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One of the most frightening made for TV works of horror ever produced

Author: ( from United States
27 December 2005

In '64 or '65 my father ,who was working at CBS brought home a 16mm print of this film which had been screened at the network as a potential pilot,but was rejected because the network (CBS) felt it was too scary for television audiences. I was 7 years old at the time& my Brother was 9 when we first watched this film, and it was the most frightening thing we had ever seen."The Bleeding Ghost" as we referred to it gave us both nightmares for many years to follow,but we still watched it over &over again.When I was 18 my families house burned completely to the ground & the 16mm print was lost in the fire with everything else.I am now 47 and images & sounds from this film still linger in my mind.My father, my brother & I would all very much like to find a copy,in any form, of this classic work of horror. Any leads would be greatly appreciated.

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An incredibly frightening experience

Author: jbennett-13 from Sydney, Australia
30 March 2005

I caught this on late-night Sydney television in the '60s as a young boy who had been allowed to stay up late. Really bad move. I was unable to sleep for days I was so terrified. The memory still occasionally haunts me: the idea of things happening in sealed crypts is something of a staple of the horror genre (it always reminds me of the infamous Chase family vault in Barbados, something someone should make a movie about!) but The Ghost of Sierra Cobre was also incredibly moody and suspenseful and the denouement shocking. I'm not surprised the TV execs "soiled their garments" when Stefano and Martin Landau screened it for them. I've been chasing this one for 40 years without success. I hope these comments put the heat on some Hollywood archivist to track it down and get it out there.

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this film on DVD anywhere?

Author: harry_erdos
3 March 2005

i remember seeing this film as a child, in Sydney in the sixties, on the Deadly Earnest Show..scared the crap out of me..and i don't believe in ghosts. i saw it again years later and it was still great...the scene in the crypt has stayed with me as one of the biggest scares i ever got out of a movie. i would love to get a copy of this film, if anyone knows of it being on DVD anywhere. if you get a chance to see it don't miss it, especially if you like creepy dark tales.minimum special effects and really great suspense, i can't understand why it didn't do really well, especially with Stefano's credits.somebody must be able to do something...please!

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The Bleeding Ghost movie

Author: dusteemane from United States
6 November 2007

I too saw this in 1964 in Manila, Philippines and my sister and I would love to see it was so scary and we thought no one else remembered this I was surprised to see a lot of people have seen it as well...please let us know if anyone knows how to get a copy of it. I remember the howling cry of the bleeding ghost as it went down a hallway and the scary fish pond !!! and also the phone by the coffin and the bony hand reaching out for it when it rang !!! I hope we'll get to see it again..I'm 50 now so getting on in age..saw this when I was about 7 yrs old ...please someone find it so we can see it again !..thanks so much....and have a great day !

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Lost TV pilot

Author: Chung Mo from NYC
27 January 2005

This film was produced by Joseph Stephano after he left the Outer Limits series. It was apparently intended as a pilot for a new TV series.

I first found out about the film when many years ago I read a limited edition book about TV pilots, it may be "Unsold TV Pilots: The Almost Complete Guide to Everything You Never Saw on TV 1955-1990" or not. The book belonged to a friend. Regardless the description of the pilot features a colorful comment by Martin Landau who describes the network executives at the first screening soiling their garments. He also says it was one of the best things he had worked on ever.

The pilot may have been re-edited for a theatrical release but it apparently never was shown in the United States outside that network executive screening. If "INCUBUS" was found, somebody should dig this one up

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my favorite ghost story film ( contains spoilers)

Author: Glen Wooten from Sydney, Australia
27 August 2013

I also saw this film on TV in Sydney Australian several times in the late nineteen sixties and early seventies. Very scary and Moody with a great soundtrack . martin landau was a skeptical paranormal investigator and there was a twist with a tourist scam going wrong .and a tragic death and mistaken supernatural identity.the scene where the "ghost" is revealed is super scary and original i have most of my favorite ghost story films on DVD like "lets scare Jessica to death" "ugetsu" "the uninvited" "13 gantry row" "carnival of souls" and "The shining so if there is a DVD of ghost of it can be found I want a copy too

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I remember this one too!

Author: waynea3 from Australia
15 June 2009

I can remember this being shown on Melbourne TV a few times in the 60's, and the 70's; always very late at night. It was the most effective ghost story I can ever remember seeing: it scared me stupid as a kid. Surely this still exists in someones "vault" of movies. I hope it one day sees the light of day on DVD. If Martin Landau does have a copy perhaps a copy can be made of this, then it can be digitally restored for us all to enjoy. At the very least it would make an excellent addition to a "decent" classic Outer Limits DVD set (presently they have no extras at all) as a tribute to Joseph Stefano. A few years ago I contacted TV stations, particularly our ABC in Australia but sadly no memory of this film exists with anyone now.

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Author: bghezzi from Sydney, Australia
10 August 2006

I saw this film in 1964 in Manila, Phillipines. It has to be the scariest film i've ever seen. I now live in Sydney, Australia. I concur with the other Sydney people who saw this film on Deadly Earnest, a show i also enjoyed. I cannot believe this rare classic hasn't been put on video or DVD!! Please somebody, even if it is only the venerable martin landau, release this film on DVD now because it would be inestimably valuable in educating the current batch of 'film makers' on how to scare the crap out of people without CGI or any other rubbish!! Long live Joseph DI Stefano! He was a true genius, whose Outer Limits show is still the best ever science-fiction TV, in terms of writing, direction and acting. Production be damned: who cares if the budget is non-existent when the quality of the writing is so magnificent...

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I think Martin Landau has the only copy!

Author: dmacpherson12-1 from Toronto, Canada
15 January 2006

Similar to the other viewer, I saw this film when I was 9 years old back in 1966 on Canadian T.V. It was a failed pilot for what eventually became The Outer Limits series. Joseph Stefano wrote it and it (apparently) has also appeared under it's alternative title "The Haunted". It features a 'bleeding ghost' and a wickedly chilling story. For some reason it has failed to reach the video stage. Even one of the stars, Martin Landau, has said he used to show his 'two reeler' version of the film for guests in his home and it 'scared the crap out of them'. You can read more about the film in the latest Outer Limits Guide which talks about how they were originally going for a 'Ghost Story' style series, but the studio passed on that concept in favor of sci-fi. I believe a series called 'Ghost Story' which later became 'Circle of Fear' hit the small screen about five years later. Someone please get this 'Ghost' on DVD!

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a very good chiller

Author: Charles Murton ( from Melbourne Australia
9 February 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I have seen this film a number of times, since it was not uncommonly screened on Australian late night television in the 1960s.

Martin Landau's wife is dead, and interred in a crypt in the grounds of the family mansion. There is a phone line leading from the crypt to inside the house itself, and when it rings anguished sobbing is heard on the line.

Martin Landau believes it is his wife's ghost sobbing, but in fact it is connected with the ghost of an old Spanish mission, a painting of which is on the wall of the main room of the house.

The film is strong on atmosphere. There are slow, lingering shots which follow the phone line out of the house, and down to the granite crypt, which are quite creepy. However, the ghost, when it appears, is a disappointment.

The film never leaves the house and its grounds, and looks cheaply made, but it is one of those 'irresistable' films; the type that might become a cult favourite. Now I know why it looks cheap - it was a TV pilot!

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