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Season 3

20 Sep. 2004
Lost Son
A boat crashes into a bridge. On it is a dead body of a man. He was killed while delivering ransom money to his son's kidnapper.
27 Sep. 2004
Pro Per
Horatio's attempt to protect the young witness of a drive-by boat shooting at a party may put Yelina's life at risk when the suspect finds out about the boy.
4 Oct. 2004
Under the Influence
A woman falls from the pavement and is hit by a speeding bus. She dies instantly. A hand-shaped bruise on her back convinces both Alexx and Horatio that she was murdered. Calleigh's father thinks that he may have killed someone while driving drunk. Horatio wants someone with no biases to work on the case and assigns the rookie Ryan it. He has just hired him because he is impressed by how clean Ryan's guns are.
11 Oct. 2004
Murder in a Flash
A group of teenagers gather at a golf course at a specified time. After the flash mob disperses, a body is found near the site. The CSIs follow the mob to a very prestigious prep school. They manage to trace the origin of the text messages telling the receivers to meet at the golf course to the son of one of Florida's most famous defense attorneys. At the same time, Horatio and Yelina are working to find the killer of a woman found in a dumpster.
18 Oct. 2004
A young girl is stabbed to death in a trendy night club. Jenny was an undercover investigative aide working for the Alcoholic Beverage Control. Her target was the club owner. As Horatio is questioning him, a loud noise draws him outside where a car speeds up and crashes into the door. The body at the back of the car leads the detectives to a spa where they suspect that there is something illegal going on.
25 Oct. 2004
Hell Night
The jury of a brutal murder of a woman visits the crime scene and a juror falls down with a seizure. After the initial chaos, the defendant, the victim's husband, is found dead with a knife stuck in the back of his head.
8 Nov. 2004
Crime Wave
An impending tsunami is the backdrop for a heist gone wrong and bodies keep stacking up as Horatio and his team struggle to pin down the man behind everything.
15 Nov. 2004
Speed Kills
After speed-dating 15 women, each 5 minutes, in a South Beach club, Richard Laken is found murdered in his vandalized car. The stylist date who poured the acetone -accessible in her trade- over it admits so, but did so well before the murder, so her story that Laken left early is believed. Indeed, the club's dates record shows Richard left after talking to Rebecca Briggs, who claims he was systematically using their information to commit robberies, but that proves to be the club manager's scam. However at least someone else in the club had a murder motive...
22 Nov. 2004
After a just married couple finds 5 dead men while diving it looks like a ship has been pirated and Horatio and his team have yet another murder case.
29 Nov. 2004
After the Fall
A man is seen falling from an apartment building, yet the corps found there is not his but Michael Johnson, a resident, who was deeply wounded by an unidentified round object. First subject is junkie Doug Ramsey, who is arrested by Horatio for probably abseiling to break in and steal the $100,000 heirloom ring of the condo owner, Edward Mathis, who is however found taking it back after its sale, insurance fraud. The wounding object is found, a CD recording kinky sex scenes of missing Donna Scott and reputedly strict criminal judge Isaac Greenhill, whose former court ...
13 Dec. 2004
A husband and wife are carjacked and she later ends up dead and her husband is wounded. The husband is the oldest brother of a family that owns a very good business.
3 Jan. 2005
A presumed retaliation shooting in an ER turns out to be a bit more complicated, and Ryan begins to suspect a mother of abusing her baby.
17 Jan. 2005
Cop Killer
During a routine traffic stop, a cop gets killed and the civilian who drove along with the cop is missing. Horatio and his team find out a 16-year old girl has got something to do with it.
7 Feb. 2005
One Night Stand
The team investigates the murder of a bellman at a hotel. A man asks Calleigh to look for his wife who is missing.
14 Feb. 2005
When a snake is tied to drug smuggling, DNA may be the key to Clavo Cruz's father's cooperation around diplomatic immunity. Ryan and Calleigh get caught up in an identity-theft case and linked murder.
21 Feb. 2005
Nothing to Lose
A fire in the glades complicates the search for the perpetrators of three murders, and puts a team member in the sights of an escaped killer.
7 Mar. 2005
Money Plane
When a cargo plane crashes, Horatio must determine the cause and how a corpse ended up in the hold.
21 Mar. 2005
Game Over
The team investigates the murder of a tester who works for a skateboard empire, and Horatio moves fast to find a stolen sex video before it's marketed.
11 Apr. 2005
Sex & Taxes
The death of two IRS agents sends the team on the hunt of three killers, meanwhile Wolfe keeps stepping on people's toes.
18 Apr. 2005
Killer Date
A woman is murdered at a bar that serves more than just drinks. After a night out, Delko's badge is missing. Horatio finds out that his brother killer is really a DEA agent under deep cover and his brother is still alive.
2 May 2005
A shooting at the courthouse gets more and more complicated as new suspects are identified.
9 May 2005
The man who killed Horatio's brother is found dead, which puts Caine on a trail the Feds don't want him on, and the team works to solve the murder of a popular classmate at a fifteen year reunion.
16 May 2005
A stay of execution sends the lab scrambling to reexamine evidence in order to keep the killer on death row, but he has his own plans.
23 May 2005
An explosion at a "Break-In Party" leads to the discovery of a bomb, and a search ensues for the person who ordered it, before it's too late. Meanwhile, Caine and Calleigh each have personal matters to deal with.

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