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Plot Keywords

love friend
christmas travel
minister prime minister
wisconsin secretary
france portuguese
crush writer
office london england
band personal assistant
french stand in
rock star airport
aging rocker director cameo
dysfunctional marriage voyeur
voyeurism sex on floor
sex in bed oral sex
female removes her dress female removes her clothes
upskirt girl in panties
red panties blue panties
blonde public sex
public nudity leg spreading
lust female frontal nudity
female rear nudity nude girl
nude no panties
breasts scantily clad female
cleavage blow job
panties two word title
breakup turd
dominatrix transvestite
male prostitute fellatio
simulated sex eel
underwear marseille provence airport
reference to dunkin' donuts bodyguard
caterer christian
traveler drink
drinking aunt niece relationship
uncle nephew relationship uncle niece relationship
photograph separation
agony makeup
politics papier mache
christmas song language learning
interracial marriage nottingham england
v for victory hand gesture reference to claudia schiffer
filmmaking heathrow airport london
christmas tree doll
watching tv publisher
manuscript self preservation
art studio reference to jesus christ
interviewer tv interview
interview drums
father christmas ex heroin addict
dj radio announcer
reference to the bay city rollers widower
widow coffin
satire reference to joni mitchell
reference to frankie valli and the four seasons national anthem
preacher choir
organ church
orchestra cook
mobile painting
art gallery singer
drug use telephone call
mental illness illness
paranoia rain
store clerk christmas shopping
loneliness radio studio
recording studio recording
whale costume octopus costume
sheep costume waiter
actress actor
horniness betrayal
bare breasts lobster
motorcycle male nudity
female nudity nudity
tears crying
mistletoe kiss
computer reference to leonardo dicaprio
reference to kate winslet reference to brad pitt
reference to jon bon jovi matchmaking
matchmaker condom
reference to ringo starr reference to prince william
boyfriend girlfriend relationship death of wife
reference to david beckham reference to winston churchill
brother in law sister in law relationship unfaithfulness
adultery family relationships
brother brother relationship father son relationship
mother daughter relationship mother son relationship
father daughter relationship department store
wedding video wedding reception
waitress topless female nudity
subtitled scene sex scene
reference to william shakespeare reference to the beatles
reference to harry potter red dress
radio show post september 11 2001
overweight man music video
music manager montage
mistress mental patient
male rear nudity interracial kiss
husband wife relationship housekeeper
funeral epilogue
employer employee relationship dancing
christmas eve christmas caroling
character says i love you cell phone
car accident cameo
bromance bare chested male
american abroad devil costume
pastry box foreign language tape
lobster costume reference to britney spears
trumpet trombone
swimming in a lake saxophone
reunited with family red lingerie
pulpit product placement
party kellogg's frosted flakes
guitar foot chase
flute drum set
costume christmas decorations
chalkboard cello
beaded hair american flag
cult film holiday
christmas gift politician
ensemble cast briton abroad
stepfather stepson relationship rekindled romance
multiple storyline marital problem
extramarital affair ensemble film
secret admirer transportation
general mitchell international airport language barrier
school play film set
christmas pageant airport security
interracial relationship nativity play
blockbuster wedding
school pageant restaurant
psychiatric hospital pendant
office romance voice over narration
metal detector melodrama
loss of wife loss of mother
infidelity friendship
christmas party cheating on one's boyfriend
milwaukee wisconsin lingerie
marriage marseilles france
bar unrequited love
u.s. president typewriter
tv show within a film split screen
press conference musician
melancholy marriage proposal
love at first sight first love
englishman abroad christmas card
brother sister relationship death of mother
title spoken by character

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