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Woody Allen makes the night Hollywood history!

Author: Scott Adams from Pittsburgh, PA
11 April 2003

No awards show can please all the people. Clearly if your favorite movies didn't win, you will say the show wasn't very good. That's understandable.

However, the 74th Annual Academy Awards will be remembered for one magical moment of Hollywood history:

Woody Allen's first appearance ever at the Academy Awards.

Allen has often shunned the awards as being self-aggrandizing and pointless, and has never attended -- even though he has won several of the coveted awards.

When the 74th Academy Awards were held, the nation was still mourning the loss of life in the collapse of the World Trade Centers in New York. When it came time to pay tribute to the city of New York, they decided to show a video of the great movie moments form the city of cities. Then the announcer simply said:

"Ladies and gentleman, Oscar Award winning Director Woody Allen."

The place erupted in an extremely long standing ovation. The entertainment industry finally got to give their applause to the Man from New York who usually avoids the Hollywood scene. As the applause died down, Woody applied some of his legendary wit to the situation.


"Thank you very much - that makes up for the strip search."

"I thought they wanted their Oscars back," he joked. "I panicked because the pawn shop has been out of business for ages and I had no way of retrieving anything. "

"But that wasn't it. I couldn't work it out because my movie wasn't nominated for anything this year. Then it hit me - maybe they were calling to apologise."

Allen also disclosed why he had overlooked his lifelong Oscar-aversion for this one special night.

"For New York City, I'd do anything. So I got my tux on and came down here," said Allen.

"It's a great, great movie town. It's been a great, moving and exciting backdrop for movies and it remains a great, great city."

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good year

Author: duckmanfanatic from United States
5 July 2007

This year was pretty good. I liked the surprise performance of Cirque du Soleil. I'm glad Jim Broadbent won best supporting actor. I haven't seen Iris yet, but I know he's always a terrific actor in all his movies.

Plus, it's good to see Woody Allen finely made it, in person, to the Oscars this year.

But there are some things that I didn't like. Sean Penn should've got the Oscar for Best Actor, not Denzel. The Monsters INC song shouldn't have won Best Original Song. Plus, A Beautiful Mind winning the Oscar for Best Picture?!! Lord of the Rings should have won. That is one of the best adventure films ever.

Overall, this year was good.

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Wrong best actor award

Author: Mary Vaiden (mvaiden) from United States
8 July 2002

As much as I admire and always see any movie that Denzel Washington is in, and agree that his portrayal of the "cop gone bad" in "Training Day" was EXCELLENT, and totally different for Mr. Washington, proving his incredible acting skills, I have to say that Russell Crowe deserved that Oscar more. It's not because of Russell's "looks". Russell Crowe delivered an INCOMPARABLE performance of the portrayal of Dr. John Nash. All you have to do is watch the movie and see the acting skill that Russell Crowe tapped into to deliver such a realistic and unbelievable character. It was out of Russell Crowe's normal type of role, too, just as it was for Denzel. I wish they both could've received Oscars, but, having to choose only one, I would've chosen Russell Crowe's acting performance in "A Beautiful Mind" as much as I love any move Denzel Washington is in. I wish this email could be sent to the Academy Awards, and to Russell Crowe. Thank you.

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Great Show!

Author: from Boston, Massachusetts
13 October 2002

Although the 74th Awards was the longest in history, literally, it was the best of them all. I found Whoopi Goldberg a great host, mainly because I didn't like Steve Martin and I was sick of Billy Crystal. I found the winners debatable, especially for Best Actor. I was rooting for Russell Crowe, even though he won the previous year for Gladiator. The highpoint of the evening was the surprise performance by Cirque du Soleil. What an incredible segment! Overall, I enjoyed the show a lot.

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Facetious Whoopi, Zingers, Emotion!

Author: Marcus James (pikespeak) from Los Angeles, California
28 April 2002

The 74th Oscars was a very good one. Whoopi's work as EmCee was very funny, and light. I personally loved her last apperance, which garnered some frigid reviews due to coarse language and salacious jokes, but that's fine. The audience seemed to like it. Halle Berry, Denzel Washington, Ron Howard, Woody Allen, and Sidney Poitier made this an Oscar telecast to remember.

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landmark award show

Author: makukhany from South Africa
15 August 2006

TO all of yall who think 1.This was a boring telecast 2.Halle berry and denzel Washington did not deserve their Oscars

SHUT THE F**k UP!! This was one of the best Academy awards show because 1.It was a moment in history to have a black yes "Black actress" win an academy award for Best actress so many of our black sisters have been ignored by the academy for many years.To be honest I had stop watching the academy awards because of a lack of diversity in either the winners or nominees.To me it was nothing but a bunch of white people patting each other in the back.the academy had many chances to vote black actresses that were brilliant in movies eg Alfre Woodard,Whoopi Goldberg,Diana Ross,Mary jean Babtise, but it did not 2.Halle berry deserved that Oscar no competition the academy was under pressure to vote for her so long have deserving actresses been ignored by the academy the majority of which is comprised of white voters yeah yeah Nicole kidman sang very prettily in muling rouge!but it was time black people were accommodated in these awards shows.As for Mr Washington the academy owed him big time after that unfair loss for MalcomX.To all of you who think race is not an issue"probably white people"in the movie industry,well it is many of the most talented black actresses around have either been reduced to stereo typical made by white people roles of what they think is a black women or are not existence"Angela basset". I do not expect many of the white people to understand any of this because they never had to deal with any of it.Come to think of it they are the one who been inflicting it

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The Shadow Of 9/11 Hangs Over It

Author: Theo Robertson from Isle Of Bute, Scotland
6 February 2003

The events of the 11th of September 2001 cast its shadow on this Oscar award ceremony with a one minute silence before the in memoriam montage and there was little in the way of the all singing all dancing comedy extravaganza that we`d come to expect of this award show but this was by no means a bad thing . Entertainment was more or less curtailed to a LOTR send up with Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson and that was it . The rest of the show was taken up with clips from the nominations and I have to admit this was actually more enjoyable than the overblown song and dance numbers we`ve seen over the years and Whoopi Goldberg was by no means a bad presenter unlike the very esoteric David Letterman from a few years ago and the one minute silence for the victims of 9/11 was haunting and dignified

As for the awards New Zealand was absolutely robbed . FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING went home with four minor awards while A BEAUTIFUL MIND undeservingly picked up most of the major prizes except for best actor which should have gone to a tough guy New Zealander but went to an An all American nice guy instead . The only Oscar awards I agreed with apart from the ones presented to FELLOWSHIP were the awards for best supporting actress and best supporting actor , both correct calls .

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looking back on things

Author: Lee Eisenberg ( from Portland, Oregon, USA
5 January 2007

OK, so the Oscars seem to get hyped just a little more each year. And I was rooting for "Gosford Park" to win (come on, Robert Altman had deserved an Oscar for years!). That said, I guess that it was high time for an African-American to win Best Actress. Contrary to the previous reviewer, Halle Berry's role in "Monster's Ball" was far more original than Nicole Kidman's in "Moulin Rouge"; I never would have thought to nominate the latter for anything, especially in a year that saw "Mulholland Dr.".

Among the things that I had predicted was the stuff about the September 11 attacks; I knew that they were going to say something about freedom. Yeah, yeah. Robert Redford should know better. But contrary again to the previous reviewer, Whoopi Goldberg is not the worst host (among the past hosts was Bob Hope, for whom I have no respect); I really liked her jab at John Ashcroft.

So, although I wouldn't have given "A Beautiful Mind" Best Picture, "The 74th Annual Academy Awards" still pleased me (I have to admit, I enjoy the Oscars more than my own birthday). And the day after, as my parents and I were hiking around the dwellings in Bandalier, New Mexico - it was spring break - I was thinking to myself that when Jim Broadbent won his Oscar, that most people watching were asking "Jim who?!" I wonder whether or not Woody Allen will ever attend the Oscars again.

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Whoopi was FANTASTIC!

Author: RagtymeGal from United States
16 November 2005

Whoopi was the only reason I watched the Oscars that year. She is hilarious. Of course there was a major serious side to the show. She was great not only because she's funny, but because she said some things that needed to be said in a public forum. White folks need to be reminded that Hollywood awards' ceremonies, employment, and representation are WAY out of balance racially. There should be no need for "black" awards shows. The white-bread, milquetoast nominators and judges need to bring their heads into the sunshine and see that great material is not limited to "white" directors, producers, actors, etc. Allowing Woody Allen on the air was the depth of poor taste. He had no business being there. The fact of the matter is, this is the first Oscar presentation I've watched since "The Color Purple" was up for awards. That miscarriage of voting soured me on watching the shows until 2002. Which is not to denigrate other presenters. Billy Crystal is a riot.

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It was okay

Author: NDStricken84 from Plantation, Florida
10 June 2002

There were so many films left out this year (not surprisingly, considering it happens every year. The Academy must be blind, deaf, dumb, and stupid), but it was still fun to watch. I was shocked to see the high and mighty academy actually give awards to people who deserved them (Halle Berry and Denzel Washington),at least out of their nominees, of course, they didn't give nominations to people who deserved them. Here's my I deal Nominations (my winners in caps): PICTURE: Monster's Ball, Ghost World, MEMENTO, Life As A House, Bridget Jones Diary ACTOR: Denzel Washington(Training Day), Kevin Kline(Life As A House), Russell Crowe(A Beautiful Mind), GUY PEARCE(Memento), Brad Renfro(Bully) ACTRESS: Halle Berry(Monster's Ball), THORA BIRCH(Ghost World),NICOLE KIDMAN(Moulin Rouge)-tie, Renee Zellwegger(Bridget Jones Diary), Tilda Swinton(The Deep End) SUPPORTING ACTOR: HAYDEN CHRISTENSEN(Life As A House), STEVE BUSCEMI(Ghost World)-tie, Jim Broadbent(Moulin Rouge), John Leguizamo(Moulin Rouge) SUPPORTING ACTRESS: SCARLETT JOHANSEN(Ghost World), KRISTIN SCOTT THOMAS(Life As A House)-another tie, Jena Malone(Life As A House), Jennifer Connelly(A Beautiful Mind). Other than the fact that the academy has its head up its ass, the awards were almost enjoyable too watch, Halle Berry's acceptance speech didn't allow anyone to have a dry eye, and everybody had to appreciate the homage to black people that ran through the whole night. Overall, could have been better, but still enjoyable.

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