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Lacked too much chemistry, needs rebooting
irehawk15 February 2017
I know the focus is on the family, but the entire show lacked too much chemistry for these reasons: 1.) The entire family is considered a multi-cultural type, but even if there is chemistry on this type of family, then there's a big problem that entire multi-cultural chemistry in this entire family is too weak, which is not considered tolerable enough.

2.) That 15-year-old David Tiant character is too poorly made, that actor Pablo Santos is a 15-year-old actor with a permanent 11-year-old personality that cannot match with that 15-year-old David Tiant role enough. Of course, he will have a hard time acting that way when his personality cannot match his given role and that led to his failed survival on that plane crash afterwards.

I'm sorry people, I have to insist this show needs rebooting to be on strong chemistry with safety on everything, TBH, IMO.
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Soft in the middle
budikavlan9 December 2004
This sitcom about a mixed Hispanic/Caucasian, middle-class family living in Tucson suffers from ill-defined characters in the heart of the story. The main character, teenager David (Santos) shows potential, but his parents (Mechoso and Kreskoff) come off so far as bland and uninteresting. The sibling dynamic between David and sister Maria (Garcia) shows great promise, alternating between hurling vicious insults at each other and teaming up against their mutual foe (their father). The most interesting (and funniest) character is freeloading, thrice-divorced Uncle Ernesto (Vargas). In an unrelated but unfortunate coincidence, Santos looks remarkably like Ben Stiller at the beginning of "There's Something About Mary." A different haircut might alleviate the problem. Anyway, as the parents develop as characters, this could grow into a pretty good show.
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Funny, funny and funny!
jwhale938213 May 2003
Greetings from Tucson is one of the funniest shows I've seen in a long time. The father, Joaquin, is like the dad on the 70's show; he believes in negative reinforcement and enjoys it a little bit too much. The mom, Elisabeth, takes real care of the family and cancels out Joaquin's negative reinforcement. David is the normal but confused teenage son. Maria is a typical blonde cheerleading daughter. Ernesto is the wise-cracking uncle who like to act like a guy. (His advice usually gets David into a lot of trouble.) Okay, maybe some of the show's content is a bit too mature for most families, but it's still funny.
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