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Season 1

23 Sep. 2002
Golden Parachute
Insurance agent Scott Eric Sommer's private plane crashes in the Everglades after his pilot was shot. Only Sommer himself is found alive. His accountant seems to have struggled and jumped out. The firm was under SEC investigation.
30 Sep. 2002
Losing Face
A Colombian importer is found with a 'necklace bomb' around his neck. The bomb explodes, killing a bomb squad officer, Al, who is Horatio's friend.
7 Oct. 2002
Wet Foot/Dry Foot
A man's torso is found inside a shark.
14 Oct. 2002
Just One Kiss
A dead man is found on the beach. A wealthy family is implicated.
21 Oct. 2002
Ashes to Ashes
A priest, Father Carlos, is found dead in his private office with gunshot wounds in his back.
28 Oct. 2002
A mother loses sight of her daughter Ruthie for a few seconds only later to find that her little girl is now dead at the hand of a pedophile. As the investigation continues, the detectives realize that they are dealing with a serial pedophile.
4 Nov. 2002
A man struggles on board a yacht and literally falls dead. On land, a male lap dancer is found dead after a night of partying.
11 Nov. 2002
A bloodied toddler walks down a street. Back at her house, her mother and three brothers are found dead. The only other survivor is her father who has a gunshot wound on his back.
18 Nov. 2002
Kill Zone
A sniper shoots people during rush hour.
25 Nov. 2002
A Horrible Mind
A horribly mutilated body of a professor is found lynched on a tree.
16 Dec. 2002
Camp Fear
A teen model is found dead near a leech-filled swamp. Another body is found, seemingly burned from the inside.
6 Jan. 2003
Entrance Wound
A prostitute is found dead and a tourist is killed in a rental car.
27 Jan. 2003
A senior woman is found dead in her own blood-splattered apartment in a retirement community. Another case involves a body found inside an abandoned house used for cooking up recreational drugs.
3 Feb. 2003
Forced Entry
A man is found dead, lying face down, gagged, the four limbs tied to the bedposts, with signs of sexual assault. The house shows no signs of break in.
10 Feb. 2003
Dead Woman Walking
An environmental lawyer is poisoned with a radioactive isotope and has only one week left to help the CSI team find her murderer.
17 Feb. 2003
Evidence of Things Unseen
A man is murdered at a peep show, and the suspects include his cousin, the stripper, her husband, and an ape.
24 Feb. 2003
Simple Man
At the start of the trial of Lorenzo Escalante, husband of city councilor Mercedes, for the murder of their equally Cuban housemaid Carmen Abregon, Horatio delays testifying while the hastily summoned team urgently examines a new corps. It's Bonita Cruz, another Latina maid, recruited and shot in almost exactly the same way, only while Lorenzo was in police custody. It looks like a copy cat or an actual serial killer, but neither theory works out, while the trail leads to the Escalante's devoted attorney and friend, Carl Galaz.
10 Mar. 2003
Dispo Day
A drugs transport to incineration is attacked by a well-armed gang, but a woman shouting for help for her baby rather distracts Horatio and Speed, whose gun is jammed, but a bullet-proof vest saves his life. Only SWAT sergeant Hollis is killed, but as ballistics later establishes from a distant spot. Horatio finds the woman isn't the baby's mother, she was hired by a drugs gang. CSI is suspected of tipping them off, especially after Calleigh tests positive for cocaine, but Horatio traces that to a nearby spot suitable for the sniper. The fiends even left one of their ...
31 Mar. 2003
Double Cap
The murder of a woman at a posh hotel has ties to the drug cartel, a bank robbery, and the witness protection program.
14 Apr. 2003
Grave Young Men
Ex-con Pete Wilton begs Horatio to use the skill that got him arrested to find his missing son Jeff. The knave is found to be a habitual marijuana user and fired over 200 bullets on the yard tree with mates Nick Gordon and Jared Hatch, calling themselves 4.20 boys. Pete forfeits his parole to cover for Jeff, but Horatio and Delko soon discover sinister indications in the boys' lockers, which turn out sadly prophetic, yet prevent an ultimate tragedy.
28 Apr. 2003
Spring Break
Two teenagers die during a Spring Break trip to the Miami beach.
5 May 2003
Tinder Box
A crowded nightclub burns down, leaving many injured and dead. The ensuing investigation leads the detectives to suspect that the fire is not an accident.
12 May 2003
Freaks and Tweaks
The body of a drug addict is found in a barn. Horatio, Eric, and Tim investigate the scene and nearly died when the place explodes. The case becomes personal to Horatio when one of the suspects claim to know Raymond Caine, his brother. Calleigh is working with Det. John Hagen on the case of a man shot dead to the heart in his car. The man turns out to be Alex's friend.
19 May 2003
Body Count
Three prisoners break out of prison. One of them is a child molester, previously caught by the CSI team, who is looking for his new victim as the detectives race against time to stop him. Another is out to get revenge against the people who got him convicted, one of whom is detective Calleigh Duquesne.

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