Barbie as Rapunzel Poster

(2002 Video)


DVD Exclusive Awards 2003

DVD Premiere Award
Best Animated Character Performance
Anjelica Huston (voice)
Gino Nichele (animation director)
Sebastian Brodin (animation director)
Jean Gillmore (character designer)
Sean Newton (character designer)
For "Gothel".
Best Original Score
Arnie Roth
DVD Premiere Award
Best Animated DVD Premiere Movie
Jesyca C. Durchin
Jennifer Twiner McCarron
Best Original Song
Jessica Brown
Rob Hudnut (lyrics/music)
Arnie Roth (lyrics/music)
For the song "Constant as the Stars Above".
Best Original Song
Samantha Mumba
For the song "Wish Upon a Star".
Best Original Song
Becky Taylor
Arnie Roth (music)
For the song "Rapunzel's Theme".
Best Director
Owen Hurley
Best Visual Effects
Jason Gross

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