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Horatio Caine and his crime-fighting sunglasses
petra_ste30 August 2007
Warning: Spoilers
The original CSI used to be fun, before we got love stories shoved down the viewers' throats and victims wearing raccoon costumes. Preposterous, but entertaining: a different cop show.

CSI Miami, on the other hand, has all the flaws of CSI Las Vegas - like a penchant for overly implausible situations - without the strengths - like interesting protagonists and gripping story lines.

Emily Procter, Adam Rodriguez and other secondary characters are flat. The best was by far Rory Cochrane as moody Speedle, gone too soon - after Kim Delaney's Megan, who was quickly (and thankfully) written off.

The core of the show is David Caruso, who gives an unspeakably terrible turn as smug Horatio Caine; Horatio shamelessly chews the scenery and is so pompous and obnoxious, one doesn't know whether to incredulously shake his head or laugh at the sheer absurdity of this performance.

In a ludicrous amount of scenes we have a majestic shot of Horatio silhouetted against the dawn (or dusk), self-satisfaction oozing from every molecule of his body, as he puts his sunglasses on (or takes them off) in slow-motion, with a stoic smirk and a triumphant background music: all he is missing is a cape billowing in the wind. It's so cheesy that, if the show had not been trying so hard to be grandiose, it could have passed for a form of self-parody.

If you want to give a try to a CSI series, go for the first seasons of Las Vegas.

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3 for the price of one
soulassassinx19 November 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I guess this is, as much about exploitation of audience as it is about pleasing all corners of U.S. territory - So the next CSI would be shot on Hawaii or in Alaska. An more interesting take on the whole forensic/pathology/ballistics's, etc. idea would for instance to place it in the Victorian era in London or revolutionary France, where some of the greatest luxuries would be a ruler or a microscope; that to me would seem like a greater challenge.

There are three versions. I have chosen to review the Miami one since this land in the middle of the two others, although all three of them are equally naive and borderline stupid. If the reason is too present escapist, fastfood-like plots all three shows actually work quite well when you're home from work with a cold or suffer a hangover.

This is where all three shows fail on equal basis: 1. Forensic investigators do not run around with guns, turning the city they work in, into a Sam Peckinpah shoot out.

2. If any city would spend so much man power on every case, the city's economy would be ruined pretty quickly.

3. It would ad grit and realism if the CSI-teams failed every once in a while. When 15 minutes remain of every episode you pretty much loose interest if you haven't changed the channel already after the mandatory montage scene with electronica music pounding over the soundtrack while the investigators use q-tips and coloured liquids in different vials. Take Note: Laboratories don't look like post-modern night clubs as they do here.

4. If police employees would treat suspects/witnesses the way they do in all shows they would get no collaboration. If some muppet-officer would treat me the same way these teams treat people I would obstruct justice for the fun of it. They are so unlikeable (all the characters) you actually root for the bad guys to get away with the crime. They're all pretentious, rude, cold, unempathetic and unpleasant; had they been really persons they would never get into any academy unless they tried out for CCCP's KGB or Gestapo.

5. Why must every team leader pull this strained, cheesy one liner before every opening credit. If some prostitute is found sliced and diced in a hotel room the team leader always looks into the camera and says something like: "That was the last time she charged you an arm and a leg." No professional treats dead people with such disrespect, especially not after the victim suffered a violent death.

It's a kids show with over the top, tasteless violence and some really far-fetched stories.
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What I dislike most of it is ...
moni1 February 2008
Warning: Spoilers
That this show is simply a show, something that is meant to entertain and not to make you think. This is done American way - as simple as possible, as impossible as possible, as predictable as possible, as easy to swallow as possible. Do not and I repeat DO NOT confuse it with the original series. This is crap to anyone with more than 2 brain cells of use. The scriptwriters must've been recruited from a primary school - we cannot otherwise explain the lack of originality and the whole world of errors that emerge in every single episode. Clues that appears as soon as they're needed, always stupid suspects that A) are awaiting for the cops to come and arrest them; or/and B) leaving crucial evidence of a crime in the crime scene so the mighty Horatio (which is loathsome mockery with the Shakespeare's immortal Hamlet) can interfere. He is always right, he is carrying his head always climbed right so he can look more intelligent, he is carrying gun with intention to use it in every possible moment, the feelings of fear are unknown to him. There are no such things as corrupt cops and always and I mean really always the suspect is found and captured at the end with absolutely the right decision. The suspect always confess at the end, showing every possible remorse a suspect can give, leaving nothing to the judges to prove just because of the wonderful Horatio's job done. The evil is punished and the children may now go to bed. An ideal world, isn't it? The reality - there are plenty of wrong convicted persons serving time s in prison for crimes they do not commit. Showing ideal world does not help the society as whole for wrong hopes can do more harm than just showing crimes.

I wouldn't be so critical if this hadn't been taken itself so seriously.

Something to avoid. Stick to the original series, at least they do have more accomplished writers.
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Not a Thinking Man's Show
Vincent Black15 November 2012
Recently this was added to my Netflix. I never watched it so I gave the first few seasons a go. The show is not intelligent at all, in fact, it not only feeds the viewer misinformation, it insults anyone with any intelligence. They make CSI look like super cops, about the same way Columbo and Monk make detectives look super impressive. Almost ever show is adorned with sexy guys and girls, rave music, and special effects that always go way beyond normal.

Most police don't have time or resources to investigate common deaths (no brainers) to the point these people show. There is such thing as a departmental budget to follow but apparently not in Miami. The pseudo science is enough to make you sick. Apparently computers can enhance a photo from a gas station camera, bounce an image off the chrome bumper of a car, and see with great detail and color, to see who the attacker was in the reflection of someones glasses.

If the show wasn't trying to be so serious, it would be fun to watch, like the old 1960's Adam West "Batman". The writers and producers of this show are not the only parties guilty of making this a bad TV series. Most of the actors are not that impressive either. The lead role of Lt. Horatio Caine by David Caruso, has his share of corny one-liners at the opening of each show. The actor says cleaver clichés, one example of this might be him arriving at the scene of an exploded bakery truck and he retorts, "Well looks like someone made toast out of this driver.". Then he puts his sunglasses on his face.

There is also no ugly people. They killed the only normal looking lab technician they called "Speed" and replaced him with a pretty boy named "Wolf" in season 3. I stopped watching the shows after that point. Everyone in Miami apparently looks like a movie star.
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After Four Years Of Watching, A Handful Of Observations
ccthemovieman-111 December 2006
Well, by now I have watched four years of this show, along with five years of the first CSI and two years of CSI-New York....and I could say a lot but will try to condense my thoughts to just a handful of opinions, namely:

1 - This is the best-looking of the three CSI series on DVD. All of them look great on disc but the colors in here are the boldest and the most spectacular of any. Each episode is a tremendous visual treat.

2 - I know David Caruso is a controversial topic among CSI fans because of the way he delivers his lines, but I personally find it great. It's so outrageous it's fun. Sometimes I just laugh. Hey, it makes him different from William Petersen (CSI: Vegas) and Gary Sinise (CSI: NY). I may be in the minority but I enjoy Caruso's overly dramatic delivery.

3 - This series has gotten better and better. I had some doubts the first year. It didn't seem half as good as the Las Vegas show, but it has improved significantly and I now rate it higher than the original CSI.

4 - As a guy I appreciate all the beautiful Miami women in this show, and there are tons of them, but I also think the show is geared more toward the 20-something crowd which leaves me out, being considerably older than that. Too many of these "kids" are sleazy, too, but that's what leads to problems and crimes.

5 - All the supporting actors on the show are good, too, as they are in all the CSI shows. I was sorry to see Rory Cochrane ("Tim Speedle") quit and hope we don't lose any more of the "team."
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Support Group Needed
todd-c-meyer24 July 2008
Good Googly Moogly, I HAD to comment on this show. It is like one of those accidents on the side of the road you don't want to look at because everyone is doing it and causing traffic to slow down to a crawl, and yet you do hoping you see a dead body or something! I don't know what is worse, the writing or the acting....honestly it is a tie. the original CSI: LV, OK, I got it....it was corny, yet still mildly entertaining, but this....wow. There are a lot of pretty people plastered on a day-glo and pastel, sun-drenched background, but after that what is there? I don't claim to be an expert or anything, but I am 99.9% certain crime scene investigators do NOT interrogate suspects and witnesses, chase down and arrest the bad guys, and I think the forensic science aspect of it is amazing, but these local police departments seem to have better equipment than NASA! I am sorry, I had to finally vent and I doubt anyone actually reads this but I must know I am not alone in my complete hatred for this show, yet sick perverted need to watch it....almost like I want the aneurysm to take me as I scream at the T.V. ....my behavior is as idiotic as the show, I need closure ....thanks for listening
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Change the name to CSI: Vogue
Patrick8 November 2005
One person ruins this show: David Caruso. All he does is pose. They should make it into a drinking game. Every time he strikes a pose, take a shot. Of course, people have died from alcohol poisoning. This would only add to the statistics. All the other characters have depth. He just gets this look on his face and 'strikes a pose'. Watch him turn sideways and look over his shoulder. Wow!! OOOhhh, he figured out something. Time for him to take off his sunglasses. I challenge any of you to find an episode where he isn't positioned sideways looking over his shoulder and where he takes off his sunglasses. Quit posing and pretend like you know how to act!!!!

And, how come he has to figure everything out? The other shows let the other characters show some brains. How 'bout letting the other CSI Vogue characters have a little spotlight?
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Not as good as the original
oddtoddnm10 August 2004
CSI: Miami is a fun show to watch, like the original CSI:. But the chemistry in the original isn't quite there.

Grissom, in CSI:, is interesting, deep, and can easily be believed to be as smart as he is. But Horatio in CSI: Miami seems a bit more flat, and his bright moments seem cheesy and scripted.

Other characters don't seem to grow in CSI: Miami, while there's clear changes in their CSI: counterparts. Also, the side stories are more interesting in CSI: than in CSI: Miami.

So, while I'll watch CSI: Miami, it's not growing on me like how the original did.
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Baywatch meets CSI
chris_fodder28 July 2007
I was a big fan of the original series (Las Vegas). Sadly this show seems to be nothing more than beautiful actors and cinematography. I won't lie to you, the actors are hot, and the scenery is awesome. Thats why i gave it a whopping 2/10. Nothing else grabbed me though.

Weak plot lines and character interactions. This show takes a bold leap from reality. Characters are strutting around the art-deco police station in their designer cloths. The capers they solve have HUGE plot holes and are very formulaic. There's always a quick fix at the end of the show to wrap things up.

Mostly I was disappointed by the content (lack thereof).

It's eye candy.....nothing more.
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David Caruso has dragged this show down; it's no longer worth watching
cakyrias15 March 2011
This is the worst dramatic show on television and I attribute most of that to David Caruso. His stilted line reading in "dramatic whispers", constant posing, and egotistical characterization are just AWFUL! Maybe he's a nice guy, maybe he's easy to work with, maybe he came cheap, there must be SOME reason he was hired because it surely wasn't his acting. I think he may very well be the worst actor to hold a SAG card and have a steady paycheck. His idea of acting is to say every line with a quarter turn to the camera, lift up his chin, spread his legs out overly wide and throw his hands on his hips. I'm serious; EVERY single episode, he uses exactly the same moves over and over. Apparently the directors are powerless to do anything about it. Perhaps he just can't take direction; or the producers are hiring really bad directors every week; or maybe it's in his contract that he doesn't have to listen to directors. No decent director would allow this to go on week after week. (I suspect they just throw up their hands, since Caruso appears to be completely unrepentant.)

It's well known that actors who work together for any length of time rise (or fall) to meet the level of the lead. A really good lead actor makes his/her co-stars look good, too. (A prime example is "The Good Wife," where the secondary actors and their characters have quickly risen to meet the standard set by Julianna Margulies.) David Caruso is so bad that the other actors have no option but to meet him where he works—in the pits. I've seen many of these actors in other roles and they were excellent. Now after several years of having to work with someone who is being rewarded for bad acting, the others are slipping to his level. The line readings have become almost uniformly bad. On one episode, I would sworn that Khandi Alexander was on drugs—her reading was so bad she almost couldn't get the words out. Emily Proctor, whom I've always liked, is practically sleepwalking through her part. She is, and has proved herself, capable of soooo much better than this. As is Adam Rodriguez, who, though enthusiastic, still seems to be phoning in his lines.

In my opinion, writers and camera operators also rise (or fall) to the level of the characters as the actors portray them. And, BTW, does the make-up department on this show hate the actors or are they merely incompetent, too.

A show which wasn't great to start with has gone downhill badly and I blame it directly on David Caruso.
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