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Never forgotten

Author: K. Blaix from United States
2 March 2006

My husband and I loved watching The O'Keefe's. We were so sad when it was canceled after so few episodes. Even though the show had such a short run and has been off the air for two and a half years we still occasionally talk about the show, we've never forgotten it. We are both big fans of Tania Raymonde who played Lauren O'Keefe. We first fell in love with her playing Cynthia on Malcolm in the Middle and we continued to adore her in this roll as well. Afrter seeing her on last night's episode of Lost (episode- Maternity Leave) we again found ourselves talking about The O'Keefe's. We hope that one day we'll find this show on DVD.

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Author: ajbo from Newport Beach, Orange County, CA
23 May 2003

I FINALLY have seen this, after hearing about it for a long time, i have finally seen the Pilot! Let me start by saying, this show is hilarious! Matt Weinberg (My personal Favorite) is Hilarious as Mark O'Keefe! The storyline and the characters are just great!

Its about a family, who had three kids and the three kids have been homeschooled there whole life, and sheltered from the outside world pretty much. Well the two older ones decide they wanna go to Public School, but since theyre hella smart, they REALLY dont fit in.

The show just has a ton of laughs, its great, certainly one of my favorites now. Cant wait to watch it again!

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very funny!!

Author: reality_bites77
12 June 2003

I just saw this show for the first time and loved it. I like how the kids don't quite realize that their differences make them weird to others and the dad is afraid the outside world is going to turn them into typical teens who follow the crowd. Funny how the poster who hated the show turned it back on as though there are no other channels and she couldn't put in a movie. I agree Reba and 8 Simple Rules and pretty much all those other family comedies on the WB are incredibly lame...can we say acting lessons? Frankly i think the o'keefes is the only good one, perhaps a good sign. Although if the past is any indication, it won't get picked up yet Reba will stay on long enough to make syndication (4 years at least). What an awful 4 years. I mean, Freaks and Geeks got cancelled after one season, but 7th Heaven has been on for like 5 years or more! What's wrong w/ the world?!

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On the Pilot -- "It's Brilliant!"

Author: ColeSear
11 June 2003

Anyone who doesn't like this has had their mind numbed by the major networks.

First off the premise is a unique one that I haven't seen treated anywhere else. The fact that these children are sheltered sets the tone for the show. Most of all I applaud this show because it's not afraid to be intelligent.

With so many put-downs and inane one-liners on television its refreshing to see television that has snappy dialogue. Every joke absolutely worked. Even the joke about hippies, which are a target I don't understand and the jokes often miss, was great. The test of a good comedy is when you see jokes coming and they're still funny and "The O'Keefe's" passes with flying colors.

A good set is crucial to episodic television and the O'Keefe's home is a great set that represents their parents protective attitude. Judge Reinhold was actually truly great playing on his strength as a condescending actor brilliantly, and Joseph Cross also plays his character to perfection.

It's one of the best pilots I've ever seen. And with lines like "My dad says watching TV is like letting the media urinate in your eyes," I wish I wrote it.

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Author: Yeeh from Alexandria, Virginia
19 November 2006

I'm sorry but I just honestly cannot see why anyone would actually like this. It's stereotypical and REAL homeschoolers are NOTHING like they were on this show!! Personally I'm glad it got canceled after the first few episodes. I mean, this kind of show would certainly be alright if everyone knew that homeschoolers weren't really like this, and the whole story was just for the show, but unfortunately not everyone is aware of this. If anyone out there that watched this actually believed this is what goes on in the life of a homeschooler, then I honestly feel sorry for them. This reminds me of the kind of portrayal they have of homeschooled kids in "Mean Girls". It's sad, really, that people think this way. This is complete garbage, IMHO.

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More mind-numbing stupidity from the network that brought us Reba!

Author: BloodyValNtine913 from Toledo, Ohio
30 May 2003

Sorry for any of those who actually like this drivel, but it is inexcusably awful. See smart parents who homeschool pretentious children, I think I heard without TV, thereby ensuring that they mistake the Addams Family with the Adams family (John Adams-2nd President of the United States, John Quincy Adams-son of John Adams, 6th President of the United States, the first father-son Presidents long before H.W. and W.)- Insert hysterical laughter here. See these pretentious kids want to go to public school for God-knows-why, and at this school, see how pretentious kids are *surprise* much different and smarter than the other kids. Doesn't that sound hilarious?!?!? Believe me, it isn't. The children are extremely annoying (especially the girl) and both they and their parents have these constant spacey smiles that apparently say either they are intellectually superior to everyone else, they, ahem, passed gas, or that the plants that this family grows in the basement are very strong this year (for those who can't read between the lines-they're all high). What is even more annoying is that they seem to think everyone else in their warped world is the same as them, as in knows or should know all the same things. No one is that naive! Truthfully, I did not laugh once during this show- I never even smiled. The first commercial during the break was for Dr. Pepper and contained Cyndi Lauper, the Girl's-Just-Wanna-Have-Fun-Where-Are-They-Now-I-used-to-be-famous-in-the-80 's-but-now-sing-for-soda-pop singer. Granted, the commercials don't have anything to do with the show, but I screamed and shut my TV off anyways. I apprehensively turned it back on because I didn't have anything else to do. This show made me angry, I felt very much like Alex from A Clockwork Orange must have felt after his treatment, like throwing up whenever I see this show. Unlike Alex, I also have the urge to graffiti "This sucks" all over various surfaces and to murder people (which he didn't want to do after the treatment cause he'd throw up if he did). Family comedies are my trigger. As I grow older, I also am growing far too cynical for these shows (Reba, 8 Simple (Stupid) Rules..., Greetings From Tuscon, etc., etc.) and for most comedy in general. Of course, I'm probably not their ideal demographic anyways, and I won't guess at that demographic as I may offend them, but in my opinion they rhyme with *blain-blead* and *blobotomized*. Anyhow, just to recap, this show sucks! They say that America is getting stupider as time progresses. It's nice to know we have a TV show to act as our mascot!

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