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Do not miss this RPG experience
dorotka2419 August 2008
I played this several years ago and for some reason stopped. Three years later and 6 years after its release, I've become an addict again.

Morrowind is a unique RPG experience that I have enjoyed more than any other. The story takes place on a human empire's furthest and most recent conquest - the island of Vvardenfell. The island is populated by Dark Elves, or Dunmer as they refer to themselves, as well as many original and unusual natural and unnatural flora and fauna.

The world seems enormous due to the rich layers of detail and the breadth of quests available. It is actually considerably smaller than either of the previous entries - Arena and Daggerfall. But it is much more interesting due to the detail. I have only played Daggerfall, and it was enjoyable to an extent, but it was just too cookie-cutter for my tastes. Every building and town looked the same, and the dungeons were a mess of weaving, 3D corridors that were extremely tedious to navigate, even with the minimap.

Although Morrowind scales the size of the world down a bit, that is the only thing about the game that is smaller. There are a number of "guilds" or other organizations that can be joined, each with their own ranking system and multitude of quests that take the character to the far corners of the island world. The environs are richly detailed, with varied terrain, numerous towns that are all unique in layout and architecture, fantastic environmental effects like sandstorms and rainfall, and a dramatic night sky filled with stars.

The best part of the game is that it is almost entirely open ended. You can play any type of character you wish, from a virtuous crusader to a dastardly villain. You like to steal things? There are valuables everywhere for the taking (but not without consequence). You prefer to be a noble warrior? There are a number of guilds and quests to suit your sense of right. How about a bloodthirsty barbarian? Got you covered. Maybe a mafia-like hit-man? You bet! Or maybe you are more of a pacifist that would prefer not to fight at all unless it's absolutely necessary? You'll be very busy here. Or just maybe - you'd like to be all of these rolled into one? Well guess what? You can! Now there are competing factions, and law to be upheld, so your decisions may not be without consequences. But with a little caution (and resorting back to saved games), you can be a very successful career criminal in this world. In fact, there are a number of illicit trades that you can become involved with, including slave trading, narcotics, murder for hire, and of course theft. There is even some implicit prostitution in several of the towns. This is not Grand Theft Auto, but the criminal underworld is just below the surface with many opportunities for those who are so inclined.

I stressed the criminal element here merely to demonstrate the game's depth. There is also much political intrigue that the character can become involved with. This makes for some very interesting game play with numerous side stories to be told. Now to solve the game, you must eventually become involved in the "main" quest. But there is so much else to do that you may very well forget about this for a long, long time. In fact, you can come back to it whenever you wish without penalty.

The game relies on a skills-based system for character advancement. You start with a set of skills, ranging from weapons and armors to speechcraft and mercantile. Each one improves with use only. There are no "experience points" for killing monsters. If it takes you two swings to kill a monster, then the skill for the weapon you used increases by two swings. With the skills trainers and opportunities to use these skills, they are increased fairly rapidly, resulting in level increases.

With all the glowing praise I have for the game, there is still room for some criticism. Although increasing one's skills and wealth early in the game is a challenge, as it progresses this becomes easy to the point of tedium. Some of the very valuable items that are supposed to be rare seem to appear with frequency. And the character eventually gets so much outstanding equipment that he/she becomes nigh invincible. Many would not consider this much of a flaw, but when the game fails to challenge it becomes less appealing. There is still an incredibly interesting story and quests to follow, but I feel that some of the game aspects should have been redesigned. It is truly a paradise for the power gamer, however. The combat is rather straight forward and simplistic, but this is not the main focus of the game as it is with so many others - in nearly all other RPG game titles the character must wade through and kill hordes of things just to level up and advance along in the game. You could technically advance to a high level in this game without killing a single thing (although that might become a bit tedious and boring). The only other problem, in a way, is that the game is of the "sandbox" variety, meaning that it never really ends. It is rather anti-climactic.

When all is said and done, however, this tops my list of the best RPG experiences of all time. Immersive, entertaining, with a phenomenal breadth of things to do, places to go, and people to see, this is an experience that any RPG fan would be loathe to miss out on. Do yourself a big favor and go get the Morrowind Game of the Year Edition as soon as you can. I have not played Oblivion yet, so it may even be better. But Morrowind must even then be highly enjoyable.
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Best RPG. Ever.
supertedg5 June 2002
It's hard to name any RPGs that have even come close to Morrowind's immersiveness and expansiveness, save Daggerfall, the previous game in the Elder Scrolls series. Tom Hall's Anachronox comes close, but that game is really a mix of genres and hard to directly compare to Morrowind.

Like Anachronox, it's clear that a lot of love went into Morrowind. You can truly become lost in this game for hours and hours and even forget to eat or sleep. Hopefully Morrowind will achieve the sales it deserves, and we will see further continuations of the series. Looking back on Daggerfall, it's really amazing how far the game industry has come in 5 years.
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There is none better
Chris Estes12 April 2005
The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind is, quite simply, the best RPG ever! The story is so broad and the world is so open. My only gripe is that you can only wander throughout the island of Vvardenfell. I wish that Bethesda would release an expansion of the entire province of Morrowind, or even better, the entire continent of Tamriel. All that aside, this is still the best RPG ever! You start out on a ship. You have been a prisoner of the Imperials, but the Emperor has set you free, though you don't know why. After you give your race, sign, and class, there is absolutely nothing that you have to do. But, there is plenty that you can do. You can do whatever you want. There is a main quest, but there is no pressure to get started on it. You can join one or more of various factions and guilds. You can become a thief or an assassin. There is no end to what you can do. If you have the Bloodmoon and Tribunal expansion packs, there is even more for you to do. It is possible to play this game for weeks at a time and never run out of things to do. It's great fun. Everyone should own this on either the PC or the X-Box.

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The newest and best thing in RPG's
Hurculean24 September 2004
"The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind" is, in my mind, the best RPG that's been produced to date. It is the only completely open-ended RPG that I've seen. With virtually no limitations placed on where you can go or what you can do, it propels itself into a whole new level of RPG. In fact, this game allows almost too much freedom. At times it can be overwhelming and exhausting, but those things are also what make it refreshing. There are numerous factions and outfits that you can join completely at your own discretion. The game also has a unique system of remembering what you've done. Like I said, you're free to do whatever you want, whenever you want to do it. You can kill anyone, rob anyone, fight anyone, etc., and there are several ways that you can do each. There is a thin storyline that drives the game forward, which you are free to pursue or not at your leisure.
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More than a game.
donzabu19 July 2007
Never before has anyone been able to craft an RPG of such exquisiteness and depth. I picked it up 3 years ago, and after first playing it, I was not the same person, and it continues to waste weeks of my life time and time again. No wonder I haven't been laid.

The game is completely open-ended. You could avoid the main quest entirely if you wanted, racking up wealth and treasures in the countless sidequests featured. When creating your character, you can pick your gender, pick out of 10 races to play as, your class, and your birthsign. Their are dozens of skills to choose, all representing either Combat, Magic, or Stealth. But the way you level up is especially interesting. Instead of gaining experience points, you develop your character by actually developing their skills, similar to Final Fantasy II. If your fight with a Long Sword, your Long Sword skill will increase. When enough skills have increased, you level up, and raise attributes. You could conceivably create a dagger-wielding berserker with an arsenal of stealth spells, or exactly the opposite. It makes the most sense out of any role-playing system I've ever experienced, and it allows you to create any type of character you want.

While playing, you can really become immersed into the game world and your character. I often make up backstories in my head and play out scenarios and ramble dialog to myself, truly playing the role of my character.

But enough about character development. I haven't even gotten started on the game world itself. It is 8 square miles big, and so richly detailed you can feel like your in it. According to many sources, the developers would hire "clutter monkeys" to decorate the interior spaces with useless junk, like plates, cups, bottles, torches, vases, and thousands of other different types of clutter, all of which can be freely manipulated. The terrain is varied, with mountains, rocks, trees, and towns with unique architecture dotting the landscape, all rendered in beautiful graphics. The towns are populated with NPCs, most of them uninteresting, but sometimes you come across unique characters and unique oddities.

Obviously, there is an endless variety of equipment to be found. Weapons range from basic weaponry like Spears and Steel Daggers, to exotic weaponry like Glass Longswords and Ebony Warhammers, all free to use at any level you wish (good luck finding stuff like that at level 1 though).

There are several different factions and guilds to join, including the Fighters Guild, Mages Guild, Thieve's Guild, 3 vampire factions, and 3 great houses, House Hlaalu, House Redoran, or House Telvanni (you can only join one house at a time).

But what really makes Morrowind have endless replay value is it's customizability. Shipped with Morrowind is the Elder Scrolls Construction Set, which lets you modify just about any aspect of the game you wish. Once you get the hang of it, it's pretty easy to use. There exists an immense modding community, with mods fitting just about any purpose. The mods are THE reason to buy the PC version and not the Xbox version.

The game is not perfect. The combat can sometimes be boring, and unless you have the Tribunal expansion, your journal will become an unorganized mess. Some reviewers noted that the graphics can slow the game down, but I never had a problem, so I cant complain. These errors are in general overshadowed by all the positive aspects of the game itself.

As I'm sure you'll understand by now, Morrowind is possibly the greatest game in recent memory. Even if you don't like games like this, Morrowind will draw you win like a black hole and never let you out.
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Unpolished diamond
morkulv_athferion14 July 2009
This game for me is one of the most addicting singleplayer-games I have played. This installment of The Elder Scrolls has a particular fantasy-realm setting that will immediately draw you into the world from the minute you hear the epic theme-song. And the best part is: you can do whatever the hell you want. Want to explore dungeons and raid them for gold and treasures? Go ahead. Want to increase your magicka by learning new spells? Go ahead. Or do you want to follow quests in the main story line? Why not. The possibilities in this game even to this day are astounding, and the large environment is always fun to explore.

Unfortunately, this game does have a few flaws though, and a few of them have been addressed a lot by critics over the years. The game is hard to get into if you are not familiar with Roleplaying games (especially since the first-person perspective can fool you into thinking its a hack & slash type of game at first), but once you spent some time figuring out the game you will have everything under control. The fighting in this game is weird, although you get used to it. Depending on your character's progress, you will either hit or miss the enemy with your weapon even when you are standing right in front of him/her. Obviously "behind the scenes" the game 'rolls the dice' to see if you hit or miss, but its still weird. When you level up you will obviously hit much more though. Some people also complained about having to read so much, but I never had any problem with that.

The Elder Scrolls: Morrowind is a game that shows how epic RPG's should be. If you can look past the glitches and bugs then you have a classic game that can easily entertain you for weeks, months even.
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Excellent excellent excellent!
tinfinitenumber12 August 2006
if you are bored of those shooter ups like halo and Doom. then i would definitely recommend this! this is perhaps the best game ever that i have played! although sometimes it can get a bit boring, but the plot is excellent and there's always something exciting happening in Morrowind! you could become a bounty hunter and hunt outlaws! or hunt the local and dangerous wildlife and demons! or even become an outlaw yourself! game play 10/10 plot 10/10 graphics 9.9/10! this is better than Halo and all of those. i've always thought that halo was a bit boring because you do the same thing over and over again. but in Morrowind you can do the main plot thousands of times and never get bored! get the game of the year version though it's better!
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Morrowind, the incredible experience
serradillamate-alejandro8 December 2014
Back in those times, freedom in video games was a rough concept.

In 2002, the most sold game was GTA, and for a generation it was absolutely incredible, it allowed you to go whatever you wanted but then Morrowind changed this concept more deeply than any other game for a less big audience.

It was a little obscure and not vastly known but it was so incredible that made some gamers felt in love with RPGs different from the kings in consoles back then: Final Fantasy. For more experienced gamers it was another clue, another fact about their knowledge: PC was the home of RPGs.

You could go whatever you wanted, grab everything... I mean everything, you could steal, explore the amazing world, do missions, sleep at some tavern or just meet your destiny. For some players this was so much and they got so lost that they never enjoyed this game, it wasn't about the goal it was about the travel, the adventure, the missions weren't obvious, your character wrote about wathever happened to him in his diary and when you didn't remembered about what you were doing, you must read your diary to remember wathever you were doing (and it was not a tidy diary).

But what made Morrowind an incredible game besides it's freedom, it was the world, so "strange" in a Tolkien type of fantasy that it seemed really an alien setting, but adobe this, the creators from the game placed all the interesting loot by hand, so it really encouraged the exploration of the world and investigating further into the local legends of its villages.

It sounds cliché but nowadays they do not do games like this, players don't have the time to this type of experience, and even its saga has become something a bit different.

The only bad thing about it, but it's just something about its aging, it's the lack of physics (HL2 didn't came out then) and the fighting-roll dice mechanics.
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A very impressive game for the X-box, I just could not get into it.
Aaron137519 June 2012
The X-box is a strange entry into the video gaming world. When released it was easily the most powerful of the three systems released at the time (the Gamecube and Playstation 2 being the other two main ones), it however had such a short lifespan. Released last it was also the one to pack it in first as X-box just had to release the newest console in the X-box 360. So they had this one which was super powerful and had virtually no flaws, to a system that periodically breaks down every now and then. I never had any trouble with my X-box, I have had three 360's. This system would have been nothing if not for the two Halo games released on it, Fable, two decent Star Wars games and this one. I saw a trailer for this game, and it along with Knights of the Old Republic were two of the reasons I got an X-box. However, this game was not for me, I know one gets lambasted here if one does not go with the flow, but I have to review as it pertains to me and my enjoyment, not how everyone else feels.

I will start by saying when I first started playing this game I was instantly hooked! You get to make your character and have so much input into what your character looks like and his or her abilities. Then the game starts and it is sort of fun, but why did I just get thrown in jail for stealing an ashtray in a random house with nobody present to see said crime? Oh well, let me start over not sure I like the character I made one hundred percent. Let me walk down the path here, oh look a cave. Let me enter it, and oh my, just got my behind handed to me. Perhaps I did not make this character all that good. Let's try again. I got through the cave, now walking fighting random things, man this town is huge! What? I have to pick a guild, I got to do this? I have to do that? There is to much going on here! Thus, the main problem for me...I was overwhelmed. If you are the type of gamer that has the compulsion to talk to every NPC, do every mission, and hates to miss even the smallest thing this game is not for you! I reset the game so much, fearing I had missed this or done that wrong that I literally could not enjoy the game! This is why the game did not work for me, it was not a bad game, but it was not a game I could enjoy.

Like I said, this game was not something made for me. I still, however, appreciate the expansive world created for your character to explore. The graphics were stunning, showcasing the X-box's power. So much effort went into the game and I applaud the game makers for this, as they crafted a beautiful world for you to traverse. The fighting is not the greatest in the world, but it is at least it is easy to pick up and not overly complicated. Part of me would like to play this game again, but I know what would happen if I did. I would get flustered and end up repeatedly starting the game over.

So this game is a good game, it just does not work for a person like me. While it does not work for me, I can still see that it is a very good that one can immerse oneself in and play for hours upon hours...that is unless you are like me and you find yourself playing the same thing a bunch of times. This game in that regards is like Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. That one I found myself completely overwhelmed by the amount of stuff I had to do too. Heck, that one was worse! This one is a gem of the short lived, but very impressive X-box run. The system that was beyond its years that gave way to the system that breaks beyond its warranty.
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The most overrated RPG ever!
Daniel Caedmon26 June 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I don't understand why people like this game. The music is awesome. But the combat, gaming, and graphics are just horrible! I've seen 1990s/2001 games with better graphics than this! You can't block unless you have a shield. You can't block when you wish. The Dark Brootherhood outfit looks like the gimpsuit from GTA II.
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