, even when you expect them to. Continuity is not a focus of GTO. Ultimately, I think it would have been better for the series if it would have been shorter. The effect of it being too long can also be seen on reoccurring or otherwise predictable events. Which is a shame, because the ideas themselves were Great; they just weren't enough of them to fill 43 episodes.

Smaller things to mention: Great intro and outro songs; awful 3D-animation (which are very rare, thankfully); unrealistic physics

Recommendation: If you are willing to forgive it its flaws, you will definitely have a Great time with this series.

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