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Film Threat
The appeal of The Burial Society lays in its unusual and obscure take on an otherwise mundane tale of greed, treachery and double-cross.
L.A. Weekly
Though hardly a major work, The Burial Society has going for it something that many of the snickering noir comedies currently littering the field lack. Underneath its cheeky amorality, there beats a heart.
Los Angeles Times
The gimmicky nature of the flashbacks weakens the story and lessens the film's suspense. Nevertheless, The Burial Society is a clever, spiritual film that argues that God sees all and, what's more, he's always right.
Screen chemistry and production crackle are lacking from this "Usual Suspects" wannabe.
The Hollywood Reporter
This non-secular variation on "The Usual Suspects" falls prey to a creeping structural rigor mortis that sets in early.

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