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Entertainment Weekly
Don't let unpleasant personal dental associations stand in the way of seeing a luminous specimen of independent filmmaking.
One of the best pictures so far this year, marking a high point of Rudolph's career and reconfirming the extraordinary talent Mr. Campbell has shown in earlier films. Dentistry will never seem the same.
Wall Street Journal
This portrait of a failing marriage is one of the summer's great discoveries, and a marvel of mercurial intimacy.
Scott and Davis could not be better. You're in for something special.
An excellent adaptation of a wonderful work of fiction (The Age of Grief).
May not be the best movie ever made about the perils of family life, but it is among the most ruthlessly comic.
Chicago Sun-Times
Tries hard to be a good film, but if it had relaxed a little, it might have been great.
A melancholy, well-observed film.
Chicago Tribune
A surprisingly insightful, non-judgmental meditation on a troubled marriage-with-kids.
Philadelphia Inquirer
Scott and Davis bring heart-rending sadness and telling detail to their roles, and imbue Secret Lives with something real and true.
New York Daily News
Ultimately, it's a compassionate view of marriage and its stressors. But the filmmaker and actors do their jobs only too well. Watching "Secret Lives" can be as uncomfortable as sitting in the dentist's chair.

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