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4 Jan. 2004
The police are called to the Royal after a man with a leg injury turns out to be one of two gun-men on the run and his friend gets ready to shoot. Gordon is called out to a cave to tend some injured fossil-hunters and, whilst Ken tries to find a television set to watch the World Cup, Matron visits Brigid in the convent to talk her into returning to the hospital.
11 Jan. 2004
All the Fun of the Fair
The fair comes to town and the fortune-teller reveals staff futures though Gordon now knows his own. Jeff and Samantha have to cut free the operator on the waltzers who gets caught in the mechanism and take him to the hospital for Mr. Rose to operate on him. He explains that his father, who runs the rides, has been having dizzy spells, and the doctors arrive too late to prevent him from causing further disaster.
18 Jan. 2004
Holding on Tight
A group of drunken lads on a stag night arrive at the Royal very much the worse for wear but the drink they have been consuming is lethal hooch made from industrial alcohol and one of then is blinded as a result. Mr. Rose performs an operation in the home of Ada,who has a gangrenous toe whilst Samantha still can't get it right as far as Matron is concerned.
25 Jan. 2004
For Those in Peril
Gordon is disturbed when he receives poison pen letters. The staff help Sally Bain, a girl whose parents' behaviour has caused her to run away from home. Jeff is shocked to find that a cheese on sale in the area has become contaminated due to the cattle's illness and local gentleman tramp Sebastian Fox-Kirby's death reveals that he was a decorated Naval hero in the war. When his relatives eschew responsibility for his funeral the Royal's staff send him off with full honours.
1 Feb. 2004
Gordon is angry that the police feel the need to investigate his wife's death but Jeff and Samantha get cosy together. Routine tests on young Peter Blackwood sadly reveal that the lad is subject to a hereditary heart disease in his family, and disaster strikes for Ken, who needs an operation after lifting a piano, and Lizzie, who crashes into Harper's car during her driving lesson.
8 Feb. 2004
Doing Time
Jeff's failure to spot post-natal depression in new mum Sheena almost ends in disaster when she ends up on top of a cliff likely to jump. A prison van crashes, killing the driver and injuring the convicts and a guard, who are brought to the Royal for treatment. Ken recognises an old friend among the prisoners.
15 Feb. 2004
Home to Roost
Jeff discovers that he has a love rival for Samantha but Gordon and Jill are brought closer when his former father-in-law tells them that he was suspicious of their relationship and hired a private detective to follow them. They announce their engagement. The hospital is evacuated after a suicide victim is brought in, whose body appears to be giving off toxic fumes.
5 Dec. 2004
For Better, for Worse
Jill and Gordon finally get married and invite their colleagues to the ceremony but there is an unwanted addition to the wedding day when the hospital staff are called out to an old people's home, where cost-cutting has led to an explosion, causing casualties.
12 Dec. 2004
Beggars and Choosers
When young Stan Sanderson is brought to the Royal with an injury sustained at work Jeff decides he can claim for compensation and gets unexpected help in his crusade from an important private patient. Sister Brigid brings comfort to Rory, a terminally ill alcoholic.
19 Dec. 2004
No Room for Ravers
Jill's home visit to war veteran Patrick Maver, a psychologically damaged man, turns into a nightmare and a siege situation as he takes her hostage. Harper creates a mystery when he is seen paying visits to an unknown woman, whilst Alun's plans for rock stardom fall apart when his practising is responsible for an accident.

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