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Removing all armor and clothing still leaves your character with fur boxer shorts (males) or underwear and a bra (females).

Some Khajiit females (cat-people) can be seen without any clothing (mainly slaves), but no genitalia or graphic nudity is shown.

In order to receive a blessing from a shrine, you must briefly roleplay with a daedra, reenacting the event associated with the shrine. In the exchange, you taunt him several times, and eventually the daedra (who isn't enthused to be doing this with dozens of tourists) says he "will kill you and rape your corpse".

A lot of the time, you will do combat with swords, axes, spears, etc. When you land a successful hit, a brief puff of cloudy "blood" is emitted, the peak of violence in the game. Magical attacks do not result in any blood.

Skeletons, both dead and animated, are a common theme. The Bonewalker and enemies afflicted with Corprus have the appearance of a zombie.

You can attack and kill any monster, animal or person in the game, usually resulting in a bounty and pursuit by the local authorities. Guards will recognize and approach you at 500gp and up, and you receive a death warrant past 5,000gp. since murder only results in a 1,000gp bounty, in theory you could just pay off the guards any time you want to murder again (if you have no moral backbone).

You can also join the Morag Tong, an assassin's guild.

D[condemn] is used about 5 times in the main game and only in text form. At least one text-based use of b[illegitimate].

The Bloodmoon expansion pack adds spoken uses of d[condemn], scattered throughout battle sound clips and rarely used. These new expletives only apply to certain characters and races on Solstheim, the island added by the Bloodmoon expansion.

Fantasy based alcoholic beverages can consumed which function similar to potions. Some occasional drug references related to an illegal ingredient in the game called moon sugar and it's derivative, skooma, which are said to be addictive.

Certain alcoholic beverages, when used heavily, can massively increase strength and speed to superhuman levels with few consequences.

It is rumored that Morrowind would have been rated E10+ if not for the alcohol.

Some frightening monsters and locations in a fantasy context.

At lower levels, the experience of wandering through a dark, unknown cave with the looming feeling that a powerful enemy will suddenly wage an impossible battle against you can be quite stressful. This can be easily avoided by keeping within a close radius of the starting village.

As a vampire character and at certain points in the main quest, your character will experience a 'disturbing dream', relayed to the player through text. Some of them are indeed quite disturbing, particularly the one with the decomposing mother and child.


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