(2002 TV Special)


Primetime Emmy Awards 2002

Primetime Emmy
Outstanding Choreography
Debra Brown (choreographer)
Primetime Emmy
Outstanding Art Direction for a Variety or Music Program
J. Michael Riva (production designer)
Greg Richman (art director)
Keaton S. Walker (art director)
Tamlyn Wright (art director)
Outstanding Directing for a Variety, Music or Comedy Program
Louis J. Horvitz (director)
Outstanding Multi-Camera Picture Editing for a Miniseries, Movie or a Special
Douglass M. Stewart Jr. (editor)
Barry A. O'Brien (editor)
Ben Daughtrey (editor)
Beth Dewey (editor)
Alexandra Komisaruk (editor)
Barnaby Levy (editor)
Susan D. Cooper (editor)
Dave Maguire (editor)
Errol Morris (editor)
Jeffrey Doe (editor)
Chuck Workman (editor)
Meg Reticker (editor)
Terilyn A. Shropshire (editor)
William Goldenberg (editor)
Geoff Nelson (editor)
Michael Johnson (editor)
Brent White (editor)
Kyle Cooper (editor)
Danielle White (editor)
Justine Gerenstein (editor)
Richard Marks (editor)
Tia Nolan (editor)
Michael Polito (editor)
John Zimmer (editor)
Jeff Roe (editor)
Bill DeRonde (editor)
Yoram Tal (editor)
Lewis Cohen (editor)
Gary Ross (editor)
Paul Marengo (editor)
Sean Fanton (editor)
Brian Smith (editor)
Doug Abel (editor)
Outstanding Lighting Direction (Electronic, Multi-Camera) for VMC Programming
Robert A. Dickinson (lighting designer)
Robert T. Barnhart (lighting designer)
Andy O'Reilly (lighting director)
Outstanding Music Direction
John Williams (music director)
Outstanding Variety, Music or Comedy Special
Laura Ziskin (producer)
Michael B. Seligman (supervising producer)
Outstanding Technical Direction, Camerawork, Video for a Miniseries, Movie or a Special
John B. Field (technical director)
Rick Edwards (technical director)
Allan Wells (technical director)
Theodore Ashton (camera operator)
Rob Balton (camera operator)
John Burdick (camera operator)
Rocky Danielson (camera operator)
Dave Eastwood (camera operator)
Thomas Geren (camera operator)
Hank Geving (camera operator)
Freddy Frederick (camera operator)
Marc Hunter (camera operator)
Charlie Huntley (camera operator)
Jay Millard (camera operator)
David Levisohn (camera operator)
Lyn Noland (camera operator)
Rob Palmer (camera operator)
Kenneth Patterson (camera operator)
Bill Philbin (camera operator)
David Plakos (camera operator)
Hector Ramirez (camera operator)
Brian Reason (camera operator)
Ron Sheldon (camera operator)
Mark Whitman (camera operator)
Ray Hoover (camera operator)
Jean Mason (video control)
Mark Sanford (video control)
Keith Winikoff (video control)
Paul Ranieri (video control)

Art Directors Guild 2003

Excellence in Production Design Award
Variety or Awards Show, Music Special or Documentary
J. Michael Riva (production designer)
Greg Richman (art director)
Tamlyn Wright (art director)

Directors Guild of America, USA 2003

DGA Award
Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Musical/Variety
Louis J. Horvitz

Online Film & Television Association 2002

OFTA Television Award
Best Variety, Musical, or Comedy Special
OFTA Television Award
Best Host or Performer of a Variety, Musical, or Comedy Special
Whoopi Goldberg
Best Ensemble of a Variety, Musical, or Comedy Special

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