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Same movie as "Private Call"

Author: sirmichaelmaster from United States
28 October 2009

Hello! After searching on-line stores and cable TV schedules for "Deviant Desires" for many years, I had the great pleasure recently of discovering that it has an AKA title - "Private Call". It's available on DVD (uncut) from on-line stores in the U.K. and also South Africa. If you order from any of them, just remember that their DVDs have different region codes than those in the U.S. So, if you live in the U.S., you would have to have a multi-region (region-free) DVD player or computer DVD drive that is region free.

This is also one of the truly better MRG productions - Really great plot, great set locations and lighting, great music, some of the better acting by Flower and Brad Bartram, and some VERY VERY hot sex scenes.

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Author: bazdol from THE MIDWEST
8 June 2002

A well done soft core thriller with good production values, a decent plot, and good acting. Porn star Flower Edwards does her usual fine job. It's too bad that Kris Alidre who plays "Valentine" hasn't done any other movies.

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I didn't need the fast forward button

Author: Sack-3 from Washington, DC
28 May 2002

Most significantly, I got through this movie without hitting the fast-forward. This rare occasion for a soft-porn movie means that (1) the plot was not too boring, and (2) the next on-topic scene was never very far off.

Plot first: the movie is about this hottie cop that infiltrates a gambling/prostitution/blackmail outfit to get to the bottom of the murder of her roommate. The club's concept is that several high rollers get together for some high stakes poker, and the winner gets a free-bee with one of the prostitutes. The next day, the "winner" gets blackmailed with a tape of the previous night's exploits. That's plausible enough, but I had a really hard time figuring out how these guys made money. Poker only works if the house wins. It seemed that at any given time, the house was three of the four people at the table -- and the one mark always won! They even stacked the deck so that the outsider won. That needs to happen for the whole black mail thing, but if the person is walking with $30k of the house's money, how profitable can it really be? Their whole plan relies on people claiming their "prize" and then allowing these idiots to blackmail them for it. Who thought up that business plan?

Obviously, the plot was not the most important aspect of the movie. The T&A was top notch. The sex scenes were much more realistic and the women better looking than usual Showtime fare. For example, the lead actress Flower -- no last name (is the name her Mother gave her?) -- was top notch. Also, this movie was listed as "not rated" instead of "R" in the guide. This difference should not be overlooked.

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Decent "middlecore" film.

Author: BlackJack_B
26 October 2002

I seem to be seeing a new trend in the sex film industry in the last week or so, a new kind of porn that I dub middlecore. Real sex without the closeups. I've seen it this week with a French channel showing Voyeur Confessions and this film, which features an actress who was in the series.

Flower Edwards, who is a quite an island girl knockout, but a terrible actress, plays the cooly-named Shane Miller. A room mate of hers, who was a prostitute at some private bar, is murdered. The police department won't investigate the matter because they claim the place is clean. So Shane uses her body to get to the bottom of this case. And let me tell you, she does!

The acting isn't very good (we're talking about people who only use acting as a secondary device to their means), but the middlecore "philosophical discussions" are very well done. Flower is great in that category. Certainly, this is a better example than the last film I saw featuring "middlecore". Maybe this will take off in the same way that soft and hard types of these films have.

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Good Performance by Leading Lady

Author: Robert293 from North East, US
14 March 2003

First time I've ever seen Flower and was very impressed. Plot was ok, acting and script acceptable except for one thing I thought was very unrealistic.

Flower was what really made the film go. I'd recommend it just to see her.

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Flower is fantastic

Author: queensryche156 from Laurel, Ms
14 August 2002

The movie is fairly typical of a Cinemax light night movie. However Flower is so attractive and such a good actress it makes this movie worth watching several times. All I need is a dvd version. Too bad that most of the other girls aren't worth watching.

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Author: Mbrand
3 June 2002

I got to watch this movie the other night and for once MRG did something right for a change. they made this film very watchable to look at which is something you don't rarely see in porn movies.This was perhaps more dramatic that MRG has done and hopefully if they play their cards right they can get the responsibility they do deserve. The acting in the movie was very much up there which perhaps made this film watchable. Some of the regular porn actors like Robert Donavan, & Brad Bartram,and newcomers like Flower and Kris whose last name escapes me. Still this was one of those porn movies I'LL give a thumbs up.

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Flower shines once again! She's pretty good at this....I give it a B.

Author: Smooth B from Somewhere In Illinois
1 December 2002

I literally just finished watching this movie, and I'd have to say I was entertained from beginning to end. Flower was hot and every sex scene she was in was....well, intense to say the least. I knew Flower had a background in hardcore porn, and I can see that her experience in that area made those sex scenes just that more realistic.

The story goes as follows: A pretty good looking female cop finds out her best friend and roommate, Jennifer, has just been murdered. She infiltrates a club she believes Jennifer was killed at. The goings-on at this club seem legit: just some friends getting together playing poker, but the stipulations are quite enticing--win, and the lucky guy gets to choose from a group of beautiful, comely, horny women and have his way with her. What he doesn't know is that his little escapade is being taped, to be used as blackmail later against him to get not only the money he won back, but a little bit more on top of that so the club makes some money on both ends. Blackmail, prostitution, and illegal gambling all in one place!

What is Flower's role in this? Of course, she poses as a nubile young girl looking for a job and gets hired to work there. She gets out her best looking vice-squad miniskirts and her "yes, I'm a prostitute" short dresses and heads off to the club. Her partner refuses to back her at first, but then poses as a potential client to get a better look.

Now, on to the sex....and there's plenty of it. Flower has several sex scenes, and she puts on one awesome performance after another. There's also a nice-looking blonde who gets it on with the male cop, another great scene.

What really hurt my overall grade of this movie was the plot and the dialogue. The plot--"I'm seeking justice for my roommate"--is quite similar to the old "you killed my brother" plot. You know, the vigilante cop goes out to seek justice for his or her fallen partner/brother/other miscellaneous family member? The dialogue was quite simple. Case in point, to quote one of Flower's lines, as told to her partner:

"We have to take those guys. If we don't, then the good guys don't win! We lose!"

Yes, Flower, we know the bad guys have to go down. That's the plot of every movie like this. Just walk around with your clothes off, that seems to keep the story moving quite well by itself. The ending pretty much went by-the-numbers, right down to the final sex scene between the cops. Not much else you can expect there.

"Deviant Desires" was a great film nonetheless; I'd recommend it to anyone with access to Cinemax or Showtime 2.

Women: A- (Flower would get this grade all by herself, but throw in a nice blonde and another chick with big fake boobs and the grade just solidifies itself)

Sex: A- (Flower's sex scenes are awesome, and a couple others are quite hot as well. When it comes to Flower, the club accountant said it best during the movie: "A girl with your skills could make a killing in this place." Well said, my friend, well said.)

Story: C- (A recycled plot that makes no attempt to hide itself, plus some substandard hack writing. Yes, I know it's a softcore porn movie, but these scripts are more than 2 or 3 pages long, folks. Come on, writers! Give these people a bit more to work with!)

Overall: B (The "Story" grade hurts, but only accounts for 20% of the grade, so the overall grade only comes down a little bit. Give this movie the writers from "Innocence Betrayed", "Scorned", or even "Mischievous" and we might have an A+ picture here.)

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