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Sex and the City of Hong Kong
g8rme2 May 2003
This movie is Hong Kong's answer to Sex and the City and there's not a Charlotte in the house. Barbara Wong interviews HK women (of all ages (even 4 year olds), all walks of life, all sexual preferences, singletons, wives, mistresses, prostitutes) with an all women crew and gets some wild and frank responses. The documentary is bold, honest, funny and touching. Highly recommended to any man who wants to understand women better and any woman who wants a fun girls' night out.
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simply awful so called documentary
michellespraggy25 February 2006
Warning: Spoilers
this film was awful. yes it's like a really bad episode of SATC ( and i loved SATC). although probably groundbreaking for Hong Kong, it's really not foranyone else. it's full of giggly women who've probably been plied with alcohol just to talk. it has no structure, no context to interviews and feels like someone just got their mates together to chat and then filmed it. the documentary maker just can't make up her mind what she'd like to say or what side she'd like to take and there are some really dodgy shots of 'lesbian action' and a sex worker in action which is really weird. there is no objectivity which is supposed to be the point of documentaries and quite frankly i could've spent a more productive couple of hours washing my hair.
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